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  1. Hi Tiffany! I am definetly getting really excited! It's coming up so quick! We are basically all ready to go... a couple of lil things left but nothing major... we're just really excited at this point! We have a group of 34 people coming down with us and no, I am not doing the private beach reception, we booked an A La Carte dinner, we just didn't think it was worth it for the cost (it's about $80 or $90 USD per person now...) For the photographer, I am actually bringing down my own photographer... I am paying for his trip and he is doing all my pictures for free all week so it was a really good deal considering the price they charge down there for a photographer. Just for the ceremony and a few pictures on the beach (not the getting ready in morning or dinner or first dance or anything) they charge over $1100 USD + taxes! Considering the trip was only $1300 taxes in, it's definetly worth it and then we'll have GREAT pictures all week including some on the beach and at the rehersal dinner, and getting ready in the morning and pictures all night of the wedding with the first dance and all! And he's gonna give me all the CD with all the pictures so I can print whatever I want ;-) For makeup and hair, I'm gonna do my own makeup but I'm gonna get my hair done over there... Apparently they are pretty good, just make sure that you bring pictures to show what you want because they don't really speak english.... But I'll let you know when I get back how it went and I'll post some pictures! I'll do a review on my return to let you girls knwo how everything went!
  2. Hi Llama, I am leaving for my wedding down to GSP in 10 days now! We are also leaving from Canada, one plane from Montreal and one plane from Halifax and we actually had a VERY good price. I booked with itravel2000.com and we got it for $1300 per person taxes and fees included. The prices vary depending on when you want to go... depending if it's during peak season or not. The wedding packages for 2009 are around $1500 to $2000 USD depending on what you are looking for. Let me know if you want me to send you more info.
  3. Just so you know, the restaurant Le Fleur is not included in the prices anymore and it is now an extra $25 USD per person.... That's where I had my dinner booked and we had to change it because I didn't want to pay extra....
  4. Hi, I am getting married at the GSP in April and I am also going to be doing the legal paperowrk in Canada before we go... I chose the Religious Princess Ceremony as opposed to the vow renewal because I was told from the Wedding Coordinator that the Religious was really a full wedding ceremony just not technically "legal" in Mexico. My fiance and I really wanted to make sure it was an actual wedding ceremony and not a renewal because we're really considering the day in Mexico to be our wedding day, not the day of the legal papers... And we didn't want any mention of vow renewal in the ceremony.... The resort created that "Religious Ceremony" for that purpose... But Courtney can really give you more insight as she already did her ceremony there. Good luck!
  5. Hi nscheatham, It seems like Damares is not there anymore but the new girl, Diana is very good and quick to reply. Here is her email address: bodas.riviera@princess-hotels.com Hope this helps!
  6. Hi Tonya! I'm getting married at GSP on Arpil 29th!!!! I'm getting really excited! We're flying out on April 25th and we'll be there for 2 weeks (one week with the group and 1 week for our honeymoon). So I guess we'lls ee each other down there! I am also from Canada, we are from Ottawa ;-) Have you finalised all you details yet? Are you doing the beach ceremony or the Gazebo? Which restaurant did you pick for the dinner? Did you book a hair appointment or are you doing it yourself? Are bringing any favors for the guests? I was thinking of buying some things down there cause I won't have room in my luggage for anything! The countdown is on!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!
  7. Hi Courtney! Thanks for the info about the restaurant and hair. I would love to see pics of the dinner set up! My email is valerie.normand@gmail.com. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi Courtney and Tinaczar! First of all, congrats again to both of you and thanks so much to both of you for the info! We all really appraciate it!!!!!!!!!!!! Your weddings really seem to have gone perfectly! I'm really glad to hear about the free white veils on the gazebo because I was ready to pay for it :-) So I won't pay and I'll make my arrangements once I get there.... I'm very happy to hear that you had a good set up at the Le Fleur restaurant because that's the one I chose to do the reception dinner... Did you meet with the restaurant manager the night before to requst the U shape table arragement? What did they use for center pieces? Did they use the flowers from the gazebo or did you have to buy extra ones? Did you have to preselect itmes on the menu or could everyone choose what they wanted to eat? How did it work for your hair? Did you girls make an appointment at the hair salon at the resort? If so, did you make it ahead of time with Damary or did you just book once you got there? Did you go for a tryout before or was it just good on the day of? Thanks again so much for all your insights!
  9. Hi Tinaczar! One quick question... so the white veils are included aas standard decorations on the Gazebo? I was told by Damarys that it was an extra $340 USD.... By the way, I'm getting married on the sunset side on April 29th 2009 so I wrote an email to Damarys to confirm my final flower and cake choices and she hasn't replyed in almost 3 weeks.... is she still around? Did you pick your stuff once you got down there or had you picked it before you left? I would love to see pictures too! Can you please email me some at valerie.normand@gmail.com. Thanks!
  10. Hi Courtney! I am so glad to hear everything went well for you and your husband! I would LOVE to see some pictures! If you could send me a few of the ceremony and the dinenr and stuff that would be greatly appraciated! My email again is valerie.normand@gmail.com. And I actually had a question for you too... what did you do for the first dance?? Where did you do it? Thanks! -Valerie P.S. I can't wait to go!!!!!!! My turn is coming up soon! Only 2 months and 20 days left to go!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm really happy that you loved the resort and that you have decided to get married there! I would really like to get some pictures! Could you please send me what you have at valerie.normand@gmail.com. Thanks A LOT!!!!!!!
  12. Hi Ashleigh, I just sent you the pics for the cakes. Sorry about the delay!
  13. Hi girls! I love to see you all excited! I'm really looking forward to it to.... we've actually just changed our date to be able to have our dinner at the restaurant that we want. I also just received and email from Damarys about the cakes if anyone is interested I can forward you the email. What are you guys doing about the ceremony Are you going to rent out the disco?? How are you planning to do your first dance and stuff?
  14. Hi Courtney, Damarys just sent me the flowers to pick for the bride and the boutnotiere for the groom. She also sent me and updated list of the restaurnat menus. As far as cake goes, we haven't had that discussion with Damarys yet but my neighbour is getting married there in November and she had picked out the cake last time I spoke to her... so I assume it's all done before you get there. Just ask Damarys and from my understanding, she sends you pictures of all the types that you can pick. Hope this helps! -Valerie
  15. Hi Ashleigh, Glad to hear that everything is working out for! Evrything is falling into place for me to, we confirmed the date, we'll be gettingmarried on April 29th at 6h00pm... the sun will be just starting to set at that time and it will "cool" off a lil bit (it's still gonna be around 35C but at least it shouldn't be around 40C anymore... for all the guys wearing suits ;-)). Damarys is also being pretty good at returning emails and phone calls, so far I haven't had any problems with her which is a releif from the messages posted by other brides who had to deal with her in the past! Hope you have a great time! -Valerie
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