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  1. HI! I was married in Las Vegas at the Bellagio on 8-808. We are heading back for our anniversary. Is there any recommendation for someone who can do some fun, casual shots for anniversary ?? We are leaving Aug 5th and staying til Aug 15th! We are also driving to California for a few days, sow e are flexible! I want a photographer who had ideas and direction to give!! Thanks
  2. There is awesome information on Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas Resorts, Hotels & Casinos HTH! I checked it all out-it LOOKS AMAZING and actually reasonable priced...sure theres way cheaper but this sounds classy and super unique!!!
  3. I also wanted to share this site with you ( the site is kinda boring but the discussion forum was good for me). It is: Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Reviews, Pictures, Packages, Marriage License Laws, Elvis HTH!
  4. I used the Bellagio salon. There are people who cme to your room and do it-which if youcan afford it would be really convenient. I used a website called Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Reviews, Pictures, Packages, Marriage License Laws, Elvis and it has a forum part that helped me ALOT!
  5. I was married on 8-8-08 in vegas. We used Las Vegas Weddings | Las Vegas Strip | Scenic Weddings in Las Vegas | Las Vegas Wedding Chapel They do have a chapel-but IMO, it was cheesy and i wanted vegas-but "classy". We were married outdorrs in the garden area of Bally's. It took like 3 minutes, LOL. We did pics at bellagio ( stayed there) and at the LV sign. We had a dinner ( 18 people) at Firefly ( off the strip) amazing restaurant! They had a package and we got unlimited food. We ordered their signature drinks-sangria and mojitos! man we had such a blast! Pics were good, we were rushed but I was told it would be tight-whole thing, ceremony and pics, less than 2 hours. We got our own limo and did everything like that on our own. The guests loved it-they got to go to vegas and do their own thing-and we all met for the wedding and fun stuff together-like dinner the night before and brunch at bellagio the next morning. OMG I loved it soooooooooo much!!! GL!
  6. Sounds wonderful-and MB beach is beyond gorgeous. If you call MB, they will give you a wedding host who can tel you everything and Ims ure send you or link you to phots. Good Luck! I was married in Vegas, and think it was the best decision everyday! Im going back in 4 weeks and want to do it al over again!
  7. Hi girls! I havent been on this forum in so long and I was happy to see a TTC thread. I saw someone mentioned COS-thats what i have, on top of male factor infertility. We have been TTC for over 4 years- a roller coaster for sure. Only one year of actual infertility care from a RE( fertility specialist). FF is ok. The basic version in so-so. The softeware that comes with TCOYF is the BEST. You need a Basal thermometer for a few reasons-one is for the decimal points-thats how software tracks your temps. A rise can be from 97.55 to 97.99. I am on this forum-www.soulcysters.net Its for women with PCOS, however theres so much regular TTC information and theres forums on pcos, IUI, clomid, femara, injectable drugs, alternative therapies, endometriosis, TCOYF, BBT's, CBEFM,diet/exercise, pregnant women, moms, acupuncture, and on and on. If you have questions-please feel free to ask. I feel like I could be an RE at this point, I know this TTC stuff inside and out and the closest ive come is a m/c this past November. But Im here, trying again this month with my IUI,s acupuncture, and prayers! GL, HTH
  8. Of course Eric the azz...err..acotr wasnt al tough guy this time, like he is on the phone. The hookers part was disgusting-I couldnt listen, I mean how pathetic that poor eric is that they have to pay women for him-eww. LOL @Diana Degarmo-and everyone telling Eric to profess his love for her-LOL! I cant believe they are making a doll of him-LMAO!! No way! he should have flown with balloons!!!!! When I was in vegas i saw a "midget"? ( no offense) just using the show's terms....well i saw him fy with ribbons ( Cirque show), how hard would be lifting a teeny bit off the ground in a studio? LOL hes nuts-what a wacko! "you know what to do...."
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by nicmicj I will be getting married in Las Vegas in July 2009. We haven't chosen an exact date yet because I am waiting on my fiance to make a decision and he doesn't move fast to do anything! I am thinking about The Little Chapel of the Flowers but will be checking other postings for suggestions. We are on a budget and looking to spend $500 or less on the ceremony package. We will be having less than 20 guests that attend and looking for a place to have a small lunch/dinner reception. My fiance wants to do one of the Brazilian restaurants where you get all the meat options. Are there any other suggestions? Thanks Hi-we had our 'reception" (if you call 16 people a reception) at Firefly on paradise(off strip, 5 minutes). It is a TAPAS restaurant with very ethnic and unique combinations. I dont know if its brazilian. They gave us a banquet menu and for 16 people the bill was only like 400.00 for food and pithcers of snagria and mojitos! It was UNLIMITEd food! They screwed up our bill tice, good thing I was sober to keep having them fix it! HTH!
