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  1. I picked this resort for the gazebo....I loved it. I was lucky enough to have a beautiful day so I got my wish, however the laguna rivera is still a lovely option. The only thing is if I remember corectly is that it's smaller and it's fairly close to the main lobby so lots of people around....not so different than the beach though....at least those gawkers are dressed! LOL!
  2. I was married there in April 2010, believe it or not it rained like crazy....the option they gave the brides for the ceremony was the one you see above "backup laguna riveria"
  3. We did the legal stuff as soon as we got back and just did a symbolic ceremony. I didn't tell a single sole and no one had a clue.
  4. They did the same thing for us...everyone got upgraded and I was there just before Suzy. They actually tell you once you get there. I think a lot of it will just depend on how full the resort actually is.
  5. I'm so glad that everything went well and that you were as happy as we were....it really is a PERFECT spot Â
  6. It's $100/pp with a 40 person minimum. Kids are 1/2 price and I even had the agree to charge me the 1/2 price rate for the empty seats as we only had 35 people (30 adults and 30 kids)
  7. We had our reception at the Thai Beach Club and it was the best decesion we made. Amazing setting at a beautiful open aired restaurant with your own washroom and shelter if you need it. Just an fyi....if it ends up raining (god forbid) your screwed - they move you to a conference room if you have the beach reception. They will only move you from the Thai Beach if it is REALLY BAD out!
  8. You should be fine. We had 6 guys and 3 girls plus us and there was lots of room. Plus still room on the lower layer for guests and we had over 20
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by SDSteph I am getting married at the Princess in Feb 2011 and I am brining my own photog that will be a guest at the hotel. I decided to find a local that will do it for the trip. The flight and three-4 nights will cost about $1000 and then we wil have acess to all of the pics, have a photographer for all four days, and wont have to worry about paying a vendor fee if the resort is still requiring that. I know in the past the WC said that outside photographers were not allowed. But I read with some persistance she will OK it. You shouldn't have any problems at all.....my photographer was 1 of my guests and Patricia totally ok'd it as she paid to stay at the resort!
  10. I wanted to share some great news......although it is still very early, we found out last weekend (on Father's Day) that I am pregnant! We are both so excited
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Bride2Be21 Hi Ladies, still waiting to hear back from the WC so I can figure out what dates are available so we can book our trip. We both love the resort (it was so hard to narrow it down!)but I find it kinda crappy that nobody is getting back to me Any pointers? Also can someone tell me what the photographer policy is? Thanks ladies. How long has it actually been since you reached out to them? It does take some time because they are working a lot closer with those whose weddings are closest. My suggestion would be to pick an actual specific date and ask them if they have it open rather than offer several dates. As for the photographer you need to pay for a day pass I believe if you bring in someone. Mine was a friend and was actually staying at the resort so I didn't have to pay anything.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by ccm What favour of cake did everyone choose for their wedding? Can anybody tell me whether the Tropical Fruits and Smoothie Milk cake was good? Also, when do you pick our your cake. Thanks for the help. We actually had both chocolate and vanilla....I thought they were both good!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by vicmaehow Hi everyone!! My fiance and I just finished booking the grand sunset princess!! Our wedding date is May 5, 2011 at 3pm. Our group will be around 30 people, so I think we are just going to choose one of the a la cartes for our wedding dinner. We are trying to figure out what to do for our first dance. I read on here that some brides had their dance near the lobby, but I also read that on thurs the lobby is turned into a market. Our wedding day is a thurs (of course). Does anyone have any suggestions on where we could have our first dance?? I was thinking that maybe we could give our song to the dj at the disco, but I would prefer something just a touch more romantic haha. Any suggestions would be helpful They actually have the first dances fair away from the market....its a fairly large area!
  14. Hey Liz! No prob with answering your questions, I know I had a trillion before I left, so I'm just glad I can help out and put other concerns to rest! I think one night a week, not sure which night, they have a live Mariachi Band, which was awesome!!! Most the other nights, it's pretty slow relaxed music, these two people, one female singer and a guy that plays the keyboard and sings backup, and they have a VERY SPECIFIC short list of music that they can do. You hear a lot of the same songs played nightly...Hotel California...80's soft rock-ish...there is a list they will let you look at to request a song, but if it's not on their list they won't play it - I think because of not knowing anything else! I think one night they actually had salsa and were teaching people...but I missed that night. The shows are good, and *funny*, they put A LOT of work into them, the costumes, the lip syncing and hair and makeup - we actually only went to one show so I can't really comment on them all! It's entertainment, we didn't really hear a lot of people complaining, some may have applied the term "cheesy" lol We didn't see the flamenco show, totally wished we would have, heard it was good - and we didn't even get to eat at Mamma Mia or La Hacienda!!! It was a FAST week, so my one piece of advice...scratch that make that 2 pieces of advice: *learn to say NO to family and friends on YOU trying to coordinate everything. *stay 10 days to 2 weeks if you can!!! 7 days + a wedding with a ton of needy guests is not enough to get full use of all the amenities on this resort!!! Most of our group really LOVED Las Olas...and really I'm not sure about the rest, sorry I can't help you there! I didn't even try Las Olas, the only one's I tried were: La Valqueria, really good, everyone liked it (that was our rehersal) Miso - again really good, but that was a regular night so not a set menu... OMG I think that's it, time just went soooooooo fast!! Any other questions don't hesitate to ask!! Good Luck!! Suzy ) I ate at Mama Mia & La Hacienda (had my rehersal dinner there). I loved Mama Mia. Oh and the Flamenco show was great as well!
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