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Another Newbie here:)


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Hi everyone, I have just got engaged, and was excited to find this board! My fiance and I have decided on doing a destination wedding, and we just have to work out the logistics. We haven't chosen a destination yet, but are thinking of either Costa Rica, Hawaii or maybe even Europe. If anyone has any advice to share, I would really appreciate it!

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Hi and welcome. My suggestion, email Tammy (host via PM) she is a TA that specializes in Destination weddings and is the one who set this site up. A few things to think about..


What is you budget

How many people are you expecting

Where are your guesting traveling from

Do you want a resort that is AI

How do you invision your wedding, IE on the beach, church etc..


We have brides all over the place and if you can help us with these questions we can try to assist you..


Congrats on your engagement, have you set a date yet?

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Congrats on your engagement!! I was also looking at Europe when we first started (and there is one bride on the site getting married in Greece), but since we choose a January wedding, we decided it wasn't hot enough for us there, so now we are looking at CR and Mexico (MR). I have since learned, on this site, that if travelling to Costa Rica from Canada there are restrictions on the flights. Very difficult to get a flight from Canada from like April to Oct. So keep that in mind. Where abouts are you from in Canada (I'm in Ottawa) Good luck and let us know all updates on the planning.

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