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  1. Have fun ladies.... I too will be there in spirit! I have a wedding to shoot... It's wedding season....ahaha!
  2. I hope your day is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats Alyssa and Kareem!
  3. OMG!!!! I had no idea you could do that either! Call your insurance and see if that's covered... Keep us posted!
  4. SAM!!!!!! Thanks so much! That's just the info I was looking for! I really appreciate it! We are going to look over your suggestions together. You're the best!
  5. I am not changing either... there are no issues with it either. The only people who have had a problem are "other" people, friends, other family members but Tim has had NO issue with me not taking his last name. It's not that I don't like it.... I would be going from Scottish to Irish, it's for professional and personal reasons.... I LIKE my name... and I LOVE my signature.....ahhahaha! And I really don't sign his last name very well anyway....ahaha!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride Okay, so everybody loves them, but what about the question of the DC25 versus Animal versus Slim? I was thinking of getting the slim simply because it's smaller... See years ago when my parents bought theirs (the original "yellow" one) the salesmen told them that there was NO difference between the "animal" and the "yellow" model expect color and price... The obvious difference between the DC 25 is that it's on the ball (which is BAD ASS). It's a little bigger than the slim but it's smaller than the possesed Eureka that "Dottie" replaced (yes I named her...ahahaha!)! I have to say I love her... I would go to try them out... The DC 25 is really light also... sure it's heavier than an Oreck but it's MUCH lighter than the Eureka... Good Luck...
  7. I have to tell you... it works really well on the stairs because the head is smaller than a regular vac. The extension part is really simple and simple to use... it comes directly from the top of the handle. We have a dog too and she's a shedder too and I read a lot reviews before asking for it and they all were really positive about the DC 25 and dog hair. Seriously I vacuumed the night before my shower and then vacuumed again the next day with the Dyson and it practically filled the canister! I would say it's a great investment and worth the money! Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride I'm contemplating getting a Dyson, but don't know which one. The Animal seems like the obvious choice, because I have a dog that sheds (although not an extremely heavy sheeder, but medium amounts) but really I want the most compact and lightest one possible because we have lots of stairs. The more compact and light it is, the greater the chance I will bother taking it out even for small jobs. Right now we have a central vac and so often I just can't be bothered to pull it out because of the hose and everything. What about vacuuming stairs? I guess there is just a hose attachment like every other vacuum? Does that work amazing too? Our stairs are always disgustingly filled with hair and dirt because they are right at the entrance and we have a split level so you have to go up the stairs as soon as you enter the house, so the stairs get used a lot more than for a regular house with just a basement and 2nd floor.
  8. Rachel.... my best friend is going through the EXACT same thing as you RIGHT NOW too. She canceled her wedding that was supposed to be this September 20th. So I can sympathize with your situation and if you ever need to chat I am more than happy to lend you an ear. Like you she ended their 7 year relationship and is currently dividing up their NEW house as well. But she has also stated that she's never felt so clear or relieved in her life and she sounds the best I've heard her in YEARS.... So you are strong girl for having not gone through with it... Hang in there...
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by beachbride09 Oh wow! How awesome. FH and I are planning on doing the same, but maybe as a 5 year anniversary (and the Transatlantic cruise). I would recommend CruiseCritic.com to look up excursions and the such. It's a great site for cruise related information. Thanks SO MUCH!!! I haven't been on a cruise in YEARS so I wanted look up the excursion so we don't waste money....they're expensive!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by JennyK Thats awesome! Which countries will you be visiting? It should be fun.... just need to talk Tim out of the Northern European Cruise....hahaha! Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, France and Spain!!!! We will be spending 6 days in Italy and 1 afternoon in each of the others.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by carly That's funny, D, cu I just started a thread last week asking for opinions on the Dyson Animal one. Matt really wants it, but I thought it was too bulky and I wanted something easier for me to carry up and down the steps, but all the responses were good. Everyone loves their Dyson! Get this one!!! I did research on it and found that a lot of the responses said it worked great on animal hair! A few years ago when my parents got theirs the salesman told them that there was no difference other than price and color...hahaha! But this thing seriously light and compact too. Smaller than the possessed Eureka "Dottie" replaced and the suction..... no lie it's great! Tell Matt I said......."Do it, Do it, Do it"......hahaha!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Alyssa WOW! What a killer gift Danielle - that is AWESOME!! i am dying to get a Dyson . Do you have pics from your shower to share? The girls had my partner do the pictures but I don't have them yet! I'll post some as soon as I get them... But you should totally splurge with some of your wedding money and get one. What an amazing vacuum. I'm obsessed...hahaha!
