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Any 2011 brides?!!

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#61 FutureMrsYak

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    Posted 28 October 2009 - 06:30 PM

    I'm a 2011 bride!! I'm actually planning 1/11/11....which is only 11 days into the year, and I can't get any information because it's too far away from prices, but really its a year and 2 months. I just want to atleast get settled on where we are having it, so I can give my guests a round about price so they can start getting their money together yah know! Right now I've been pricing the 2010 packages for resorts in Jamaica, it's helping a little bit!

    #62 vlynnw

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      Posted 28 October 2009 - 06:33 PM

      I think that has been the hardest part for me is not being able to know pricing for 2011. Luckily I'm locked in at 2010 pricing for my wedding package, and I'm working with a TA to try to make a room block to lock the room rates in at 2010 pricing also. It's just difficult though because I keep having to check out the week I'm going in 2011 in 2010 to get an idea of what it's going to be.
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      #63 FutureMrsYak

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        Posted 28 October 2009 - 06:44 PM

        Yes I keep doing the same thing. I wasn't sure if it would help at all going to a travel agent yet. But apparently it does it they helped you get locked in. Espcially if im 11 days into 2011 it shouldnt be a big deal. One resort emailed me back today saying to check back with them in March to discuss prices, I don't want to wait until March! I'm going to do a little more research myself, then meet with a TA.

        #64 Jennybell1

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          Posted 28 October 2009 - 11:37 PM

          Holy cow, you two have already booked your wedding? How can you do that? I was told by my WC that once I resevere the date, I have to provide her with my confirmation from the travel agent within two months of my reservation that I am booked at the hotel otherwise I loose my booking. Did they not require that of you? Or did you actually book that far in advance? I didnt think you could?

          #65 Treenbean2011

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            Posted 29 October 2009 - 12:10 AM

            Hi everyone! My FI and I are getting married in April 2011. We have picked a resort and even a photographer, but because the date is so far away, we can not book anything. I feel everyone's pain. I am so anxious to get started, but I can't do anything. I feel a little out of place posting to the resort thread as all of the brides are planning the details now. I am glad this thread was started so we can be here for one another.

            Thank you everyone!

            #66 Tifuhhknee

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              Posted 29 October 2009 - 10:49 AM

              Treenbeen, my FI and I are also getting maried in April 2011. Where/what resort did you end up choosing? Still can't decide on one! haha.

              As far as pricing goes, I'm checking the same month/days for 2010 just for an idea of what is the best deal. I hope it doesn't go up too much, if at all for 2011!
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              #67 buckain

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                Posted 29 October 2009 - 05:16 PM

                I'm a 2011 bride to be! =)

                May 19, 2011 in Key West Florida

                I feel like I want to plan, but people think i'm crazy for calling this far ahead... i need to slow down....

                #68 Tifany

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                  Posted 29 October 2009 - 05:54 PM

                  So happy I found this thread.

                  I'm booked for March 11, 2011 at Beaches Boscobel in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. At this point, we can't book flights yet, but rooms are available to be booked. I wanted to get the word out ASAP since people must save up. I'm really, really excited and have been finding such great ideas here!

                  #69 RaychelRae

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                    Posted 29 October 2009 - 07:45 PM

                    I'm kinda doing the same thing as everyone else, I am getting ready to actually book my wedding planner (so she can get crackin'!) and my photographer (so as to get his 2009/10 prices), but have only chosen which resort we want b/c we can't actually book yet. Flights and hotels will have to wait!

                    #70 yencie

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                      Posted 29 October 2009 - 09:54 PM

