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  1. Thanks for the reply Cuban flamingo. Yes, I contacted a wedding planner too and it was highly recommended to go with a live trio because of the noise of possible waves, wind, etc. The trio does have a amplifier but I want to try the other route.....maybe an ipod with a boombox or something and speakers ---- the problem is finding something battery operated, small enough to get there and easy to use. And then comes the issue of it being loud enough. Thought we found the perfect answer.....an ipod set -up with four little speakers but it didn't take batteries. Any other ideas out there? Also looked into renting some kind of set-up but apparently there are no rental places around Playa Del Carmen that rent anything like this. For us, timing and choice of the music is critical when it comes to the ceremony and I can't see leaving that to a third party.
  2. Hi - we are planning to have our own music for the wedding on the beach at Playa Del Carman. Whatever we bring will have to be battery operated. I am concerned it will not be loud enough with the wind and possibly waves. Any suggestions other than live? No one can play the songs we need for the ceremony and they are all chosen......................Thanks
  3. OPPS, FORGOT......with the chair bows - bought old lace sheers, brightened them and I'm "rouching" them (gathering sideways), gluing small strips on the back where the side of the chair would be with fabric glue so they don't slide down the back of the hard plastic chair. The bottom of the bow will rest on the molded in arm. Quick and easy fix for maximum effect.
  4. Hi - we're having the wedding reception at Maramao after a beach wedding in September. Here's what I came up with to deal with the red and black chairs. I requested all black chairs be placed at our tables and I am bringing chair bows to bring it all together with the napkins, runners and centerpieces I'm also bringing. Will also have back up music from the beach wedding if sound system doesn't work or something. The privacy issue has me wondering though.......when we do speeches, dancing and things, how close are the other customers? Any other info on Maramao
  5. Hello.......Has anyone had their wedding dinner reception at the "Maramao" on the beach in Play Del Carmen?? We are booked for September but haven't heard anything about it as to dinner quality, decorations, etc. Help! Thanks.
  6. I'm not.....that doesn't mean I'm not still interested in what happens. Heard there is new management May be interested in a rehearsal dinner but won't trust it to Damarys.
  7. I have cancelled the wedding with the resort and went with an outside wedding co-ordinator......couldn't stand the lack of service and total incompetance.
  8. Superez, I'm finding Irene fabulous! She responds very quickly and understands everything. We are ironing out all the little details now......it would have been a mess if I'd have kept dealing with the hotel wedding co-ordinator. The basics weren't even being covered. If I wanted to "wing it" or the wedding was free at the hotel (which it isn't - the extras get you), then maybe it would have worked out but I'm not willing to take that chance. Irene's attention to detail is the same as mine and I am so relieved. I can't understand what kind of run-in Monicaswave could have had but would sure like to know so I can be on the lookout. We are planning the private beach wedding and reception at a beach restaurant. We have transportation both ways for guests included as well. Anyone else have any experiences with CBW?
  9. monicaswave; What run-ins did you have with Irene? I have just booked with her on the basis of the great reviews on the CBW weddings website.......now I'm a little concerned.
  10. Love your picture....you two look like the perfect couple. Hope your plans are going well. I found the stuff included in the Serenity package were mostly fluff with some things included with the all-inclusive anyway. The massages are not necessary....would rather have more pictures included or something and paid extra for massages if I wanted them. $500. for a video? Also, can't find anything on what kind of cake in supplied. I can't get info on receptions either as they all seem to just offer the dinner and leave it at that. What about the first dance, brides dance with her dad, speeches, etc. if you want? I like the idea of the beach party but again, does it have to be the full-out dinner thing or can they offer just a party at part of the price? I really think if you have over 10, a wedding package should be free, then you could add on the extras you want. After all, we're bringing a large group to the resort with all their business. Keep in touch...good luck.
  11. Thanks for all the replies - looks like a fabulous resort but I have alot of unanswered questions. What kind of wedding celebrations are available? The private beach party sounds great but has to have a minimum of 40 people. Don't really want to book a room for a regular reception. Does anyone find the available extras particularly expensive? Thanks.
  12. When you have the civil ceremony, is it all just legal jargon or is there room for a few personal vows, readings, etc. How flexable is it and are there actual "I do's" involved? What has everyone else done to make it unique and personal? Thanks.
  13. keep e-mailing and follow up with a call. Shouldn't have to, I know but it seems to be the only way to get a quicker response. Someone should mention it to the hotel chain.....it can be very frustrating, especially after you've paid your deposit in good faith.
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