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  1. They're actually pretty easy to make. Just a bit time consuming. I posted some details on them if you're interested. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t49790
  2. Hi everyone, I received a couple of questions on the details on my invitations so here it goes! (I know that its a late post!) This was my orginal post: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t45068 Supplies: -Rectangolo Pocketfolds in Tiffany from cardsandpockets.com (I really recommend this vendor. They have a vast selection and their customer service is awesome!) -Invitation Mat in Bronze (metallic color) from cardsandpockets.com -Invitation paper: this can be any paper you want. I liked having more texture so I bought Classic Linen in Natural White 80lb, which is more of a soft cream color, from Paper Presention. I went to the actual store but they sell through their website as well: https://paperpresentation.com/Mercha...vc?Screen=SFNT -Belly band: also from Paper Presentation. I chose Bronze 32lbs (also metallic) and the sheets into 1.5 inch strips -Ivory Ribbon : bought this nice shimmery ivory ribbon at a local trimmings store. -Inner envelope: swirl metallic envelopes from Paper and More A7 Silver Swirls Metallic Envelopes - Paperandmore.com -Outer envelope: in Tiffany from Paper Presentation The hardest part, for me, in this whole process was designing the actual invitation. I knew I wanted turquoise and brown and I knew I wanted pocketfolds. And both the hubby and I preferred a more simple design. I’m not a graphic designer and I’ve never done something like this before so I was stumped at first. I started out looking at clipart and dingbats from dafont.com. But nothing inspired me or caught my eye. But I was walking through the stamp section at Michaels one day and saw this swirl stamp set that I really liked. So at first I figured I could just stamp the invitation and emboss it. But the stamp was a bit small and it just looked really plain against the wording. Since the stamp came with this transparent paper that had stamped images on it, I had the idea that I could scan that sheet and then I would be able to play around with the size and colors. Dot Flourishes - Inkadinkado Since this was a set of 5 stamps, I was able to use a different pattern for the invitation, tag and response card (both sides), which was nice because the whole invitation became coordinated. I colored the swirls turquoise and made the large dots a dark brown. But I kept the tiny dots black cause it was annoying to make each of them brown and I didn’t know how to color them all at once. I also enlarged most of the images and flip/rotated some of them. For my fonts, I used Pristina, Rage Italic and Segoe Print (downloadable from dafont.com). I made the invitations on excel and sized them to print on regular 8x11 paper and then I used a paper cutter and cut them to the size I wanted. Sorry that the picture quality isnt that great here - used a diff camera... Not sure how to attach the spreadsheet, but if anyone is interested in seeing it, I can try to figure out how to attach it here.
  3. Thanks everyone! The color that I used from CardsandPockets was "Tiffany". Its a metallic color and very pretty in person! <br>COLOR CHART
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    This is great! Thanks for sharing!
  5. i like the all fuchsia dress. i think it depends on how much fuchsia you want. with the first dress after they put their bouquets down you wont have the color element on them anymore. With the third, you'll always have the pop of color. Just my two cents!
  6. Mine are turquoise, brown and ivory. At first I wanted something more tropical but then I decided to keep it more toned down.
  7. thanks guys! yea i think i m going to drop the gift bag idea. i feel like at this point it'll be another item to bring and added weight to the luggage - as if i don't have enough things to bring already!!
  8. Thanks guys for your thoughts! Maybe I'm thinking its a bigger deal than it really is! Off to the discount stores I go!
  9. Hm, not really sure why that other photo wasn't rotated - I fixed it on the comp before uploading... will have to ask the FI to take a look!
  10. Hi everyone, This is post is way overdue but better late than never! Thanks to all the brides who have inspired me! At first I wasn't even considering a DIY project but after seeing so much creativity here, I figured I could do it too! So after much frustrations and petty arguments with the FI, here are our invitations! I know I may have "borrowed" some wording from the other brides here and I just want to say THANKS! to everyone for helping me out!! I bought the pockets and invitation mats from Cards and Pockets (great customer service) and the paper from PaperPresentation. The ribbon was from a local trimmings store in the city. The belly bands were made from 1.5 inch strips from brown metallic paper (paper presentation) - cut using a putter cutter from staples. The invitation weighed abt 1.8oz so I had to get the 61c stamps and for the RSVP postcard I used the 28c stamps. The hardest part was cutting the Accomodation and RSVP cards to the correct size to get the layered look. We were behind schedule when sending them out so at one point we were really pressed for time. But eventually we got 90 of these sent and overall, I'm happy with the way they turned out!
  11. Hi everyone, I have regular beach totes as my OOT welcome bags for my guests. But they are huge! 20" by 13"! My wedding is next month so I have decided to stick with them. I also have the regular OOT items (advil, cards, band-aids, etc) and I'm planning on buying some snacks when I get to Mexico. But the thing is, when I put everything in, it doesn't even cover the entire bottom of the bag. I think the whole set up just looks really bad now. So I'm thinking of folding up the tote and putting all the contents into a paper bag instead and presenting it to the guests that way? What do you guys think? And would you know where I can get a good deal on paper bags? (the tote folds up to a 10 x 10) Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!