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  1. Just wondering if you have pictures back from your wedding??....so that we could see an example of Franc Gole! THANKS
  2. I just Voted!! Let us know when we need to vote in round two!! Great Photo!! Good Luck!
  3. For those of you who have done a TTD...did you do it at sunset or sunrise?? What would you suggest for the best pictures?? I was thinking that since we will have sunset pictures at the wedding, maybe sunrise would be pretty for the TTD?? Any advice would be great! THANKS
  4. THANKS for posting! I have been looking for a shirt for my FI's best man- and the short sleeve brown one is PERFECT and a great price!! Everything I could find that was even close was double the price if not more! Thanks again!
  5. Your Wedding is going to be beautiful! I love all the touches you have added and how you are using so much color! I can't wait to see the pictures when you return!! And I think it is great that you are giving your friends Silpada jewelry, I am a representative for Silpada and I think the jewelry is fantasic! Good Luck and Have a Wonderful time!!
  6. These look great.... Something easy to take down to your DW that will add alot to the decor!
  7. Yeah for 2009 brides!! 2009 BRIDES: klhutsell - Villa Celeste - May 16, 2009 JaimeLynne Mayan Palace May 24, 2009 Bca33 -Las Caletas June 6, 2009 jmiranda - Riu Vallarta - October 21, 2009 Jess - Dreams Puerto Vallarta - 11/28/09 MaryS-Mayan Palace - 11/28/09
  8. SUPER CUTE!! And different than any other personalized cups I have seen! Your guests will love them!
  9. Great Idea! They look great- I have been looking for ways to make my own stickers without having to cut each one out!
  10. We are going with a villa and we are having just immediate family and one set of aunt/uncle! They are all paying for themselves, we just split the Villa 5 ways since there are 5 bedrooms and it was no problem at all. I think the Villa is the way to go! Let us know what you decide!
  11. THANK YOU! I had no idea that there were two different companies with similar names!! That helps alot-
  12. Has anyone worked with either of these WC's? If so could you give me your opinions and maybe post/send me pictures of what they did as far as set up, decorations, flowers! THANKS I talked with Robin from Vallarta Vows, did anyone specifically work with her? All I can find on the forum is the name Carol from VV! Any help would be great!
  13. I am also looking for inspiration boards and ideas! Anyone else out there have one they would like to share
  14. Did anyone ever actually book a Cigar Roller? Or find better prices than the ones listed earlier??
  15. Everything looks great! I love the idea of the travel goodie bags! And I absolutely love your dress! Congrats- and HAVE FUN!
  16. Everything looks great! I really love your colors! Good Luck! and Congrats-
  17. I have done level 1 with 2lb weights for 5 days now!! I am so proud of myself I plan on continuing to do level one for another 5 days or so but increase to 3-4lb weights!! What a great DVD- to me it was worth every penny and then some! Good luck to everyone trying to get in shape and lose weight!
  18. I just bought the DVD yesterday and I am going to do my first workout this morning!! I hope it works good!! I need to lose about 10 lbs. and firm up-- Maybe I should book a BD shoot for motivation!
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