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Originally Posted by jetsbride View Post
Thanks Desiree!!
All the services I want from the spa are included for in the Caprice package that we got but I am wanting to pay for my BM's hair for the day of.

I didn't know I could rent a private yacht, that would be awesome!!! I am going to look into that more $790 for 4 hours, I think thats pretty good. I think it would be fun to do that the night before the wedding. I wonder what the cost to have booze and snacks would be....
WOW the yacht sounds so cool!! Did you find that information on the spa information sheet? If so, please send it my way, Desiree! KiMMMyg@gmail.com

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Thanks, Des! I had no idea they had so many scuba options, etc. Sounds like fun.

Are you planning on doing your hair/makeup/nails yourself? I'm picky too but I could never trust myself to do it all when the pressure's on!

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big up to the new ladies welcome hope you get the info you need and find the girls as helpful as i did.


i am babysitting my 2yr old nephew for a week so i am not able to get the laptop out as he wants it lol so i have,nt been on for a few days i have missed soo much.



great answers you was in there quick.nice one.keep meaning to ask you how your new house is going?



you are sooo helpful you deserve to be nominated for motm.



i want to do this the afternoon/early evening the day before i have emailed a tour company to get a quote (for a private catermaran) but they have,nt come back to me.do you mind me asking who you got your quote from?the only thing is there is only 4 of us but i think it would be great.we did a tour one in the dominican and that was really good.

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