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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Pazoop Hello everyone! I'm starting to put together my DIY pre-travel booklet and welcome letters and in the process have been searching for clip art...Well I stumbled across this website that has the most amazing clipart! It's almost overhwelming how much is there! Clipart ETC Site Map Good luck with your DIY projects, and I hope maybe this helps! YOU ARE A LIFESAVER...I have to finish the design for my Boarding Pass Invites by tomorrow so I can print them. I have everyone coming to help me put them together on Saturday and I haven't even finished the design!!! Thank you agian!
  2. I am going to add the sand ceremony which his sister is going to read and I am going to have my cousin read the english translation. We are not having a wedding party..just a MOH and BM..and my littler sister is going to walk our son down the aisle..he will be just turning two......so I wanted to add in the people that would have been in the party to the ceremony somehow. We are both going to pick a poem and read it in addition to our vows...I thought it would be a nice touch. We are not going to show the other which poem we picked.
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    And the countdown begins ...

    Have a great time! Congrats!!!!
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    OOT Bag Budget

    I haven't even started mine yet....I am terrible....I really don't know how many I am going to need...my guest are taking their time booking.....I am going to start buying stuff for them right after the holidays....I am thinking I am going to spend between 500 and 1000.....because I know I am going to go overboard!!!
  5. Welcome! I am getting married in Punta Cana on May 22, 2009 at the Paradissus Punta Cana! Happy Planning!
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    Wedding Checklists & Worksheets

    This is great! Thank you!!!!
  7. Hi girls, I haven't jumped off the bridge yet....and I haven't sent out the save the dates yet. I just finished (well...good enough for now) my website and drafted a letter to put in with my save the dates directing people to the website for travel info and all that stuff. My new gripe is my dress. Does it really take 6 -7 months for the dress to come in I only have 9 months until the wedding. I just haven't walked out of the dressing room and said...yup this is it! I am going again to 2 more stores on Sat. Wish me luck! Hey...what kind of dresses are you wearing....is it ok to wear a traditional gown on the beach...everyone thinks it would be too much....I am not talking a princess poofy dress...just a nice a-line....what about a train My wedding is going to be on the beach...weather permitting.
  8. Thanks ladies...I fell better already...I will feel even better when I stop to buy a bottle of wine on my way home!!!! Now I just have to get up the nerve to stick up for myself...maybe 2 bottles of wine!!! I will keep you updated on what goes on! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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    Paradisus Punta Cana Wedding Review

    Was the rental of the boat included in your 5000.00 budget or did you pay 100.00 per person on top of that? I am very interesed. I am doing the chill out chic and since your post I am not thinking of doing a la carte....
  10. Wasn't sure I should vent on here since they probably stalk this site but I am going to do it anyway. I am so stressed about this wedding now that I just want to cancel the whole thing. Everyone has somthing to say about where it is...how it is so expensive...blah blah blah. I picked the Paradissus because it is nice..and I want a nice place for my wedding. I also picked it because it seems somewhat "kid friendly" and even though there is only one kid going...it is my kid and I want him to have a nice time while he is there. Grant it he will only be 2 but still....they have a lot of options for families. If you can't afford it...then don't come...I mean..wtf. I haven't sent out the save the dates yet...my mom is paying for a lot of the wedding...her guest list is about 15 max....my fmil's is 70!!!! I know not all of them will go but geeeez that is a lot of poeple. I wanted to get married in Hawaii with my son and like 4 other people with us....that is it...but my FI whom I call Bridezilla wanted somthing a little more. I still got the DW but it is turning into a circus. My mom is throwing us a "reception" like a welcome home party for the family that she isn't inviting to the wedding and for those that can't make it....ummm my FMIL just told me that she basically already hired a caterer for some pig/beef roast thing. Ummmm what? Also she said she is getting a bigger room for her and my son while in the Dominican...ummm again.... what My mom is already a little jealous that she takes care of him while I work...my mom works during the day and can't do it for me...but my fmil really monopolizes him and I know that is another battle when it comes to who he is staying with and blah blah blah. I have a headache...I am not the big wedding...lots of fuss type. I have a lot of respect for those who are because all this stress for one day...to me...is not worth it. Give me a beach...some flowers in my hair and barefeet and I am ok. My reception package covers 20 ppl and then it is 65. per person after that...what if most of these poeple show up...oh lord....and people wonder why I still haven't sent out the save the dates...they are printed and ready to go...I just haven't mailed them. Oh ya and she is planning my jack and jill already....I have a mother and a maid of honor....she already planned 2 daughters weddings....isn't she done.... Ok I am done now...sorry this is long
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    Punta Cana Bride

    to the forum. I am getting married at the Paradissus Punta Cana on May 22, 2009. I am using the photographer from the resort. I have see his work and it he does a good job...so if you can't find one that will be down there then there is always the option of hiring the photog from the resort. Good Lucking with your planning!
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    Newbie Hello - June 2009, Punta Cana DR

    Welcome to the forum! Congrats and good luck with all your planning. This forum will help you sooooo much!
  13. What a fantastic idea. I think I may use them for my invitation seals!
  14. I am doing a welcome cocktail party. I am having everyone meet at one of the bars at a certain time. If people don't want to come..then no big deal....
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    Welcome to the forum.