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  1. *bumping up this thread a bit* I lost about 10lbs pre-wedding and have gained about 14 post wedding. My clothes are not looking good right about now. So I'm back to watching what I eat and working out. It was glorious to eat whatever I wanted after the wedding, but now I am paying the price and miserable!
  2. Shannon, great photos! You had a beautiful day! I loved the bright yellow! I can't believe those stairs that they added to the lobby. They are huge! I love the photos of you in the Azul cut out letters and the one of you in the carriage. I wish I had an extra hour or so of more photos. So many great opportunities around the resort. I'm sorry to hear they are trying to restrict photographers again. They don't realize what a disservice it is to the resort to offer only their "approved" photographers. The talent of the the outside photographers shines a good light on the resort and the beautiful weddings they provide. I hope it all works out for everyone!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by foxytv Love these ladies! I have several favorite 'happiest' pics ... but this one always gets me. I can not get over how happy and glowing my DH looks. This is during our first dance. It's a picture that was captured that could never be re-created. It always makes me smile and makes my heart flutter to see the love on his face! Tami, I agree...that photo is awesome!
  4. Walking down the aisle and seeing Brad for the first time... Listening to the minister after we had exchanged rings and vows Finding the donkey on the beach at another cocktail hour and borrowing it for a picture! Getting down on the dance floor....It was SO MUCH fun! Last one! Thanks for letting me share! I could post photos all day!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by beckerba Hello! For any bride who has already been married at Azul, can you tell me if you felt there were too many weddings at the resort at the same time or during the same week as yours? There were apparently 3 weddings on our wedding day. When I found out at our meeting I was a little irritated, but the day of the wedding we had the salon to ourselves. Our wedding started on time with the coordinators giving us their full attention. There was a cocktail party right next to ours, but it wasn't a big deal. So I really didn't even notice!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Allisa Thanks Nikki in finding that post... I was 1/2 through the forum and skimmed the rest, sorry I missed it. We have 10 people confirmed, and a possible 4 more, plus the two of us! Nice and small, but it is making our choices for location really narrow. My FH doesn't want to have the reception on the new plaza because it is so close to the rooms... they are trying to come up with options. I'm feeling super organized in some things, and so not at all in others... Thanks to all of you on this site! Between the ideas, reminders, information, and the general kick in the butt I have needed for some things, you have all been terrific! A The new plaza is really nice. We really did not notice other people going to and from their rooms. How about the Yoga Palapa? It's a wooden platform area on the beach. It would be perfect for 14 people. It is where we had our cocktail reception. It will all work out. Best wishes to you!
  7. My parents have been gone since 2005. I had a small framed picture of them on my bouquet. I had an additional white rose bouquet to represent my mom and a conch shell to represent my step father on a table at the ceremony and then I moved it over to the reception with a picture in a frame and a poem. I got it off the internet somewhere. If tears could build a stairway And memories were a lane We would walk right up to Heaven And bring you back again. No farewell words were spoken No time to say goodbye You were gone before we knew it And only God knows why. Our hearts still ache in sadness And secret tears still flow. What it meant to lose you No one will ever know. But now we know you want us To mourn for you no more, To remember all the happy times Life still has so much in store. Since you'll never be forgotten, We pledge to you today A cherished place within our heart Is where you'll always stay.
  8. Great review! Congratulations!!! I agree they did a great job with our wedding, I just wish the planning hadn't been so stressful. Your wedding looked beautiful, I can't wait to see your pro pics. They'll be great! We ended up with the new plaza area too and I thought it was perfect. I can't believe you never had the beach barbecue! It was excellent I wish we could go back and do it again too!!! So your video turned out ok? We went with Caribe video of the ceremony and the editing is a little disappointing. He did catch all the words of the ceremony, so that is important. I didn't want to pay $1000+, so you get what you pay for I guess!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart Jenny your wedding looks amazing! You looked gorgeous, where did you get your dress?? I love it... the flowers, the BM's dresses, beautiful. It looked like everyone had such a great time! I'm so happy to hear these good reviews, it makes me able to breathe just that much easier! You said you didn't have a DJ and just an iPod right? Did you have anyone manning it or just let it do it's thing the whole night? Thank you! My dress was Maggie Sottero~Talia We had the ipod. I put the songs in the order I wanted and let it play. It would have been nice to not have to worry about coordinating the first dance/cake cutting/speeches, but I didn't want to pay $1300 for potentially really bad music. Your wedding will be great, don't worry!
  10. Our forecast wasn't great either, calling for rain everyday. It rained once the day after our wedding. Try to think positive!
  11. Ali, I just looked at your photos. I loved your dress and your hair. I see you went further down the beach for pics, it looked like a great spot. I agree about planning what you have to with the coordinators and then when you get to the resort you can really fine tune your preferences with the on site coordinators. I have heard several times that the $12 meal is very good. So I would suggest that to future brides. I'm glad it all went well despite the swine flu. Congratulations!
  12. Hi everyone! We received a link today of our pro photos. I highly recommend Tamm's Photos. They were very easy to work with and definitely worth the money. They were with us from about 1:30 pm until 11 pm and then we did a day after session in Puerto Morelos. The link has about 1200 photos. Jennifer & Brad Here is an abbreviated version on Shutterfly http://share.shutterfly.com/action/w...0EZuWjhm5bMWEh These are low resolution. But they will give us a flash drive with the high resolution photos so we can print however we wish. I'll post the day after photos once I get those. Enjoy!
  13. Jenni, It looks like the last minute change of venue didn't prevent you from having your dream wedding! I love your first look photos. What a great moment to have captured! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!
  14. Your photographers did such a great job!!!! I love the pool shots with all of your guests. It's so great that you got so many photos around the resort. Our wedding day was so rushed that we were able to get a few in the lobby beforehand. I wanted more, but once the party got started, I never wanted to leave! Your TTD is awesome too! Congrats and I bet when you get the rest, you'll be equally pleased!
  15. I'm at week 3 here, patiently waiting. They told me 4-5 weeks and have been aware that we need them before 7 weeks, when we have our AHR. It is really hard waiting!!!!
  16. Congratulations Mrs.!!! It looks like it was a great day. I love that you had received flowers. We also thought it was super fast, walking out we were saying "Is that it?". Enjoy your bachelorette party and have a blast in Mexico!
  17. I just came across this from a friend on Facebook. I couldn't tear myself away until I looked that them all. Now I'm contemplating reading some comments....Some of these are so bad!
  18. Congratulations!!! Even though it wasn't what you have envisioned all these months, it was definitely a wedding to remember! I can't believe you found all that great pig decor. You should send your story into a magazine. Now you have a great tropical wedding to look forward to....jealous here
  19. Very nice! I loved the pool pics, you guys rocked it there! I also saw some "shot in the grass" shots, very yummy! I think you should have sat on the donkey though
  20. I have also read that on TA. I think things are different for those coming from Europe. I think there is only one tour operator that they can book Sensatori through. Thompsons UK or something and maybe they have ceased bookings there for awhile. But it is weird that there haven't been any reviews posted lately.
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by KatyR I'm a Maggie bride, too! I went with the Kadence, but in Ivory. It doesn't show it in the picture, but it has a slit up the left side to about mid thigh. I like to call it "build in air-conditioning!". The way the fabric pools, it isn't overtly sexy, but JUST enough! I found it at a local Seattle store callled I Do Bridal. It isn't fancy, but the girls are quick, sweet, and know their stuff. I was a no-frills kind of dress-buyer... so it was perfect for me! Kadence - by Maggie Sottero Your dress is gorgeous!!! Congrats!
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