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  1. I have 3 private messages already so I guess this is all taken. That was fast! I'll write you ladies back in a minute.
  2. Hi ladies, I too had some leftover OOT bag stuffers leftover. I debated as to try to sell these things or give them away and decided to give them away to try to help someone out. Just pay for the shipping costs please. Anyone interested? Please PM me. I have 20 Polaroid Disposable waterproof cameras with swimgoggles 17 Tea Trea Oils (life saver for mosquito bites) my guests were amazed at the itch relief from this. ' alt='a>'> 5 Johnson and Johnson first aid kits 12 Bahama Balm after sun lotion with Aloe (gusts who decided to not use sunblock were in love with this)
  3. I was married at the Barcelo Maya Palace on Nov 8, 08 and chose Jean-marcus as our photographer. He flew out from Seattle for our event and stayed with us for over a week. In that time, we really got to know him better and felt very comfortable with him. I could not be happier. He did such an amazing job with our pictures and was willing to treck all over the Riviera Maya with us. He was always on time, always had good suggestions on what we should do and where, he always had a smile on his face and he mixed very well with all of our other guests, so it was like having a long time friend taking our pictures on our wedding day. Right before entering our reception I remembered I forgot our first dance CD in our room along with my back up shoes, he offered to run over and get it, and run he did, he must have sprinted the whole way, but came back in time and was so helpful. Overall, he is a great and fun guy to have around on your wedding day and I would not change him for the world. If you are looking for a photographer, I would definatly check him out. Please PM me with any questions you may have about him. Check out some of the pictures he took of our wedding on this post http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t36134 His web site is Jean-Marcus Strole - Photography Good luck with all the planning ladies!!
  4. Hi Ladies!! So I'm in Miami getting ready for my honeymoon but wanted to tell you that my wedding was absolutely wonderful and I am so excited for all of you to have your day! You are going to have the best time ever!! It is awesome to look over and think, this is my husband.... Anyway, I won't be much help here with you guys since I ended up having the ceremony at the Barcelo Palace and it looks like you guys are all back on track at the DT. Congratulations and I am so happy to hear you guys are back at that hotel and will not have to live through any more anguish... I can tell you that Magda did my flowers and will most likely do yours and she is wonderful. They came out just the way I asked. Jean-Marcus was insanely great, I'll do a quick review of all he did for me soon, but he is awesome and I would not have changed him for anyone else I think that the flowers and Jean-Marcus are the only two things in my wedding that would apply to you guys... if someone has a question PM me since I am not reading the whole entire thread now, it is hard to get online and I will be gone 2 more weeks. Good luck to everyone!!! I'm married!!!!!!!
  5. Hooray for you ladies who will make the re-opening of the hotel and you do not have to move. Those of you who will arrive before the 15th and are being sent to the Barcelo Palace and have questions, you can PM me and I would be happy to find out as much as I can for you. I'm sad I am missing the opening but happy for all those of you who can finally feel at ease
  6. Thank you so much for all the info! I'll keep you guys posted if I use anyone here.
  7. I just wanted to say hi from Mex ladies. I am here at the Barcelo Palace. It is a beautiful hotel and the rooms are super nice. For me the only bad thing is that it is really big, so long walks, and the sand at the beachis not very soft. But the food is absolutely delicious and they have been able to accommodate everything I have asked for so far. My wedding is on Sat. I already met one of the other ladies from the forum here, I know there will be several of us here this week. 4 more days until the wedding!! Time flies once you get here, it is crazy!! Hope you are all well and not too stressed. O'h, and I met with Sandra and Liz her and hey are on the ball. Felt so much better after the meeting, I am not worried about it at all anymore. Such a relief!!!
  8. I leave on Sunday and no new info either. All I know is that I am supposed to have an appointment in the lobby at 10 am the day after I get there, but I am clueless as to where I'm having my welcome dinner, rehearsal or anything else. My only sure thing now is that the spa can accommodate us for hair and make-up the day of the wedding. I am trying to not freak... but it is difficult.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by sisterofthebrideerica Did you try to have someone from DT call to ask about the date. I heard that they are trying to persuade the Paradisus into doing more then one wedding a day if the other bride is ok with it... I don't know if Perla would be as willing to try and persuade her other bride... The paradisus is completely open minded, as well as Perla, to have more than one wedding a day there right now considering the circumstances that we are faced with. But they will not do it if the bride on that day says no. So the complete decision is up to the bride on the same day as you to allow you to get married there too on the same day. If the other bride does not want to, there is nothing the hotel can do about it since it is in a contract they signed with the Paradisus brides. Jody, heck yeah, I want to stop worrying about all this and start enjoying ourselves in Mexico! wooohooo, I leave in 3 days! AAAaaaaaaaggggggg, so much to do, I hope I make it!
  10. Amesharpe I too played with that idea, of waiting or moving and trust me, from personal experience, If I was you, I would just take the move and go. It is sooooo horendous not knowing where you will be. And waiting until a week or two before you get on the plane is just unbearable. Having to organize all your guests and your move and not knowing your menu if you are going to print them and the tours you will do change from one place to another. I think the new DPA looks amazing, that would have been my number one choice if it was open already. Also, if DT even does re-open, it may be half way with the new Dreams Suits closed and even some restaurants closed. I feel that just knowing what is happening is so much better than not knowing. Either way, this sucks, and I wish you all the best.
  11. I hear ya. I feel the exact same way as all of you. The waiting patiently and then loosing it. I'm there. I leave on sunday, have 124 peeps, and I'm having freak out. I'm getting a rash on my hand, I think it is from being so stressed.
  12. Another idea ladies is calling. I have been able to talk to someone 1 out of every 2 times I have called. It is never Sandra or Landy, but whomever answers can look me up, and usually answer whatever question I have, is very nice and reassuring. It certainly makes me feel a little better when I talk to them. I am a complete Type A and have to plan everything in advance and it is killing me to have to wait till I get there to work out the details, but at this point, I just have to take a shot and try to relax It is so har though! O'h and whomever said they found the menu for the other restaurants at the Palace, please sent them to me, I would absolutely love to see them. Thank you sooooooo much. You guys are life savers!
  13. Room bookings I have a couple of guests who have not booked their rooms either, they tried calling the Barcelo to book directly but it is quite a bit more expensive if they try to do it that way. I am going to add them to the bottom of the list with a note the way someone else suggested. I feel they should get the same price we were originally offered and I think they will abide by it somehow or another... Barcelo Palace brides I too did not know who to call, well, I still don't. But, I did call and ask to speak to the spa and explained my situation with the spa and made the appointments for the wedding party to get their hair and make up done. He was able to accommodate my times, and he was really nice. I originally made these appointments with the Spa at Dreams so felt it was up to me to make them at the new place. As far as picking rehersal dinner restaurant and all that other stuff, I'm still clueless as to who to talk to and how to go about doing that. I'm assuming it will be with Landy, Sandra, or Liz, but have yet to hear how to do it. I have to pring my menus too and it is so stressfull....
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