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  1. Hey all, So my wedding is quickly approaching: June 19, 2009!! And I still have soooo many questions and things I need to figure out so I'm hoping you guys can help. Here are a few: 1) What does GSP offer for center pieces? Does someone have pictures they could send me? 2) What sorts of flowers do they have to choose from? Pictures would be great. 3) Can you change the color of the chair covers or at least the bow on the chair covers? 4) Has anyone done the private beach reception? I've asked before, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask again. I would LOVE to hear any and all feedback about it. 5) Do they offer other dessert option besides cake? I would love to have a spread of traditional Mexican desserts...does anyone know if there's flexibility there? Any and all help, feedback, etc would be awesome!! Thanks so much girls.... Colleen
  2. I will be SO curious to see if you get any responses. I'm having the beach reception as well and have not received any feedback so far. If you do hear anything, will you please pass it on to me? I can't wait to hear about your experience in a few months! Have you received the "Bride Guide" or something from Damarys replacement? Someone on here was talking about that and I've requested it, but haven't received it yet. If you have it, would you mind passing it along? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone have pictures of the private beach reception? From the video that was posted, you only see glimpses and I'd really like to see how it's set up. Thanks guys!!
  4. First of all, congrats!! I'm so happy that everything went so well for you. And thanks for all of the info - so helpful! I'm curious about how you did your makeup? Did you pay someone to do it and if so, who? Were you happy w/ it? Thanks!
  5. Congrats Courtney!! So exciting I have sooo many questions and would love whatever feedback you have.... 1) Did you get married on the beach or under the gazeebo? If you got married on the beach, I would LOVE to see pictures of that. 2) Did you do the private beach reception or a restaurant? If you did the beach reception, I would love to see pictures of that and get your opinion on how it went. 3) Did you get all of your extra stuff (flowers, center pieces, etc.) from the resort or did you go into town? If you went into town, I'm curious how you did that. 4) Who did your makeup and hair? How did you figure that out? Any other advice or feedback would be much appreciated. If it's easier you can email me at colleendffy@yahoo.com. Thanks so much for your help!! Colleen
  6. Oh and by the way, my email is colleendffy@yahoo.com. Thanks again!
  7. Hi Allie, Thanks for all of the info! I would love for you to send me everything you have...that would be great. Also, could you tell us/me more about your photographer? Is he the photog provided by GSP? Is he an outside person? Have you seen his work? If you would you mind sending that to me as well? Sorry for all the questions, but this is so helpful! Thanks...
  8. Hi Sherry! If there's any way you could send me your pics as well, I would really appreciate it! You can send them to colleendffy@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  9. Hi All! Tcram - did anyone send you that stuff? Let me know and if not, I'm happy to send whatever I have. Also, you can get married on the beach. I was worried about the same thing, but it seems that the gazeebo is the only thing that comes free. If you want to get married on the beach and then have some kind of canopy or arch, it just costs more money. Check w/ the wedding coordinator to be sure, but I'm almost positive that's how it works. Here's all the information I have for Demarys: Damarys Diaz Gerente de Ventas Bodas Weddings Sales Manager Hoteles Grand Riviera & Grand Sunset Princess Riviera Maya - México Tel: +1 52 984 877 3500 ext. 4362 Fax: +1 52 984 877 3516 E-Mail: eventos.riviera@princess-hotels.com Keep us posted!
