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  1. I know this is long overdue but here we go: A L’amour Bridal Shop “A†236 W Northwest Hwy Barrington, IL 60010 (847) 381-5858 A L'Amour LTD Designer Bridal and Occasion Dresses in Chicagoland I truly loved my experience here at A L’amour. The girls were so friendly and upbeat, I loved each and every one of them, well almost. The lady who helped me try on dresses knew exactly what I needed. After telling her we were doing a destination wedding she brought the most wonderful dresses out. We had so much fun! After a good handful we finally found “The Oneâ€. N
  2. I also carried mine on, the plane had a closet I that the flight attendents let me use.
  3. we are staying on st thomas and getting married on st john. we are going to get ready in our hotel room together then take the taxi & ferry ride over. i know it seems like a pain but at the time the easiest!
  4. oh man i thought it was your dress that you still needed too. phew! that's the great thing about ins for postal service. too bad you didn't ins for more. i always do that just in case.
  5. i think it's a good idea to give a small gift, esp since people are traveling so far and spending so much money to be there for you on your special day. maybe if you show him what some of the girls have done on here he will have a better idea and realize it's not too expensive to diy.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by JUSTUSTWO $500 for alterations and the dress is CUSTOM made What am I missing? That's what I'm sayin'!!!! I don't get it either.
  7. mine cost $200 just for the hem! i think it's craziness but there weren't many other options. a friend of mine is having her wedding in Sept, she got her dress custom made and spent $500 in alterations, how nuts, esp since it was custom made!
  8. oh danna, that is so great to hear! i am using mary too i'm so excited to meet her in a few months.
  9. oh danna, that is so great to hear! i am using mary too i'm so excited to meet her in a few months.
  10. Yay another USVI bride! Congrats &
  11. we aren't having anyone stand up with us either. but we have a mutual bff and she is our honorary special person!
  12. I would love to buy 2 real touch orchids if you have any left. I will PM you right now.
  13. this resort looks great! can't wait to hear all about it!
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