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How will you wear your rings?

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Since I have become engaged I find myself often looking at women's ring fingers! It is amazing all the types of rings and how people's tastes can very so much! However, I have also noticed that people wear their rings different, such as wedding band on the bottom of the finger with engagement ring on top but I have also seen engagement ring on the bottom and wedding band on top and that got me thinking how do most people do it?


I will be doing wedding band on the bottom engagement ring on top? You?

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I suppose it depends on the e-ring and the band. I love the way it looks with the e-ring closest to me and the band on top, but am not crazy about it switched around. (Weird I know) It just looks like it was made to be on top of it. It could very well have gone the other way too, like I said it depends on the style and your taste :)

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