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PS: I have no idea what to do about centerpieces! I have so much to haul down there I'm thinking I'll use what they provide.

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Seiously, we have to pay $1700 to use the equipment even if we bring our own Bose & Ipod? I did not know that!!! Then there is no point in going out and buying the ipod and bose. Does anyone know if this is a for sure thing? We were going to buy the ipod and bose tis weekend but I will hold off until I find out forsure.

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Originally Posted by jetsbride View Post
Seiously, we have to pay $1700 to use the equipment even if we bring our own Bose & Ipod? I did not know that!!! Then there is no point in going out and buying the ipod and bose. Does anyone know if this is a for sure thing? We were going to buy the ipod and bose tis weekend but I will hold off until I find out forsure.
Let me re-phrase. I believe $1700 is the cost of a private reception & DJ. I don't think you can have a DJ unless you have a private reception. I believe you can buy a BOSE system and bring your ipod and bring it out on the beach and play music with your friends and dance, but if you're looking to have a private reception its $1700 dollars either way.....that was my understanding Lisa. Let me look through my emails and I'll try to post more info for you.

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Here is the email to my TA:


Dear Sherryl,


Thank you for contacting Riu Weddings Sales Department.


Regarding to your first question, it is correct the only way to have a dancing floor is having a private reception dinner and the cost is approx $1700 usd (this can change) including the Sound System or DJ, as you wish, because the Sound System belongs to the DJ, so he charges the same for playing him self or for renting the equipment, and it is necessary to have 50 guests, but it depends of how many people you will be celebrating we can maybe make an exception, the Brazilian restaurant is indoors and has air conditioner but it does not have ocean view nor garden, and the Disco can be rented from after your ceremony for the 3 hours long.


If you wanted a restaurant close to the beach for the reception can be held only at Riu Palace Mexico.


If you shall require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Warm Regards,


Mariana Naranjo

Weddings Sales Coordinator

Mayan Riviera

Weddings by RIU

America's Division


**For all weddings booked at RIU Hotels & Resorts, the couple and 80 percent of the total number of guests must stay at the RIU Hotel where the wedding will be performed. We regret that there can be no exceptions to this RIU policy and ask for your understanding and cooperation.

***Please remind that you must respect the number of days prior the ceremony, otherwise we will not be able to perform your wedding.

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Oh, okay so we are having a private recepeption anyway because we are going to have over 50 people so we will be paying the $1700 anyway. If I wanted the DJ would I pay on top of the $1700? or is the DJ included in the $1700?

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From reading that email, it sounds like it's included. I think the cost without is 1300, but its possilble I made that up. I'll let you know more when they contact me!

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Thanks for your help Josie!

I should hear from them soon too. For some reason I don't think Desiree talked to them until like a month before the wedding though, I could be crazy but that's what it seemed like.

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you're right thats silly of me! you'll hear from them before I do......DUH!!!!!! Desiree started sending me FWD's in June, but it was mid/end june which makes you pretty much right! do i really have to wait that long!?

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hi, I dont know where to begin. So ill just start blabbing about everything that comes across my mind with some quotes from the WC.


If you are having little kids come along, There is no small kids program. The RIU Riveria Maya is more for adults. They do have a small kids playground but its not a kids activity program. The RIU suggests taking your kids to RIU Tequila. We did this for one day. Its ok, but not really well put together. The hours are like 1030-1200 and then 2pm-4pm. Some days its all girls and some all boys. You just never know. SO dont even bother.


Also, The RIU suggest the club at the RIU Tequila, which opens at 11pm. Dont bother with that unless your a 17 year old. It was ok for a short while but alot of my guest really didnt care for it.


ok now back to Hotel, When we got to the Hotel we found out that the travel agent booked us for the wrong hotel, ( RIU MExico) even though our entire wedding party and WEDDING was at the RIU RM. They told us they couldnt do anything for us and basically sent us to talk with the LOMAS guy (Funjet rep.) We finally got it straight after 4 hours. SO BRIDES PLEASE Double check your reservations. We were originally flying with funjet and they cancelled flights so they switched everything over to a major airline and I just relied on them getting it right. DUMB of me.



**Remember our 80% policy!! (at least 80% of your guests must stay at the hotel where the wedding will be held) If your guest are staying at an outside hotel it is 100.00 day pass for 1 hour before ceremony up till midnight. $45.00 if they are staying at another RIU Hotel.


****ceremony options---At the RIU Palace Riviera Maya the options are:

Gazebo: From 2 to 100 guests, near beach area w/ocean view but not private.

Kiosk: From 2 to 30 guests, elegant, near lobby area, good for high heels.

Beach: From 2 to 60 guests, not secluded and not recommended for disabled custom

***included decoration consists of white artificial flowers. Fresh Flowers are available at an additional cost. Its about a 25 min cermony so its up to you.


cake options:

- Flavor: Chocolate or Vanilla

- Filling: Vanilla, Chocolate, Peach or Strawberry


dry cleaners is offsite, they need atleast 48hrs.


"Please note that we don't offer ceremony rehearsals but I would be delighted to book your rehearsal dinner for Thursday at the Don Manolo Restaurant (buffet style) at 7.00pm".


**The buffet was our favorite place to eat. ** We had our own rehearsal then went to the rehearsal dinner which they had flower and petal all over the tables.


Most of our guest also enjoyed the buffet the best. Bring your tums and other anti relief medicine for upset stomachs.


The WC booked us a trip to the famous COCO Bongo night club which was awesome. She got a van to pick us all up, We paid the coco bongo lady an entrance fee of 50.00 at the hotel that night. She then took us all the way in the club and got our wrist bands, took us to our reservation table right by the bathrooms and exit door which was a great spot and a bonus. I dont think my husband would of liked being in the big crowd standing. He really did enjoy the club entertainment, he is not a crowd person. HE loved it. We did have to find our own way home. Not a problem. Must do...


*"In regards to the night club, COCO BONGO is one of the most popular

night clubs in the area, with live shows and a very fun ambiance.

If you wish to go as a group, advise me of the date and number of people

and I can reserve an area for you."


*"you may enjoy a few drinks at the lobby bar after the ceremony, and if you wish, we can even add a few appetizers for an extra cost."

We did the drinks after the ceremony while the wedding party took pictures. The WC set up tables with flowers at the Habana Bar in the back area. They waiter even brought us Champagne and glasses.


I pretty much emailed the WC once a day with questions until the day I left for Mx.


Spa---Hair and make up


I just booked the appt and told them I'll would give them the voucher when I received it. THe spa does get booked quickly and I couldnt wait until the last moment and I would be stuck out. She did a wonderful job with my hair and makeup. I dont remember her name.


On the morning of wedding I ordered room service for my Bridal party which was not enough. So I sent my husband and daughter downstairs to the "Don" buffet and grab plates of food and drinks, and a bottle of champagne for mimosas. My husband found a waiter and told him what he was wanting to do and to make sure it got sent to my room. I would advise giving him a nice tip for faster service. Once My husband gave him a tip it was up there in a matter of mins. He had to keep checking it arrived. The regular room service just doesnt give you enough on your plate or enough options.


We upgraded to the Jaccuzzi after the 3rd day which was worth it.. awesome view.


I have so much more.....

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