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  1. Bother ill = both will. Gotta love autocorrect!
  2. I've been to Coconut Bay and had a lot of fun there. You bother ill have beautiful weddings! I can't believe it's been 4 years since our wedding on Pigeon Island. I think it's time to head back to Simply Beautiful St. Lucia!
  3. That's awesome! Does she know what she's having?
  4. This has got to be the quietest shout box ever! What's going on in life ladies? Anything fun planned for the weekend?
  5. I think what you're talking about it called sticky tack. That's a great idea!
  6. Just jumping in real quick. *The departure tax ($26) is now included in your ticket fare. The first time I went to St. Lucia in '07, I had to pay it in cash. When I went for our wedding, the rules had already changed so no one had to deal with that. *Hair and humidity -- seriously, it's no joke. My MOH did the long waves and her hair looked awful by the time the ceremony started. I made sure my hair was up and out of my face and I was very happy with that decision. Also, keep in mind that you may swell a little in your dress. I had to ask MOH to loosen it a little bit twice (thank goodness for the corset back), so just keep that in mind when you're getting your fittings. *My dress arrived in a big crumpled mess (long story), but this is where the humidty is helpful. I literally gave it a quick shake and it was 100% wrinkle free. You realyl do not have to worry about your dress getting all wrinkled, nature has that covered. *I've never had a problem with the ride from the airport, but I have heard some people say that they get a little motion sickness. Some people comment on it being scary in the cabs, but that's just the way people drive there. Honestly, I think the driving is safer there than in New York. I'm jealous of all your upcoming weddings! Enjoy every moment and do not expect things will go perfectly. Just remember that you are in one of the most beautiful places in the world marrying the love of your life!
  7. This is the only image I have found. I read that you can actually use a glue gun because you can get that off with a little work.
  8. I haven't heard of this before, but I can picture it. I would just be careful that the bowls are secured somehow because I could see someone knocking into it and the next thing you know, you have broken Corningware.
  9. This is very common and of course there's nothing wrong with it. I think what a lot of us were thinking about in this scenario was the logistics of taking it to another country, particularly when baggage space is so precious and fees keep going up. No one was trying to say that it's wrong or trying to be negative, I think we were all just trying to understand it and help by pointing out potential roadblocks. I know I would hate to see someone go through a lengthy process to get what they want, only to see a minor detail overlooked and it all falls apart.
  10. What a great contest Tammy. Thanks for your awesome contributions ladies!
  11. It's definitely an interesting idea. I'm the opposite of you. I'm from the same area (NY) and didn't really care what my cake looked like, I just wanted to eat it. We never look at our cake cutting pics and it was such a small part of the whole night, I'm glad I didn't spend a ton on it or think about it too much. Is there a local baker you could use outside of your resort? That'd be a lot less work.
  12. Definitely check the duty-free laws. I know my WC said you cannot consume what you buy at St. Lucia's duty-free shops on the island. I'm not sure how it all works, but I believe you have to show your passport and airline ticket to purchase it. This could've changed since I was there, so that could be wrong, just make sure you check it out.
  13. Just wanted to report back that I love this program! I have lost 6.6 pounds in 3 weeks, and one of those weeks I spent a good portion of away at a ski house. My next weigh-in is tonight (before V-Day dinner), and I'm hoping to lose 1.6. Wish me luck! Oh, have you tried the new Laughing Cow flavors. Yummy!
  14. Glad to see this thread is up and rockin' again. I got married almost two years ago (May 23rd) on Pigeon Island. We did everything through Villa Capri (I just adorable Kris Wanger!) and has our reception dinner at Jacques in Castries. I still come around the forum, so feel free to PM me about anything. Oh, and I HIGHLY recommend chartering a catamaran for those who want to do a group outing. It cost $500 for a 50 person boat (there were 34 of us) for 4 hours, and this included the crew and music. We had the staff at the villa put together sandwiches and rum punch and we bought beer, water, and other snacks to bring on as well. They provided snorkeling gear too. It was definitely the most talked-about part of the trip because it was so much fun. We chartered the boat from Carnival. (No, not THAT carnival!) I'm so excited to see that someone else is getting married at Villa Capri. Loved it! Definitely have them buy all the food and everything. I made the mistake of thinking we'd just do it ourselves and it was a lot of work. We won photography and videography from this forum (KLK Photography and Blue Sky Videos), so we lucked out in that category because they were amazing. I think before I knew about that though, we were going to go with someone named Ray. I think the website is www.karaymedia.com I hope that's right. Seriously though, any info you need, please PM me. Oh, and I did not care for the transportation people Kris used. My Dad ended up getting in a fight with them which was so unexpected because he's not like that at all. They just nickeled and dimed everything. Are you looking for a place to stay just on your own? My parents stayed at Harmony Suites after the wedding. They got a great price on Expedia and they could walk to almost anything in Rodney Bay. It also has the best restaurant on the island right there, The Edge. So yummy!
  15. I agree with Carly. Make a list of questions and send them like once every few weeks, then give her several days to respond since she'll be handling a bunch of questions from you at once.
  16. I still hang around and my wedding was over a year and a half ago! This site really does rock!
  17. I'm stealing your #1. This is totally my husband and me. 2. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. 3. I've never eaten a blue M&M. 4. We're trying to relocate to Denver, but I'm so clueless of how to make it happen. 5. I commute 2 hours each way to work everyday (4 hours total).
  18. This is a great idea Tammy. I say go for it!
  19. Thanks for the feedback so far. Erika, try other fruits and veggies or you'll turn into an orange! I can't give other recommendations for snacks right now because I don't know what's changed on the program.
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