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Grand Sunset Princess Resort

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#131 **TIFFANY**

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    Posted 04 December 2008 - 06:33 PM

    Courtney, are you getting married before you leave for Mexico? Damarys told me that a marriage certificate is included in all the packages so I'm still confused. I don't really see the benefits in paying $700 more for the next package but I want our marriage certificate to come from Mexico.

    #132 suntansam

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      Posted 05 December 2008 - 03:41 AM

      hey there,
      does anyone have any great travel agent info? Im trying to coordinate people flying from 2 if not 3 states for the most part and a group of people from canada.... I dont know anything about the travel agent department.


      #133 courtney

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        Posted 05 December 2008 - 10:46 AM

        I'm getting married here before we leave. I've spoke to quite a few people that have been married in Mexico and all of them strongly recomended taking care of the legal part before going. Those of them that didn't said they spent the first 2 days running around trying to get the blood work done and waiting for the people to show up that it wasted the first 2 days of their holiday. We're just going to City hall and signing the paper work we're not exchanging rings or doing any of the any of the formal stuff. I will still consider Mexico as my wedding. It also saves on all the tanslation fees you would have to pay to have your mexican wedding certificate translated.

        #134 klavallee

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          Posted 05 December 2008 - 04:59 PM

          I got married here and it was amazing. If you have any questions or want to see pictures, send me and email miss_lavallee@hotmail.com

          #135 courtney

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            Posted 29 January 2009 - 04:49 PM

            Hi guys, I just got back and everything exceeded my expectations. It was amazing. Feel free to ask any questions.

            #136 PrincessVal

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              Posted 30 January 2009 - 11:08 AM

              Hi Courtney!

              I am so glad to hear everything went well for you and your husband! I would LOVE to see some pictures! If you could send me a few of the ceremony and the dinenr and stuff that would be greatly appraciated! My email again is valerie.normand@gmail.com.

              And I actually had a question for you too... what did you do for the first dance?? Where did you do it?



              P.S. I can't wait to go!!!!!!! My turn is coming up soon! Only 2 months and 20 days left to go!!!!!!!!!!!

              #137 Colleen27

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                Posted 30 January 2009 - 02:57 PM

                Congrats Courtney!! So exciting :) I have sooo many questions and would love whatever feedback you have....

                1) Did you get married on the beach or under the gazeebo? If you got married on the beach, I would LOVE to see pictures of that.

                2) Did you do the private beach reception or a restaurant? If you did the beach reception, I would love to see pictures of that and get your opinion on how it went.

                3) Did you get all of your extra stuff (flowers, center pieces, etc.) from the resort or did you go into town? If you went into town, I'm curious how you did that.

                4) Who did your makeup and hair? How did you figure that out?

                Any other advice or feedback would be much appreciated. If it's easier you can email me at colleendffy@yahoo.com. Thanks so much for your help!!

                Colleen :)

                #138 SCzhen

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                  Posted 31 January 2009 - 03:45 AM

                  Courtney, congratulations!!
                  I would love to hear your responses to Colleen! It would be great if you could comment on what you liked and disliked about the process too! And I'm also interested in any photos that you can share!

                  Thanks!! My email is sherry.zz.chen@gmail.com.


                  #139 **TIFFANY**

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                    Posted 31 January 2009 - 07:34 PM

                    Congratulations Courtney!
                    Please post the response to the others questions above as well as a few more I have:)

                    Did you use the resort photographer? How did your pictures turn out? Please most some of them.

                    Did you do a TTD session? Who did you use for this?

                    Is there anything you would suggest to us future brides at this resort that you didn't think of before you went?

                    I look forward to hearing your response on how it went.


                    #140 courtney

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                      Posted 02 February 2009 - 04:52 PM

                      I was originally going to get married on the beach with the arch but when I got there and saw the gazebo I changed my mind. The gazebo is so much nicer in person. It is also more private then where they put the arch. As far as flowers I got them from the resort as part of the package. They were BEAUTIFUL!!! I had all white lillies. The standard decorations with the gazebo were great, lots of flowers. They took the flowers from the gazebo to decorate the restaurant. We ate at the french restaurant. It was great. They set the tables up in a big u shape at the far end, it felt like a private reception. I had seen a wedding the night before with the tables like that so just made sure to ask Yvonne to do the same thing. It is Yvonne that you will meet with 2 days before the wedding to finalize everything she is really nice and helpful. For the ceremony, if you bring a cd they will play whatever music you want before the ceremony as well. We did the champagne toast on the beach after the wedding. I didn't use the resort photographer I had a friend who came with me that did all the pictures. Just a hint try to sneak in to the villa suites area when taking pics there's alot of nice photo spots in there. For the first dance they do it in the outsude bar in the plaza. There's a small dance floor in front of where the band plays. That's where most couples have there dance. Just outside the bar is a fountain area with a bridge over the water surrounded by lights and fountains. We had our first dance there. It was amazing!! Just give your cd to the band the music is loud enough to hear it on the bridge.
                      Also I emailed the reservations desk a week before we left and asked for an upgrade for my husband and I. When we got there they had given a free upgrade to our whole group. When I got there I asked if my husband and I could have a swim up suite and they upgraded us to that free of charge.
                      Hope this helps.

                      Almost forgot I had my hair done at the salon. I brought pics of exactly what I wanted and she did an awesome job.

                      The whole wedding completely exceeded my expectations, you guys will love it!!!

                      I'm working on pictures. I will get them sent out soon.

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