                      Originally Posted by Jennybell1
                      Hi Yencie,
                      Well other then the fact we are going backwards in our plans, its going well. I feel better knwoing Im not the only one who doesnt have the ring yet, but that were planning a wedding. LOL
                      As for my colours, well I have only narrowed it down to Turquoise. I havent really thought or worried about another colour really. AS my wedding is going to be informal, Im not worrying about table settings, centrepeices, etc. My thought behind a DW was so that I didnt have to worry about those things. I did that at my first wedding, dont want to do it this time. Plus I dont want to have to lug all that crap down and then back. Its bad enough Im doing it with my OOT bags.
                      As for the OOT bags, I posted a thread last night called " Finished OOT bags *pic heavy*" you should check that out as it shows all of my DIY's, contents, bags and more. It shows my starfish bottle topper favours along with a few extras that I will be putting in the bags. It would be easier then me listing it again on here, plus the other thread has pictures ; and we all love pictures!
                      Oh how I miss the Moon Palace....cant wait to hear what you decided. I hope you have a great site visit. When are you going? And did they give you a deal on the cost of the site visits bc you will be booking for 2011?
                      I figure our wedding/honeymoon will cost us about $6000. That includes the basic legal wedding pkg from Sandos and 2 weeks in mexico and our day trips.
                      We get a pretty good deal if we switch from one hotel to another half way through. Thats the plan anyways. We will see. I own a timeshare in Montana, and am looking into using a week in Playa Del Carmen instead of Montana in Jan 2011 for our honeymoon as it might save us even more money. Not sure yet, but its in the works.
                      Sandos Playacar Beach is in Playa Del Carmen, about an hour from the moon palace I think. I have been to Cancun and the Mayan Riviera before, so I wanted something different this time. Plus I heard that Sandos Playacar Beach Resort has the best beach in the area. There is a secluded beach area to the one side of the resort that goes on for miles with nothing around. Soto me thats perfect for my pictures and wedding. I want it more intimate. Plus Sandos seems to be much more willing to move when it comes to the wedding pkg and they dont seem to nickel and dime you as the other resorts do. But thats only what I have been told by other Brides who choose sandos over other resorts after their site visits. So I dont know for sure. Am only going off what they have said.
                      As for photographer, we are really lucky bc Riley's mom is a professional photographer. She is an amazing lady with an amazing talent. Her pcitures are phenominal and she sells out at all of her art shows. So luckily for us we wont have to worry about that at all. Once she gives us the CD's from the wedding we can get everything we want printed in the 5x7 or 8x10's and get the rest in 4x6 for our albums. Phew! One less thing to worry about as I know picking a photgrapher is tricky sometimes. Plus we dont have to pay the resort to have her bc she is a guest. So that also saves us too. I have heard some resorts charge anywhere from $80-$300 to have an off site photographer...its crazy!

                      Thank for the support on the wieght. I have about 40 or so more to go to feel happy where Im at. Im tall as it is so I dont show my wieght very well which is great, but I do want that svelt body for my strapless dress....lol...thank god we have a year or more to work on it! I hate having to wait so long for my wedding, but atleast it allows me time to get my body where I want it to be....lol.... Don't stress, you have lots of time to loss any wieght you want. Riley is alos loosing weight so we will be all buff by Jan 2011...lol...well maybe but not buff..lol....but happier in bathing suits!

                      Have you started on anything yet? Vistaprint.com has great deals and I have already bought so much from them and paid only the shipping costs as everything else was free. You should get set up on their email list if you can. They have great deals!
                      What are your colours? How many in the bridal party? Do you know where you are honeymooning?

                      Cant wait to hear back on your site visit...keep me posted!

                      OMG!!! You really DO have everything figured out!!!lol You are so lucky to be able to have Riley's mom as a photographer!!!You are also saving so much! I wish someone in our family was a photographer...too bad if I were to leave it up to my dad, half of our heads would be cut off the pictures! lol I actually emailed Cecilia from DReams Cancun and she claims that they can't honor the prices from 2010 if we book in 2010 for 2011 which I'm going to wait to speak to her in person about anyway.
                      So I've been driving my futere FI crazy because he sees me on all these wedding websites and he keeps saying "can we wait till we are engaged first?! jeez it's not even going to be a surprise when I propose!" lmao! but it's really hard because I know it's right around the corner so I feel like I at least need to look into things. I was looking at zazzle.com and I thought it was pretty cool how you can make your own postage....I might think of doing that....As far as everything else I guess I'm going to wait until my site visit on 11/26 of this year (and also thanksgiving and my bday!!! woo hoo!lol) I guess maybe then my FI will be more into trying to pick a date and location and all that good stuff....I've been trying to trick him into telling me what days in 2011 he likes but he just rolls his eyes...lol he thinks i'm crazy....ANYWAY as far as weight loss...you are SOOOO luck that you are tall...not only will weight look better on you but your dress will look amazing! I unfortunately am vertically challenged at 5'1"! lol sooooo I'm going to have to learn how to walk in realllllly high heals to make my dress look good. I figured I'll get real serious about my weight come january...i'm going on to cancun in november and christmas is around the corner so I don't necessarily see myself eating healthy then!lol but I'll try!...good job on the OOT bags by the way! I can't wait to get the green light from my future FI...lol Maybe he'll propose on vacation! :)

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