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  1. Congrats, Opice! I'm glad that you had an amazing experience with the Hilton as well! Post those pics ASAP! The couple you already posted look gorgeous... I see that Petra also officiated your wedding. Were you happy with her? We loved her ~ she did a fantastic job at our wedding!
  2. kisskissmd, thanks so much for your kind words! here is a link to the postcards... Amazon.com: Mexican Calendar Girls Postcard Box: 30 Postcards: Angela Villalba: Books
  3. I can't help too much with pictures, but we honeymooned there and the beach is beautiful! The sand is white and soooo fine. It is a gorgeous resort.
  4. Hi Jessica! We used the Mexican Trio at the Hilton for the ceremony and the cocktail hour and they were great! Everyone loved them. I don't even know what they played ~ I did not want a traditional wedding march. I just asked them to play music that sounded like Mexico. You could definitely hear them, even close to the beach. For me, I could not see playing recorded music on the beach. Having an outdoor beach wedding is so organic, and I wanted the music to have the same feel. Good luck!
  5. Here's ours... It was okay. I didn't really like the flower poking out of the top, though! I was supposed to bring a topper, and I didn't. I thought they would just place some flowers on top, not stick them in there like that! It did taste really good, though!
  6. I used orange and red! I loved it ~ the colors really pop in all of our pictures. Here is my inspiration collage:
  7. I just created this in Photostory and uploaded it to vimeo. It doesn't look as good as many others I've seen, but I thought I would post it anyways! Courtney & Brian's Wedding on Vimeo
  8. Jessica, We just went through the Hilton for flowers and I LOVED them! We got my bouquet, a mother's bouquet, 3 bouts, and the centerpieces (3 per table ~ 9 total) for $500. I thought that was reasonable, especially considering how happy we were with them. I just e-mailed Fernanda pictures of what I wanted, and they were pretty much exactly like the pics. Here is my bouquet: Here is a close-up of the centerpieces:
  9. Yes, I would definitely ask Fernanda if she still has them. They definitely could be re-used. I hope she didn't throw them away. She had everything else sent up to our room, but those weren't there. I meant to ask her about them, but it just slipped my mind. Yes, the big lights on the ground were the Hilton's. I didn't know they would be there, but I liked them!
  10. Unfortunately my photographer didn't get any close-ups of the luminaries. I made them myself and they were so easy. Fernanda was supposed to give them back to us, but for some reason she didn't. I wonder if she threw them away or still has them? I would totally give them to you if I had them! Here you can see how they were set up on the ledge. They did soften the area up a little bit, which was nice since it's all concrete and tile! And here they are when it got a little darker.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Opice34 We are planning on using the Mexican Trio (los principes) for the ceremony and cocktail hour, too! Indy - how did the luminaries work out on the ledge? Did you have any trouble keeping them from blowing over? What is the lighting like up there? I was hoping to set up white christmas lights or something, but I'm not sure if they can do that! Also, did you tip Fernanda? If so, how much? I'm still wondering how to handle that. AND...what was that cute little "wish" thing you had in your OOT bags? Was that a passport cover? So cute! Sorry for all of the questions, but clearly, I love your taste! Thanks, Opice! The luminaries worked fine and a lot of people commented on them. The only problem was that they moved our wedding up one hour (it rained the entire day before and they were worried about the weather). So our wedding was at 4 instead of 5, and the reception dinner was from 6 - 8:30(ish). It didn't get that dark until the end, so the luminaries weren't as noticeable as I wanted them to be. I had wanted to do some paper lanterns, but there really isn't a place to hang anything on the Caribe Terrace. So I don't think Christmas lights would work. We did tip Fernanda. Actually, we forgot to, but my parents did after we had left for our honeymoon. I think they gave her $60, so not too much!!! The little "wish" thing in our OOT bags was just a little wallet I found at HomeGoods. It was really tiny, but just the right size for the room key.
  12. Jessica, We hired the Mexican Trio for our ceremony and cocktail hour. They played as I walked down the aisle, but I have no idea what song they played! I do know it was beautiful and everyone commented on how nice it was. They were really great!
  13. Go for it! I also LOVE damask and incorporated it into my wedding in Cancun. The most major was the table runners, which were orange damask...
  14. Actually, we did not use a DJ. We only had 21 guests, and didn't have any dancing, so we just used our IPOD.
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