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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by mecampb I also have one more question, more recently there have been quite a few Trip advisor reviews complaining of roaches and lack of cleanliness. I know in the older reviews everyone raved about the resort. Has anyone been recently? Can anyone comment on this? Thank you!! Hello. I was married at RPRM in April, and was there for 10 days. I did not see a single roach, and the resort is so clean I find it comical that someone would complain about lack of cleanliness. However, with that said, the Riviera Maya is a tropical destination. Warm weather + humidity + tropical locations do equal bugs so it is quite possible that someone saw a cockroach... The resort is spectacular and I would be amazed if you found it to be anything but perfect.
  2. So sorry I missed you Nic to say goodbye!! I'll be thinking of you! Celestial - the sound system is an extra charge. I think Nancy quoted ~$250 USD for the cocktail reception and even more than that for the actual wedding reception...I will try to pull up my old emails.
  3. Nic - there is a hairdryer and safe in the room. They are both free. The safe is one where you set your own combination (no key required). The safe at our honeymoon resort required us to keep a key wtih us at all times (annoying).
  4. Ladies Yes, I believe it is 4 songs. Celestial - Marry Me by Train is an amazing song. There is a beautiful acoustic version out there that I wanted to use for our first dance, but we had the mariachi instead. You ladies are getting so close!!
  5. Nancy just got back to me. The minister was named Roberto Gómez Flores.
  6. Celestial - I agree, this is definitely one of the best planning threads I have read! Man, I wish you got married before me so I could copy some of your ideas!!! Great job! Can't wait to read your review after you get back!!! Good luck!!!
  7. The appetizers were included in the price of the wedding package so we didn't have to pay anything extra for them unless we wanted to "upgrade". The included appetizers are basically little finger sandwiches (SMOKED SALMON MOUSSE, THREE CHESSES, TOMATO & EGG, HAM & CHEESE). You can upgrade to the deluxe appetizers, Mexican appetizers or PICADERA MEXICANA DELUXE which I didn’t thing was necessary at all because I felt like all we did was eat all week! But, these are what was offered: DELUXE APPETIZERS · SHRIMP · SMOKED SALMON · PROCCICUTO · CAVIAR PICADERA MEXICANA (MEXICAN APPETIZERS) · CHICKEN MINI TOSTADAS · MEAT EMPANADAS · CHICKEN FRIED TACOS · FRIED CHEESE FINGERS · ACCOMPANIED WITH GUACAMOLE, CHIPS AND MEXICAN SAUCE PICADERA MEXICANA DELUXE · SHRIMP TACOS · STUFFED JALAPEÑOS · MUSHROOMS & CHEESE QUESADILLAS · CHEF'S PRIME SELECTION · ACCOMPANIED WITH GUACAMOLE, CHIPS AND MEXICAN SAUCE
  8. NIc - glad you agree with me! No clue what it's supposed to be. We nicknamed it Shrek! The cocktail reception was outside at the Lyrico (not sure how it's spelled) bar. They actually set the appetizers up directly inside where the night performances are, but the doors open up to the outside.
  9. I didn't see the minister for long enough to tip him. He literally leaves directly after and never shows back up, so no, I didn't tip him. We had planned to give Nancy a tip but we didn't end up seeing her again either! I didn't want to tip her until I knew everything went off without a hitch. I figured she might be around later in the evening, but she wasn't! One note for you future brides...you might want to talk to Nancy about decorations for the appetizer station for the cocktail reception. We ended up wtih this! So creepy...
  10. That's super exciting Nic!! Celestial - I emailed Nancy to ask the minister's name. She said she will look and get back to me soon. I'll keep you posted.
  11. Thanks Dana! Nice of you to check in!! Celestial - we didn't do anything specific or different during our cerenony but they guy we had was AWESOME! To be honest, earlier in the week there was a wedding I saw on the beach where the judge's accent was so thick that Nancy actually grabbed the microphone from him a few times to clarify what he was saying. I was horrified. The guy we had (his picture is below - I have no clue what his name is but maybe you could request him using this picture?) was really, really nice. He actually seemed like he really cared and he was very easy to understand. A few of my guests (including my cousin who is a priest) commented on what a nice job he did, especially seeing as I never met him before the ceremony! I'm sure you could request whatever you want to add to the ceremony though and he would incorporate it!
  12. It said chance of rain and thunderstorms EVERY day we were there and I NEVER saw a drop of rain, so don't worry!
  13. The room we originally got (which according to the front desk was an upgaded room from the junior suite) was in no way an upgrade - it was the same room that all our guests had! So we decided, for $200/night, to upgrade to the Jaczzi suite. The room was amazing - two floors with a jacuzzi overlooking the pool/ocean, but I am not sure it was really worth the money. We didn't spend a lot of time in our room at all... Basically, the resort is laid out in a "U" shape. I I - pool, beach I I I I - hotel rooms I I I___I - lobby, restaurants, night entertainment At the bottom of the U would be the lobby and the majority of the restaurants/shows. The two parallel "arms" of the U would be the hotel rooms. At the top of the U is the pool and beach, so as you can see, the only rooms that look out ot the beach are the few that are at the very top of the resort - not many at all. The majority look into the plaza (middle of the U) or outside the resort to gardens or in some cases, the cleaning facilities... Does this make sense?
  14. Wow one week! Nice! How many people do you have going? Will you be doing a planning thread?
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