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I had the baby shower that I hosted yesterday and it has so nice everyone loved the games that we played especially the left right game.


Well most of the family have known that me and jr are planning to get married in Puerto Vallarta and everyone has been very excited about it.

Well one of the cousins which doesnt surprise me said,"if you guys plans on getting married you guys need start changing plans because how you think Im going to pick up from one week to the next and go to JUST your wedding, I do have a life."


I told her well its nice to know how you feel about it I was planning and hoping that you would be there since we have grown up together but now I know.


I told her our wedding is about me and Jr and the people who really care for us and really want to be there and who can be there will be there so if you wont go trust me we will still get married.


If you talk shit about us doing out there its because you missed out!!!!!!




I knew it was going to happen sooner or later but I learned from you ladies thank you so much!!!

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