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  1. One thing to keep in mind regarding booking these tours is distance from the resort, we did a catamaran tour and it took us 2 hours to get to the boat in La Romana. My husband went on a deep sea fishing trip and it took him an hour to get to the boat and this was in Punta Cana. We stayed at Dreams and this one of the most northern resorts there and that is part of why it took forever to get anywhere. Also the roads aren't in the best condition, we found the bigger the bus the smoother the ride Laura
  2. we had our wedding there and never even noticed the people walking on the beach. the other guests were pretty respectful and stayed in the distance. I didn't care at that point. I am not sure as to where else they will allow you to hold the ceremony, I know they have plenty of different patios as to were to hold your reception, the main patio outside of Himitsu is large and somewhat private but people will be going in and out of the restaurant there. the reception rooms are nice and large and would be private. Laura
  3. I agree, I bet it would be one of those french bustles also, that would look really pretty with that beading
  4. Yes I believe that everything happens for a reason also. I am a nurse, and when I was applying to school I kept getting the "you are on the wait list" but could never find out where on the list I was and others were getting and they had more classes left to take than me. then I heard of another program and you know what, I got right in. I have been a nurse for 12 years now and still love what I do most days. But with this economy it does make the nursing field more competetive so don't give up, keep trying and it will work out for you. Laura
  5. my FI, has only danced like 3 times in his life, and there is no way he do this with me. but wow, wouldn't i just love doing this.
  6. ohh, I absolutely love that last picture with the pretty sunset colors in the background. Of course you and your wedding party looked great too. congrats on a great time. and thanks for the reassurance for us who have never done all-inclusive Laura
  7. thanks, I was going with the same idea to bring my bug spray and primarily stay at the resort during major mosquito times, dawn and dusk.
  8. first let me start with the how this all came about: So my SIL started freaking out the other day about needing to take malaria meds for going to Punta Cana. I called my doctor she called hers. of course our different doctors had different opinions on the matter. Mine said as long as we stay at the resort, eat only their foods, drink bottled water and use bug spray if we start seeing mosquitos we would be fine. He even went so far as to say if he was going he wouldn't take anything, so I was reassured and proceeded to tell my SIL this. She recieved different advise from her doc, so I am thinking end of discussion do what your doc says and I will do what mine says. so now the question: Has anyone been told they needed to take the malaria meds prior to going to PC? Laura
  9. hmm, brazilian, underarms, eyebrows and full legs I've done all these except the brazilian, so I am sure I will in for a shock, but if I can handle the pits then I guess I will be fine. Laura
  10. very pretty, I wanted a lace dress, but couldn't find one that I liked on me Laura
  11. I am so happy you guys are happy with your second Bd shots, these are so hot. Laura
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