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My long, looooong overdue THANK YOU!


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I know I said it here and there, in PMs and posts, email, and on the phone to some of you. But I wanted to make sure to post an official THANK YOU to everyone on this forum that supported me, Paul, and Gwen during our little journey out in CA, and back to MN. It started from the time I went into the hospital in pre-term labor, and kept on coming until we were safely back in MN. And it's still there!


Honestly, I don't think I would have made it were it not for the support from this forum. I was truely amazed, blessed, surprised, and humbled by everyone on here. Whether it was an email, phone call, a post on here, money, a gift, an offer to help .... everything made what was one of the hardest times of our lives so much more bearable. You will never know how much your support and generosity meant to Paul and I. And one day, I will be able to tell Gwen about her BDW family that went through this whole thing with us! I honestly cannot express how much it all meant to me and Paul; you all made a huge different in our lives.


I wish I could send all of you a personal thank you note, but Gwen would be in college by the time I got them all done, and then we'd have no money to pay for her college since I'd have gone broke buying all of the postage!


So, big hugs to all of you out there ... you really are an amazing bunch of women; and Jason, you rock too! lol






For those of you that missed the whole ordeal, or just want a trip down memory lane, here are the threads.









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yay your're welcome :)


so happy she made it home happy and safe :)


and looks like you need to update the nugget story, its been almost 2 months according to the title! YOWZA time flies!

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