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  1. Is there a band in Cabo called Deja Vu? There's a band in the Chicagoland area called Deja Vu and they are awesome! They played at my sister's wedding and we're actually going to see them tomorrow night for my bachelorette party:) I'm assuming it's a different band but if for some reason it's the same they are great!
  2. You mentioned that the friend you've had for the longest is married, is the other friend married as well? If the other friend is not married you could have one as the Matron of Honor and one as the Maid of Honor and your cousin as one of the groomsmen. That way you are incorporating them all and not hurting anyone's feelings.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jamaicabride09 Hi Ladies, I had to take off work today just to get some things done. I can't beleive we leave next Wednesday. I am finishing up our place cards and removing stickers from the playing cards. I packed my 1st suitcase!!! Quick question - how did you pack your steins(stadium cups)? The cups stand up perfectly in a suitcase. So I packed mine that way. I think I only got about 22 cups in there though so I have to find places for the other ones. Then I filled the cups up with all the extra goodies I had and placed the OOT bags on top. I
  4. Thanks ladies! Annie we'll definetely see you for drinks! We arrive on your wedding day so we'll help you celebrate at the disco:)
  5. Thanks everyone for the complements! I'm really excited to go pick it up next weekend.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by shellk well done it looks great.can you get a friend to drive you there saturday? Yeah I'm going to be staying at my sister's the night before so I'll try to get her to take me and I'll also have my FSIL with as well so someone should be able to drive:)
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by RaychelRae Your dress is beautiful!! Where did you get it? Thanks! I got it at a dress shop in Barrington, IL called Wedding Belles. They only sell dresses right off the rake no ordering or anything. I had gone to another bridal shop earlier that day and found another dress that I thought was the one but wanted to keep this appt. so we went and I tried on about 7 dresses and most of them I didn't even get all zipped up before I said I didn't like it. This was the last one I was going to try on and once it was on I knew it was THE ONE!!! I'm so happy with it
  8. I'm not 100% sure. I work out at least 5 times a week and have been doing so for years. I thought that maybe my birth control was not necessarily making me gain weight but was maybe interferring with me losing weight so I went off it for 3 months. I've also been trying to run a little more with my normal workouts. Other then that I didn't really change anything...I LOVE to eat so I certainly haven't really changed anything there and I am crazy about sweets and sugar and I haven't cut that out. I wish I could say for sure that it was the birth control pills but i don't know. I did start another
  9. it was too big!!! I dropped my dress off 2 months ago to get altered. It was too big and I also wanted the zip up back to be changed into a corset back. So today was supposed to be my final fitting and pick it up with 10 days before we leave. I put it on and the lady started lacing it up and I could tell that is just didn't seem to be very tight and then she said I think you lost some weight. I actually only lost about 2lbs but apparently more inches. I thought I might have lost something but not enough to make my dress too big! And the seamstress thought it was going to be too tight becaus
  10. I've been dealing with Patricia as my WC and she's been great. I dealt with Damarys early on and then I think it was Diana and now Patricia. Patricia has been the best, she's worked with me on a couple of small issues and gets back to me really quick.
  11. Oh this sounds great. I think we'd be interested just have to wait until after the wedding is over before we can work on another trip:)
  12. Patricia was actually able to work it out for us since our second choice was also booked. They are going to put us in the Fondue restaurant which shares the same building/kitchen as Las Olas but give us the Las Olas menu. So it's all working out.
  13. If the beachballs are still available I'm intersted in purchasing them. Shipping to zip code 53144. Thanks.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by TeNeil I am now wondering what we do with my FI ring during the ceremony. We aren't having a ring bearer or wedding party. Any ideas? I would say give it to someone in the front row like one of your parents. Then when the ring exchange is to take place they can hand them over.
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