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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by VallieR The pics are great! Did the photographer at the resort do them? yes the resort photographer took the pics. his name is David.
  2. we had an amazing time!! http://good-times.webshots.com/album/572607597UCNLZq
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by dolfinluck Thanks so much! Could you get pics of the different places for the cocktail hour and the white gazebo? The one i have is when they first put it up. Can you also let me know if it is windy at the gazebo and also for the beach at night (thinking either beach or infinity pool for the reception)? Are you going to use their DJ? yes i will take pics of all th cocktail hrs and receptions places i will also take pics of any setups i see while we are there. we are really just keeping it casual since its a really small wedding just a total of 10 of us. so we have an ipod and we will make our own party, i guess we will just go with the flow. i had did so much planning for the tulum wedding for a whole year that now im just taking it as it comes and not stressing anything. as long as we get married there im happy!
  4. i have changed resorts from DT To DLR we arrive may 21-30 our wedding date is the 26th
  5. heres my review with pics Amazing!!! - Review of Melia Caribe Tropical, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - TripAdvisor
  6. i stayed at melia memorial day week last year. i wrote a review on trip advisor. we loved every moment there!! we stayed in royal service and i wouldnt havent any other way, the gabi restaurant in RS was one of the best!! i also like the RS beach since it had a bar and they waited on you while you layed out!! they really made us feel like royalty!!! if you like big resorts then you will love it! we chose a smaller resort laromana for our wedding since we wanted everything close by and not so big.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by EDSROSA Are u taking a plane from santo domingo to la romana or r u driving there? we are taking our bus transfer from santo domingo to laromana i heard its about a 2 hr ride.
  8. princess402 it was hard for me to find a flight to LaRomana for all our guest, so i found a direct flight from jfk to santo domingo and we have the transfers from there to Laromana which i hear is about 2 hrs. not bad for us since thats how long it would have been from cancum to tulum. i think its worth the 2 hr ride to a beautiful destination!!
  9. i will make sure i take alot of pics and if you want a specific pic for me to take let me know. im starting to get excited again!!!!
  10. i havent been on the forum in a while so i really need to update my status. i was a dreams tulum bride to be until today! we decided to change resorts for the safety of all our guest. some our guest immune's system are very low. so we are happy with the discision change we made to have our wedding at dreams LaRomana. we will arrive may 21-30th our wedding is may 26th 2009. all our guest are excited and we will end up going to dreams tulum for 1st wedding anniversary, GOD willing! i will definatly keep you posted and take lots of pics!!!
  11. awwwwwwww Callie you look sooo beautiful!! you both look sooo happy!!
  12. hey Blkatz, Enjoy you time there!!! thanks for the info, cant wait to see all your pics!! WOW I guess lizet really did need a break !! have a great time!!
  13. Congrats Callie & Eager Groom thanks for your reviews, we will definatly take that walk up south to that nice area you spoke of! thank you soo much, PLEASE post PICS ASAP!!!!!
  14. Neen, i had a visual of you prancing around with your veil, you should have taken some pics cause you know we cant wait!!!
  15. i only have 3 cases left and they are going fast so if anyone wants them pm me.
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by luvtoteachlaw THANK YOU SO MUCH!! These are perfect, and what a deal! I looked on the BBW site and they are selling their orchid totes for $5, too, plus 20% off on the website. Those totes are nice, too, and are a bit smaller, but I would have gotten them if my BBW was out of the other bags. So I would check into that if someone is looking for a colorful, smaller bag for guests. Thank you again!! the orchid totes arent as nice. im glad you got a hold of bigger ones!! and they are a much better quality!!!
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz Hey Amy I have a quick question-how did you get all of your stuff down there? I just got my travel candles and they are heavy...I know someone mentioned something about customs-do they go through your bags? I was just thinking about packing an extra suitcase with all the crap I am bringing down OMG you are already packing? I better get a move on it!!
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by Tiffiney01 Yes Yes perfect!!!!!! okay I will go tomorrow....I'm praying they wont be sold out! let me know if they are sold out because i know i have a few cases in my store!
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by Tiffiney01 Yes Yes perfect!!!!!! okay I will go tomorrow....I'm praying they wont be sold out! let me know if they are sold out because i know i have a few cases in my store!
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by Susanandmo Gracias JOANN I just purchased 15 of the bags. They are really nice and big. Awesome!! i really think you and everyone will love them!!!
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by Tiffiney01 OMG really I've been searching for cute bags for weeks I'm so excited Do you think they are to big for OOT Bags? depends on what you are putting in them. i know i myself would love them!! especially if you are getting towels and flip flops for your oots. all my girls love big beach totes, so im gonna try and find gold flip flops to match.
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