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Are you the only BRIDE?

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I'm at home watching a show on WE called Wedding Central. It's about a venue called "The Wedding Place" where they have 4 or 5 weddings on a typical Saturday!!!

This leads me to ask the question, do you know how many weddings will be going on the day you get married?

Fortunately for me the resort we are having our wedding at only allows 1 wedding per day! smile36.gif


Correction*** "The Wedding Place" had 7 weddings in one day! Is this normal?

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Our resort had one other wedding on my wedding day ... but the locations are all different.


I felt a little bad for her, though, b/c we were getting our pics taken on the beach just down from her location during her beach ceremony. Our receptions were both on the beach, but I had palm fronds that privatized our reception. Her reception was right next to one of the resort bars. Not a location I would have chosen. Everyone was so excited about our reception set-up. On the beach, but still completely private AND complete with a dance floor so we weren't sinking in the sand all night.

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I saw that show before and COULD NOT believe it!!! It's a wedding mill... That is one of my pet peeves, my guest will NOT share a bathroom with another events guests nor would I ever have my wedding at a place where they catered to more than one event in a single evening/day. But that's just me, I want my day to be MY day... No offense to anyone...


Needless to say we are the only wedding out our site... they can only accommodate one anyway.

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A good friend of mine got married in Cleveland and at the hall where they had it, there were 3 other receptions that night as well. I thought it was weird. I admit we crashed the other receptions, which in hindsight was very tacky of us.

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there was 1 other wedding while we were there. it was the day before ours while we were all at coba. i wanted to take a look at it, but everything was taken down by the time we got back.


I don't think "wedding mills" are a bad thing. You can get a cheaper/ simpler wedding. A big draw to getting married at a hotel was being able to get the cookie-cutter package. I loved the simplicity of it.


I know it's not for everyone, but for brides that don't care to plan a wedding, these wedding mills can be pretty nice.

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