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  1. Hello everyone! I know it's been awhile since I've come back to the forum. But honestly, it's been difficult adjusting to reality post-wedding/honeymoon. : / (I'm sure all you recent brides know what I mean) Anyhoo, I'll be posting my review soon. FYI, to those asking about honeymoons, my HUSBAND and I ended up extending our stay by 2 nights and staying at the Le Blanc (also owned by Palace resorts) and it was PERFECT!!! Absolutely the best honeymoon place I could think of. I'll post more about it in my review. Also, to those planning right now, it's okaaaaaay- to be fair (and i think I can say this now since my DH is Mexican) I think everyone at the MP runs on Mexican time. So, if you don't hear from them until a month before your wedding- don't stress, it'll be okay. I ended up with a WC I've never spoken to until two weeks before, and everything worked out just as I planned. About the packages Tina, that's an interesting theory... we didn't purchase a package, and got everything a la carte... but we did end up spending almost $4000, and Cristina met with us twice during the week before, and was with us every second of the actual day.
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the additional support! And Tina, great suggestion... I think we just may end up doing some shots of Patron right before we leave. So, my computer is BACK! I think technology and me are just not destined to be friends. Ever. On that note, I think we are still going to do the iPod set-up, but only at our Reception and then we're talking about bringing our own docking station like yours, Eureaka, for the cocktail hour. You're right, they wanted to charge like $200-something, for one hour(?). But I've spent so much time on these playlists, I'm not about to just hand over my music control to just anyone. And Nibsmom, you're right, I've resolved that we can always take another vacation later. I told FI I was just a little sad we won't have any "alone" time together as Mr. and Mrs. there, since a lot of our guests are staying even a few days longer than us. But, que sera, sera. I just picked up my finished dress today, and am SO excited, it's perfect! But, it's a little bigger than I thought it would be hanging in the bag. : / I'm nervous about not having a place to hang it in the plane now. Anyone here fly Mexicana? To those who just came back- I'm really worried about the timing of our music for the ceremony. How long would you say each of your songs was/should be for each part? I'm worried some of mine may be too long, (4 minutes for the song I want to walk in to!) so I'm trying to find a place to cut them at, but don't know how much time I should alot for each. Oh, and one other thing- I've had Kalena as my W.C., we've been e-mailing and calling, and communication has been great recently. I felt like we had almost every detail down and handled. So yesterday, I got an e-mail from Cristina. Apparently, because of a health issue, Kalena won't be my W.C. anymore! Cristina seems great, but she's been e-mailing me little bits and pieces of information at a time that I take she's gathering from Kalena about my day. I'm just worried that something may get lost in the transfer of information, since there's already been a couple mix-ups. : / Just trying to roll with the punches... Eureaka, glad your customs and everything went well! Have a Happy Wedding Day!!!
  3. Tina- Thanks for the tip on the dranks. I'll make sure to pass it on to those deserving of a little extra. I just about had a total meltdown today- it seems as though all of my best-laid plans are going haywire this week. I'm going to use this forum to vent, if you all don't mind. (That way FI doesn't have to hear ALL of my upsetness when he gets home, or at least not as much) First, my laptop (with all of my iTunes playlists for the wedding, AND my Ceremony wording I still have to submit) crashes. Completely. Just refuses to turn on. And, like the technological genius I am, of COURSE I don't have anything backed up. Fabulous. The computer is still down as of this moment. Then, my iPod goes on the fritz. Just stops working. (This is same day, mind you.) Thank GOD it's back to working now, but it still doesn't have all of my playlists on it yet. So, I'm on the phone with Technical Support for my laptop, trying to use FI's laptop to get a file update from the internet and connect it to the broken one. Of course, what happens? Mid-download, FI's laptop crashes, too!!! Just refuses to turn on. Again. So then... luckily we have an internet cafe at our apartment complex, so off I go to use THEIR computers now. The complex uses little key fobs with sensors inside to let you into all the common areas. Yep, you guessed it, of course... my key fob doesn't work. This is the second time this has happened with this little gadget. Fixing this takes another hour up at the front office. On top of all the lovely technical issues... FI just tels me today that we will have to leave on Monday, rather than extending our trip to Wednesday like we (I) had wanted. So, pretty much no honeymoon. I'm a little dissappointed, but still not going crazy. Yet. What really pushed me over the edge... when I finally check my e-mail, the Photog we were going to book (who'll remain nameless for the moment) tells me that because we can't book them a room for just one night at the Moon Palace (they told us we had to book a 3-night minimum), they refuse to deal with the whole "day-pass" situation since they apparently did that in the past and had a bad experience with Moon Palace. So, essentially they won't do our wedding anymore since we can't book them a room for the night. That's when I just lost it and let myself cry it out a little. At this point, I'm just waiting to get hit by lightning.
