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Final fitting pictures!!!

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Thank you! All of you! I cannot wait to wear it!!!


Originally Posted by ErinB View Post
You are beautiful! I can't wait for real wedding pictures! The dress is a perfect mix of elegant/traditional with fun/beachy!

How are you coming with packing?

Girl, I haven't even started packing yet! HAHA I need to do that soon! We leave Thursday morning!


Originally Posted by ehegwer View Post
having your toes, hips and shoulders, and chin, all facing the camera at the same things, thing about twisting a little bit. Imagine if only one of the four things were pointed at the camera. You can practice a good static twist in front of a full length mirror for practice.

Congrats on picking out a fantastic gown.

Thanks for the tip! I will definitely take this into account on the Big Day!


Originally Posted by Leia78 View Post
Fits like a glove! Stunning!


Originally Posted by blinkgrl119 View Post
you look absolutely perfect in your dress - it honestly looks like it was made for you lady!!
:) :) :)

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