  10. Hi all! Courtney - I'm definitely curious about the arch and chairs as well so when you find out, it would be great if you could post that info to the entire group. Thank you! In terms of the reception afterwards, I'm thinking we'll wind up doing the private beach party. It's more expensive than I want, but I feel a little stuck; it sounds like there are standard dinner times of maybe 6 and 9:30?? We're getting married at 5pm so 6pm feels early for dinner and there's no way we're doing a 9:30. PLUS, I read that you're only allowed to stay at the restaurant for 1.5 hours when I definitely want dancing to follow the meal. So...it appears that the beach party will be the way that we go. Do you guys know if there are any other options? In terms of our first dance, I'm not sure when it will happen, but we're dancing to Big and Rich's (country band ) "Lost In The Moment". AND THEN...we're gonna bust out and do a fun, silly dance to their "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy", haha. We're pretty goofy so that fits us well and I think it'll be pretty entertaining for our guests Since we're getting specific, do you guys know what you're going to do for your "theme"? Seashells seems natural and chic, but I'm just trying to figure out if there are other good options. Or if/how you plan on marking/numbering your tables? I'm thinking old-school family photos with a typed story next to it, but again, I'm not all that creative so I want to pick everyone's brain. Ok I think that's it for now. I can't tell you all how relieved I am to feel this excited. Before we had the place and date, I was like "let's just get this damn thing over w/!!", ya know. It felt stressful and teh whole point of having a destination wedding is to reduce teh stress levels! So I'm really happy that now I'm excited to plan. So for those of you still trying to pick a place/date, don't worry...it gets much, much more fun.
  11. Hi Ashleigh and everyone! Ashleigh I totally love your save-the-date idea! My fiance was thinking about designing an airplane ticket, but I love the passport idea as well...I would love to see it! Where did you get them printed? In terms of the beach wedding, does that mean that you'll actually get married on the sand? That's what I want, but again, I thought I had to do the gazeebo thing. Are you going to have the arch in the sand then? Would love to hear more about that. And I hear ya about being excited and this being a great forum for that energy. I haven't been super excited until now. It was pretty stressful trying to narrow down places and just nailing down the date. But now that all that's done, it just seems fun!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by courtney Colleen pm me your email and I'll send you the pics of the canopy and arch. There's a pic of the arch on the first page of this thread as well. She told me the canopy is an extra $560 and the arch is an extra $250 the gazebo is included. I Courtney! I don't know what "pm me" means (still trying to learn this lingo!! ), but I'm hoping a QR will work, haha. My email is colleendffy@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!
  13. So many things to respond to...I love it! Ashleigh: I would SO appreciate you forwarding me the stuff you have - that would be great! In terms of bridesmaid dresses, I'm having my girls wear a casual, but super cute summery cotton strapless dress from JCrew. They were ridiculously cheap, but look great and they'll actually be able to wear them again...everyone wins. Courtney: I was under the impression that the gazeebo was the only choice! Would you mind sending me the pictures of the other options? Sczhen: I've loved GSP from the get-go because: 1) It's brand new so it's beautiful; 2) It's close to the airport (unlike somewhere like Tulum) and in a great city (Playa Del Carmen); 3) The rooms and resort in general is classic and chic - they don't scream MEXICO (e.g., no yellow walls and bright red comforters); 4) The prices are amazing compared to other high-end resorts; 5) I've heard lots of positive feedback. I'm sure I'm missing things, but those are some of the top reasons. Everyone: Ashleigh mentioned save-the-dates and I was wondering how much information are you all including in them? I know people are going to want passport information and info on the resort, but I don't know how much of that is typical to include in the save-the-date...thoughts? Also I was curious about what you guys were doing in terms of the reception...lemme know!
  14. Hi everyone! My name is Colleen and we just set our date at the Grand Sunset Princess for June 19, 2009! I am soooo excited - it seems beautiful and has gotten mostly positive reviews. Is this THE thread for GSP brides? I know there's been some talk about reception locations and menus...I would appreciate any information on that as well. Can't wait to talk more and get to know you guys better...thanks in advance for the help!!
  15. Grand Coco Bay was recently recommended to me and the pictures that she sent looked beautiful. But then I checked it out on Trip Advisor and there are a LOT of mixed reviews. My basic criteria for our wedding are: 1) Adults and children 2) All inclusive 3) GREAT beaches w/ possible private beach ceremony 4) Outdoor/indoor reception site 5) Good food and lots of onsite choices 6) Fun night life Any thoughts on if Grand Coco Bay would work for my needs or other thoughts on better places (Azul, Princess, Grand Palladium, Riu Palace??) would be so helpful! Thank you