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April 2009 Brides Check In!

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Hi Girls!


I might be the only one, but I'm totally paranoid that I'm WAY behind on my planning! These are the few done things:


Booked location/date

Hotel/air booked & paid for

Bought FI's wedding clothes & shoes

Bought OOT bags and some contents

Wrote vows

Bought/sent STDs

AHR plans coming along easily!

Picked out BMs and their dresses (not ordered yet)

Music for ceremony

Bought Groomsmen shirts

Have photographer booked (a wedding gift from our friend the photog! LOVE IT!)


Geez, when I put it down on paper, it really doesn't look like much!


How are you guys doing?

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Hi! I'm an April bride too and I am getting excited it isn't a year and half away anymore! haha This is what I have done:

-Picked Location

-Paid for room not air yet eek!

-Started on decorations

-Have dj

-Have photographer and videographer

-Planned a lot of the ceremony

-Sent out STD's

-Picked bridesmaids and got their dresses

-Bought my dress :)

**I just realized I'm the day after you and we are all staying at the Royal but the ceremony is at a private beach in playacar and then the reception at the Kool Beach club which is a little down the beach from the Royal!!! We will for sure meet that weekend!

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wow, you guys are on a roll, here is what I have done:

1. booked dreams punta cana, and flight

2. sent out save the dates, DIY boarding passes

3. found my dress, and ordered it.

4. not having any attendants so don't need to worry about that


next step is FI and sons clothing.

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WoW! Now I really feel like a slacker! smile105.gif


Here's what I have so far:


1) booked location

2) booked air/hotel

3) sent STD

4) created website

5) ordered dress


I think that's all!

I wish I could do more but I'm still stuck on my wedding colors!!!!!!!!

I'm taking suggestions!

April in Puerto Rico....

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I am getting married April 4, 2009...I feel behind too! I think it is common!


I have:


-purchased my gown

-had bridal party buy their dresses/ picked out guys outfits

-booked ceremony & reception (aquagrilleandlounge.com)

-booked officiant

-bought sand ceremony kit, petals,favors, cake serving set, and pillow (bellacroft.com)

-picked out moms, maid of honor, flower girl, & bridesmaid gifts (smartypantsboutique.com)

-contract with cake (sherisedibledesigns.com)

-contact with dj

-contract with photographer (clearskiesphoto.com)

-contract with flowers (angelsaccents.com)

-picked out the invitations (styleonabudget.com)

-picked out save the date magnets (agiftfulheart.com)


That is my list! Still so much to do!

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Hi girls! I have been anxiously awaiting a place for April brides...I think this means it is approaching rapidly!


We are getting married at Dreams Tulum so far:

- made room reservations

- ordered and picked up my dress

- bridesmaids have dresses ready to go

- ordered OOT bags waiting to get them screen printed

- started to purchase things for OOT bags

- ordered ceremony fans (currently wrapping the handles with ribbon and working on hang tags)

- purchased groomsmen shirts

- purchased groom's shirt

- purchased my rehearsal dinner dress and post reception dress

- picked out wedding bands - ordering this week yay!

- STDs out

- meeting with stationary company this month to design invitations

- picking our AHR venue next weekend

- booked a fishing charter for the guys the day before the wedding


So much to do I don't even know where to go from here. I feel like I've started a ton of things and finished none haha.


Glad to know we're all here now!

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You girls are doing great!!

Now, I'm feeling like a slacker. Well I know I am, but I feel we have plenty of time, right?

I have-

booked location and room

purchased dress

created website

sent out passport STD

booked photographer


I have a lot to do on my list, but I am trying to keep it as simple as possible. I don't want to start on OOT stuff till I have a better idea of who is coming.


Tiffany-you are a neighbor and a date twin! It looks like you could have your wedding next week and it would be complete and beautiful. Way to go!

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You Girls are on a ROLL!!!


I'm getting married on the 11th and I really haven't done anything yet!

  • Booked the trip
  • Paid 3/4 of the way for wedding and honeymoon
  • ordered my dress
  • chose, but not order the bridesmaid dresses
  • got the FIs suit yesterday! (and what a steal - less than $500 at Theory!!! Thank goodness for the summer sale!)
  • made and send STDs
  • searching around for paper for my invitations

I am looking for a place that has great paper... I really think I want to do a pink and black damask wedding or blue and black damask... Anyone have any ideashuh.gif


I'm proud of you girls! You're on it!


By the way, how do I get my picture on the side?? WHy the heck is it UNDER my post?


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Im getting married April 9 and I havent done too much, but I figure that's what the WC and my TA are for...


So far Ive done...

-booked our 2 week wedding/honeymoon in Jamaica

-confirmed wedding date/time/location with the resort

-sent out our invites (didnt bother with STD's)

-found and ordered my wedding dress

-MoH is picking out her own dress (turquoise)

-FI and BM can pick out their own clothes (they've been given guidelines to follow...heh)

-bought our wedding bands

-made the website

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Hooray! a place for April brides!


Ok, after reading the thread I feel much better...so far I have


- booked location

- booked rooms and have group rates in place

- booked our airfare

-ordered my dress

-sent out STD's

-created website

-started to purchase some random things like OOT bags, some fun beach stuff for the kids, etc.


my current project is working on my invites! those should be done in the next couple of weeks. when are you all planning on sending them out?

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