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  1. I am planning a KW wedding & i have everything except the ceremony planned! I am having a hard time finding a vendor who will do it! I have my own photographer that we are using and that seems to be the biggest hurdle for everyone! I dont get why it's such a huge deal if i dont want to use YOUR photographer!?! Any ideas? I could plan it on my own, rent the chairs, etc.. but i really wanted to have it done by someone else so that THEY would be there to help coordinate on the day of... not me! help! feeling overwelmed...
  2. Thats a great review with lots of helpful info!! I'm totally going to call Cathy!
  3. we struggled with this too, but decided in the end, so we didn't hurt any feelings, we sent everyone a STD and will send an invite to everyone. You never know who might come, I was surprised those i had put on the no list, are a yes!
  4. I like the idea of the the "Save the Week"... and as others have said, i think more time is better than less for sure! I know we aren't planning until May 2011, and we already sent our STD about a month ago, and for the most part, people seem to be thankful for the time! others think we are crazy, but you cant make everyone happy! lol good luck!!!!
  5. Crongrats everyone! So happy for you both! What a wonderful gift!!!! Dont forget to share them after, so we can see!!!!
  6. the suspense is killing me! =) I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her photography, but there is no way i could afford her normally! lol
  7. Has anyone ever used the Roof Top Cafe for their reception (or other event)? Any opinions? they have decent prices (ie, within my budget), and from the few pictures i can find, fun atmosphere... thoughts from those who know the area?? good/bad anything better? we aren't that picky, just want decent food & fun atmosphere (patios/outdoors for dinner, is a plus!) My budget is $5000 for the reception dinner/venue/fees/taxes, etc... i just can't sped more than that for the dinner..... (b/w 35-45 guests, so thats $142 to $111 per person... Ideally this would also include the cost for the DJ and beer/wine (at the least), although i'm quickly finding that i may need to adjust my budget, but over $150 per person just to eat a meal, seems SO ridiculous to me!! help!?
  8. oooh i was looking at those too! they come in so many colors & they look nice for the price! I want to see a picture of someone holding one, for size refrence! post spome pics
  9. awesome! they are still only $3.99, which is a great price for a quality towel! THANKS!
  10. so its been a few months... hows it going i hope well, what a cool service!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by kwaits Hello, I have just started planning for my Florida Keys wedding in August 2010. I feel completely lost and overwhelmed. I am hoping you ladies will have some advice for me. I noticed that some of these posts are older but maybe you can still help! My vision is to have a beach wedding or ocean view venue. I am keeping it very small which means about 20 people. I don't want anything fancy or over the top. Simple and fun. I have even looked into staying someplace other than Key West...possibly Islamorada for a less touristy feel. I have never been to the Keys so I have no idea what to expect. Any advice is much appreciated. I would like to stay somewhere on the water but my budget is around 10k. This would include ceremony, small reception (maybe) and hotel accomodations for myself and FI. I would definitely recommend staying in Key West, its a bit more $, but in my opinion, it's hands down a much more relaxing experience! I used to live in FL and spent some time in the keys, we always enjoyed our trips more when we stayed in the "city" everything is withing walking distance then! We too are planning our wedding in Key West, but not until 2011. I was originally planning a wedding ceremony/reception (not lodging) budget of $6500 for 40 guests, including taxes, fees, site rental, tables, chairs, food... but i'm having a hard time finding anything in that budget range... I hate to go more... but I may have to... any ideas of reasonably priced options?? other out of the box ideas?? we thought about renting a house and hosting there, but thats a lot of people to have in one house for a reception! plus i want a little less stress...
  12. This is SO amazing! I have definitely entered (and sent you a PM)! Thanks Nora, your portfolio is wonderful, and now bookmarked! lol
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