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  1. Thanks for the comments everyone! It is such a special dress, I hope it brings someone as much joy as it did for my husband and I.
  2. Irina by Maggie Sottero One-piece, corset, strapless, slim A-line gown with sweep train. Lace adorns the sweetheart neckline. The lace is delicately embellished with Swarovski crystals, bugle beads, pearls and sequins. SIZE 8; only worn once. Perfect condition. No Alterations were done on the dress. $499 US Great deal as I bought for $1100 brand new! I was married on the beach in Mexico. Please contact me for personal wedding photos! Irina - by Maggie Sottero
  3. I got married here and it was amazing. If you have any questions or want to see pictures, send me and email miss_lavallee@hotmail.com
  4. Also, no one came by our beach party or crashed it. When a few people came by the bar on the beach, the security told them it was for the wedding party only. People did walk by to admire, but everyone was very respectful, as were we when we saw weddings other nights. Maybe we were just lucky but it went pretty much flawless!
  5. I just got back from the GRP and we did have a wedding there, as well as a the beach party. I will post a full review soon. The wedding was amazing and the beach party was even better. It was very private, and there was no sand in the food..I will post pictures soon.
  6. We did the legal part in Edmonton a few weeks ago. We first had to get a marriage license and then we were refered to a marriage commisioner through our TA. We had a really informal meeting where we basically just signed a few documents. We didn't exchange rings, kiss at the end, and we weren't even pronounced husband and wife. Technically we are legally married, but we aren't considering that our wedding day.
  7. Hey! Happy planning. We are getting married at at GRP May22/08!
  8. I got Dessy dresses and the cost was about $250 Canadian.
  9. My TA has sent me an email regarding a couple who had her wedding there recently. She said everything went well and they really enjoyed it. I thought you weren't getting married there anymore??
  10. I am going to go with the resort photographer. When are you guys getting married. Ours is May 22
  11. That's a good idea about the pictures! I think I am going to take before/after pics just for my records...maybe I will share them even if I loose! haha. I went to try on bikinis yesterday and that was definitly motivation enough to join this!
  12. I'm in too! I am in Canada though so would $10 Canadian due?? lol, just kidding! I think Ann I will send you the cash or US money order, you probably don't want a Canadian check.
  13. My FI and the GM are wearing pants. I think that it would be too hot for you guys in July! I say go for the shorts!
  14. Aww thanks ladies, that's so sweet! He has actually been home safe since September 2007!
  15. Dustin is in the military and was on tour in Afghanistan last year. It was very hard for me while he was gone, to say the least. In May 2007, we met up in Europe for 4 wonderful weeks during his leave from tour. We went on a tour of Europe and it was the most amazing trip ever!! We went through most of Western Europe. He knew though that I was looking most forward to Venice and it was one of the last cities we were going to see together. It was very dissapointing because the day we were in Venice, it flooded! The city was pretty much shut down because of all the heavy rain! That didn't stop us though, we bought these cheap green ponchos and decided to wander the city. It was basically a ghost town! We were down by the canals and the sun was beggining to set. It was bitter sweet for me, because it was a such a beautiful city and we were having such an amazing time; however, it was one of our last days together before he had to go back to Afghanistan. It was so beautiful to seeing the rain hit the water while the sun was setting, it was like a dream! It was like we were the only ones in the whole city. I remember asking Dustin if he thought this could get any better...and at that moment he got down on one knee he told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me!! I was in shock and just began to cry...and I couldn't stop. It was the most amazing moment and feeling in my life!
  16. klavallee


    Welcome, Happy Planning!
  17. So beautiful, you two look so happy! Your pictures make me even more excited for my own wedding!
  18. Thanks Ladies! I think I will go for it! Maybe that will give me some motivation to hit the gym lol. Sorry I posted in the wrong area, I am still fairly new at this!
  19. Hey Girls! Not sure if this is the right place to post this topic. Just wondering if anyone has ever bought a bathing suit from Victorias Secret. We don't have their stores in Canada. How do the bathing suits fit? How is the quality? The prices are really good and they are so cute!! Do you think it is too risky because I can't try them on
  20. I know for cakes, you can pick from Tropical Fruits, Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla. We are getting Tropical Fruits! I emailed the WC regarding the reception info; however, I know that she only works during the day and is really busy with the current weddings. So far she has been pretty flexible with getting us an English speaking minister and such. In the end, everything will work out! I haven't really been worrying about it too much as my TA said as a general rule, to have direct contact with the WC three months prior to the wedding. Being a new resort, I am sure she is swamped getting organized!
  21. I bought a Maggie dress as well, they are insane! It was about $1000 and worth every penny!
  22. We are getting married at the Princess Riviera May 22, 2008. You couldn't beat the price! It's a brand new resort and looks beautiful. There has been a few kinks, being a nre resort, but the reviews are getting better and better!
  23. Here is the link to my bridemaids dresses..The pic shows black with a black shash. We are actually getting them in different colors (Meadow, Cornflower, Pretty in Pink, and Passion) with a ivory shash to match my dress! Dessy Bridesmaid Style 2058: The Dessy Group
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