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Hello from a Newbie!! :)


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Hi Everyone :)


I just wanted to say hello to the veterans and the newbies and introduce our photography studio to you!


My wife Katrina and I are Sedona Bride, a destination wedding photography studio based in beautiful Sedona, AZ. We specialize in fine art, wedding photojournalism as our preferred style of photography. Our goal is to create compelling and visually stunning narratives of your wedding day.


We've shot weddings all over the USA, and in Canada, Japan, and Mexico. About 90% of our clients plan a destination wedding, and we get to help them do it :)


Katrina and I have traveled a great deal in our lifetimes, have both lived in other countries, and both speak other languages as well; Japanese, Spanish, and some French and Italian. We're currently entertaining some work in France, and hoping to work soon in Spain, where I used to live.


We're here because we have information to share and information to learn about destination weddings.


Hats off to our good friend Leigh Miller of Leigh Miller Photography, who recommended this forum to us - and we're just excited to be here :)


When you get a chance, come see our work at the links below in my signature :)


Please feel free to contact us any time and say hello, or ask us some questions about your destination wedding!




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