  13. My shower was last Sunday and I have to say... I CLEANED UP!!! Tim and I didn't need ANYTHING so all of it was welcomed. There was 50 ladies at my shower and I only got 3 things that I DIDN'T register for! I was so thankful for everything we got. The only thing that I didn't get that I really would've liked was our KitchenAid stand mixer but I did get the hand mixer so maybe after the wedding we'll get the mixer. But I got my Dyson, most of our luggage and I am happier than a pig in shit for everything we got!
  14. Ok so my "surprise" shower was last Sunday... there was no surprise, I found everything out...hahaha! So anyway... my bridesmaids bought me my newest prized possession my Dyson DC 25!!!! This is the MOST AMAZING vacuum ever! I highly recommend it to anyone. It's the newest model (the one with the ball) and the thing is amazing, it glides over the floor and suck the shit out of the carpet! I've been vacuuming all week since we got. In fact it was the first thing we put together...ahhahaha! Just thought I'd share.... Explore the DC25 All Floors Seriously though.... when did I start dreaming about household items like vacuums and dishes...lol! I'm totally turning into my mom!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenn3878 Hey Danielle, never been but sounds like an AWESOME honeymoon!! I wish I could go!! I am too excited and it's a year away... but believe it or not it wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought it would be... for the Philadelphia couples it's $7000 including airfare!!!!! For our friends in Atlanta it's $7600 but I think they are just going to drive here...(they're from here, so they can leave their little guy with her parents) so they can save the money...
  16. So it looks like we are going to be enjoying a 14 day Mediterranean Cruise in fall of next year!!!! We figured since we were having a DW we decided to just extend our stay in Charleston and go on a "Honeymoon" for our 1 year anniversary instead. So we are planning to do this with some other friends who also will be celebrating their first anniversaries as well! It's a Celebrity cruise, Mediterranean Legacies Cruise from Venice to Barcelona. Six countries....wooo hooo! I wanted to know if anyone has done this before and what are some good excursions and what to avoid. Any help would be great, as I have to still convince Tim because he wants the Northern European Transatlantic Cruise... But everyone else has decided on this one! Thanks in advance!
  17. Alyssa!!! Everything looks AMAZING!!! I love the timelines they are too cute! I can't wait to see your pictures from your day... I wish you the best.... your day is almost here!
  18. Beautiful.... you looked amazing! Love the pictures, I must see more! Congratulations!
  19. I did an order back with Steph.... and we had a great experience. The Acyrlic ones were $4.50 each. I did the full pashminas (I just did them for my BMs) and they were $14.99 each. I could use 2 more for my mom and MIL to be. Here's who we went through... Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf USA Canada Rainbow Bridge Business
  20. I have to say go with number 2. Coming from a photographers stand point while the red one is a good detail it's too distracting. In images from behind it will only look like you have something on your dress. And plus... it might cause some of your guests to stare at your behind during your ceremony....hahahaha!
  21. I just found this thread.... I voted the 7th before I read the thread... This is prime season for me (weddings) and I am shooting on the 13th, 20th and 21st and my Bachelorette party is the 27th. I guess I'm gonna have to pass... Maybe next time.... have a blast everyone!
  22. They look great Carly! It was a really wild party.... We had a great time! Tim and Kevin were talking about the Chinese beer this weekend...hahaha!
  23. I can't WAIT to vote.... It's my civil duty! We have to do absentee ballots this year because we'll be at our wedding...
  24. I'm an orange bride too.... Since we're getting married on Halloween we are burnt orange and chocolate, the girls are wearing burnt orange dresses with chocolate accents and the flowers are a combination of burnt orange roses and such and chocolate sunflowers and cosmos and some other stuff too... I like the inspiration photo of the orange, teal and khaki...
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