  10. Hi girls-can I join you? I love Stern and Artie, well the show I love..... I went and saw Artie in Detroit last September (07) and he was with the usuals....Sal, jim, and JD was there. How the hell does JD even have a job? he cant even speak a sentence! LOL Last week Artie's MAN CAVE show was on and my dh and I caught it by chance.....man Artie has got to be 50 pounds heavier this fall from last fall when I saw him-man its depressing! And I agree with the grown midget being the funniest quote this week
  11. Hi all. i was told by my photographer to try mpix-they were super fast and the pics I got were great quality. I got just the matte finish-I dont like glossy-they get fingerprints and I hate that! Well i got an 11x14 for over the mantle and it looks amazing-had it custom framed! I didnt have it color corrected-and Im glad I didnt. My pics from he photographer...on the cd and after I loaded them into iPhoto they look very RED! But the mpix ones are GREAT!!
  12. We should all share ours! I will start: I wish i didnt let other people push me into doing crap in the ,morning I didnt want to do( all about their needs!) and just relaxed like I planned! Thats only one..... LOL
  13. I used Vintage Vegas Weddings | The Las Vegas Wedding Professionals They do numerous "location" weddings-check out their site and photos. I had an outdoor wedding on 8-8-08 and all photos at bellagio where I was staying HTH
  14. Hi. Has anyone made or plans to make a photo book from their wedding photos? I hope you know what I mean-one of those books-not an album, but one of those books where it has yur pictures and captions....like a "real" book? I ask b/c before the wedding I kept getting random emails from sites that offered BOGO on the books-and I need a few ( xmas gifts.....) and one for us. Anyone have any info?? Thanks I iwsh i saved those old emails! Bummer!
  15. I cant wait to go back to Vegas-I was almost in tears leaving. It was the best days of my life! I could really move there!
  16. Hi. My wedding was this past weekend and my photographer gave me all my photoson a disk so I can [print as many as i like or whatever with all of them! He was great-but in all of the pics our skin looks very red-sunburned actually. now my friends and family took pics all at the same time and our skin is onl red in the PRO pics. I dont know why. The question is-what should I do to adjust the color efore I print them for framing and albums? There are almost 500 pics-Im not printing all of them-but Im sure i will print a ton. I want to get them printed somewhere good so I can get matte finish and change some to B and W. Suggestions?? Thanks
  17. Ok I used this in 105 degree temps-make u stayed on all night!!!! 12 hours in the same make-up! Worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it can work in vegas-it can work anywhere! LOL
  18. Awww I bet you were there when i was-I just got home today-we were there from the 5th til wel today! LOL We stayed at bellagio and the Wynn....and now I can say Ive stayed at sall the 4-5 start hotels and the Wynn blows them all away!! i thought Bellagio was the best-well not after the Wynn!! WOWZA!! Ill be posting pics in my wedding review soon!!
  19. The skindanavia is awesome! I practiced...and ma makeup always disappears and it didnt in my trial run today! It was only like 80 something here today so I will review it after vegas!!
  20. I dont know if this forum is the same as the other one I was on but.... I am a member of another forum just like this one-in fact the layout is the exact same. (they recently changed it-probably using a different server or something?? IDK) but when that forum would run exteremly slow the owner ( or whoever it was) said when the threads get over 200 posts it slowed the forum down-so when we would have a thread get to 200, we would create a new one ( call it part 2 or 3 or 12....lol) and throw the link to the new thread into the thread....IDk if it made a difference or not. So people would go to the thread they were on-and we would do somehting like STO: new thread here and have the link to the new one..... I know I woud just create a new thread.....in a new window....and start a second edition fo a thread. There were months when we would seriously get to 12-13 threads! each with 200 posts....very chatty group! LOL I dont know if this is an idea....i suppose someone might know?
  21. Number 2 is amazinggggggggggggg on you!! Its soooo perfect for your perfect figure! Both are pretty-yes but number two jumped out at me!
  22. Congrats maura-everything looks wonderful. Enjoy your hard work and have a great wedding You look so happy in your pics-you will be such a gorgeous bride!!!
  23. We are flying in on Tuesday the 5th! I have evrything for the OOT guests already there-I fedex's 2 big boxes last week. Our friends live there so that was a major help!! Ok Im freaking out abut what weather.com says: It says ( and I know its far away to Friday) but it says scattered thunderstorms! <My wedding is outside-how much has it actually been raining there Whats it been like
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