  4. Hey Honey, nibsmom! Glad you guys are all back, sounds like you all had a blast!!! I still have to make receipts for all my stuff. I wasn't really sweating it at first, but now I guess I should... : / My computer of course crashed last week, which means it took down all my wedding playlists (Ceremony, Cocktail hour AND Reception) that I had spent so much time on, AS WELL AS our ceremony wording, which I had just finished and was about to send to Kalena. With a week to go, I'm just trying not to think about it too much right now. : ( Question: did any of you guys bring your own appliances, like dryers/curling irons? I'm doing my own hair, (Actually my Mom is) and I was wondering if you needed a converter of some type at all (Tina I vaguely rememer you mentioning something like that)... Also Tina, on the trips, I'm glad you were able to go to the ruins because they had told me all of those excursions had been cancelled about a month ago, and that MAYBE they would be back up and running by the time our week rolled around. Hopefully we'll have time now for Chichen-Itza! Honey, you look sooo pretty in your picture! Can't wait to see the rest!!! Also, (last one I swear) did you guys get a free mani/pedi at the spa? They promised that to all of our guests when they booked so I just wanted to make sure. Eureaka and Mrs. Gin, HAVE FUN!!!
  5. Thanks for posting this, Tina! We leave now in exactly one week and I am getting sooo NERVOUS!!! Here's hoping our wedding comes out as nice as yours did.
  6. It looks so pretty on the model, but I can't see the pics of it on you (?) ... I wonder why it won't work on my comp?
  7. How many necklaces do you have left? I have 3 girls, so I'd like 3 if you have them.
  8. Oh and nibsmom- about the Ebay guy- unfortunately with a seller like that, writing him the WORST feedback possible is the best thing you can do. I used to be a bit of an Ebay shoppaholic, and i dealt with a couple of these shady sellers before. He will try to trick you out of writting a bad review, by saying that he will write terrible feedback of you as a buyer. Don't be fooled- that's why all of his other feedback is 100%, because no one else ever had the guts to report how he screwed them over, too!!! Besides, feedback on you as a buyer isn't as important as a seller's reputation.
  9. Ohmygosh Tina, CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so glad you were so happy with your hair and makeup. I know some other brides on the forum have said they were less-than-impressed, so it's a bit of a relief to hear how well yours turned out. Can't wait to see your pictures!!! Honey + nibsmom- Good luck this week! I just realized the date both of you have I will be leaving for my bachelorette, so I'll have to wish you an early happy wedding day then.
  10. If you like Newport/OC but not all the people, try the Dog Beach area. It stretches for a while with two "entrances" from the street, but in the stretch of beach in between there's lots of little alcoves carved out by the semi-cliffs. These in-between areas generally have very few people, even on the weekends. My FI and I take our dog here at least once a week now, and it's where he proposed. I would totally get married at this beach if we were staying at home.
  11. Agreed, I dunno what I would do if I were working the same day we were leaving! I would go crazy with anxiety! Nibsmom, you said you were staying at a hotel by the airport before you leave though? Is your flight really early the next morning/late that night? Honey, you have to have your marriage certificate for the symbolic? I guess I just figured they wouldn't care if you were legally married in the US or not, since it's not a legally binding ceremony anyway. Wonder how Speidi did theirs... ?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by NJ Hunnie Hi ladies, Just curious and I am sure this has been touched in other threads but I was hoping we can keep this one in this thread. Can you ladies post your welcome letters, brochures and other templates you used for your moon palace wedding here I am sure they would be really helpful to all us. Thanks so much! Yea, if you can download them! I must admit, this new rule of 150 posts vs. a number of points- no me gusta. I have more points than some people who have 150+ posts- does that mean i participate less? I <3 this forum, but there are only so many hours in a day I can spend on it! Sorry, just had to vent a little... my Best Man still does not have his room reservation done so I've been a bit on edge. : /
  13. WoW, you guys are quick!!! I would have loved the cameras w/ goggles, esp for our kids OOT bags. Lemme know along with everyone else if you ever have any left.
  14. Thanks Honey!!! Just messaged her. You all must be so excited, you're so CLOSE!!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by november7 Has anyone used Freddy from Claudia Rodriguez photgraphy? I am curious about this too, as I'm pretty sure we're going to book him for our wedding. His pics on the website look good, so I'm not too worried about getting what I want. Just wondering how anyone's experience was working with him.
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