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  1. Melissa- Found out that the camera broke at the wedding. We brought it back with us but according to hubby and his Best Man, the camera broke while putting in new film...sorry!
  2. Hi there! I did the polaroid camera with the guest book. My guests thought it was the coolest thing ever. I might be able to sell the polaroid camera...let me check with hubby!
  3. Yes it was rainy the first two days but that was remnants of that hurricane in cuba. The sun was shining on the day of the ceremony. I think it was about 75 to 80 degrees the whole time. Not too hot not too cold. If you get chilly easily, might want to bring some light sweaters or light pants/slacks just in case.
  4. I brought Landy a bottle of wine and gave her $50, The lady who did my hair, nails, and makeup...gave her 200 pesos (about $17). We did not tip the photographer and I do not regret it.
  5. cendcar

    Im checking in as a married woman!

    Celina...so happy for you! I can't wait to see your pics! Yay for getting married!
  6. Hi! I had my wedding on 10/27. The original time for the ceremony was 4:30 but the time had changed the day before. I changed the ceremony to 4pm. The sun was shining for the ceremony but went away shortly after. However, it was cloudy that day so maybe it was just the clouds. I think the sun ended up fading away at around 5:30 or 5:45. Here are some pictures...if this helps! Picasa Web Albums - Carina - 2008-11-02 Pr... Picasa Web Albums - Carina - 2008-11-03
  7. Hi Ladies, I just had my wedding at the Paradisus but got a chance to see the Secrets Maromar when we were picking up some couples for a day trip. The decor of the lobby (when I ran to the bathroom) was a more modern contemporary look. I like the more traditional look but that is just me. From what the couple staying there told me, it was beautiful but the trees had not grown very big yet. Hope this helps! By the way..the day trip was the Extreme Tulum. It was so much fun! About $96 but totally worth it! Highly recommend it!
  8. cendcar

    Tulum, Mexico Bride to Be

    Welcome and lucky you getting married at DT. I ended up going to the Paradisus... Lots of good info on the DT Thread...I recommend doing the Extreme Tulum Experience one day when you are there. Fun for big groups!
  9. Yay! You look like you were having a blast! We partied at the disco too!
  10. Hi, We did register at two places since my coworkers kept bugging me about it. On our webpage, under the registry tab, we put a little note : Because this will be a Destination Wedding, gifts are not necessary. However, we have been getting some requests to register anyway, so we will register at a couple of stores To be honest, I don't think you should expect your guests to buy you gifts on top of already spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on your trip. That being said, you can always just put out a registry anyway (power of suggestion) and say it is for co-workers.
  11. Hi! I had lots of stuff for the OOT planned and did not do anything. No one noticed, no one cared...and the fact that you are paying for accomodations....that is more than enough of a "Thank you". If you have time, I would say, do the little scroll notes and what not. If you don't have time, trust me, everyone will be having such a good time that they will not even think about OOT bags!
  12. Hi Melissa, What is your email address? Quote: Originally Posted by Mel&B Thank you!
  13. Oh, and thanks. Melissa, if the peptos become available, I will let you know!