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  1. Yep. It's an unspoken rule that you DO NOT wear white to someone's wedding. Have you fiance talk to her about it and playfully suggest, Aw mom really? You should wear X color because you know only the bride is supposed to wear white at the wedding. It could have been something that totally slipped her mind. Good luck!
  2. It is so annoying when this happens but believe me, you're not alone. Of my 64 guests, only FIVE actually sent back the RSVP. I had to call or just go by word of mouth. It was insane.
  3. We first had our hearts set on a beach reception but when we did the site visit about 1.5 month before, we decided nto to because: 1. there were a lo tof mosquitoes at night and 2. we wanted a dancefloor 3. walking around in my dress on the beach would annoy me all night long. So we had a beach ceremony and then did our cocktail hour and reception on land.
  4. Congratulations, chica! That is very exciting and VERY soon! I'm also an Iberostar bride (but in DR) and will say that their hotels and resorts are superb! Have a blast!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Hartyt509 Every day I go between thinking this is the best thing for me and then what the hell am I doing lol I loooooooove this response. Can totally relate HAHA
  6. That chocolate cake looks delicious! And I love your shoes!
  7. It's normal to have doubts. I think everyone does at one point or another.
  8. I think it's cute. And they can use the Advil for the hangover in Vegas
  9. I wore a Maggie dress. I am glad and would not have chosen another dress. Got mine from a bridal shop and it was from one of her limited collections so it wasn't available or shown online and ended up costing a bit extra but the end product... WOW. Just wow. I got so many compliments on my dress.
  10. Congrats! I was married at Iberostar Punta Cana in July 08. Would highly recommend it to anyone.
  11. Congrats! Former DR bride here
  12. AHH! That does sound busy! But it will all come together and the good thing is you get to kick back with friends at the end of that crazy day!
  13. First, your dress is beautiful! You will make a lovely bride... Second, if you live in a remote area, never underestimate the power of the internet! I got tons of stuff for my wedding online: my veil, a tiara, wedding favors, etc. Just lots and lots of stuff. The jewelry will be a really personal decision. If you don't want to, don't do it. But in the end if you decide you'd like to, run with it. Ultimately, you are the bride so do what makes you feel good My necklace actually ended up being my "something borrowed." It was my mother's pearl necklace. I wanted to keep it really simple.
  14. Believe it or not, I got my bridal veil on Ebay. It was lovely and just what I wanted with swarovski crystals and the whole thing. It was only about $20 which was nice after what I spent on my dress! HAHA
  15. Beautiful! It looks like you had a lovely time I love your wedding band! It's really unique!
  16. These pics are awesome. I especially loooove the second one with the background!
  17. I really did not like the first outfit she wore. It wasn't bad, but maybe for someone in their 60s. Michelle is only 43 so I thought she'd wear something different. The dress at the ball though was gorgeous. She looked so happy with Obama. Awwwww
  18. Okay so this dude is obviously demented!!!! I am sorry this happened to you. Put your foot down. Tell him that under no circumstances will you be willing to split the cost of the wedding (your wedding) that you've been planning or want to have it on the same day as his vow renewal. He should understand that. Jeez. What a loon! Also, if he still sticks to doing his renewal during that same week, then don't sweat it. Just go to your wedding and have a blast with everyone.
  19. I love Trip Advisor and have been a member for some time now. Mya dvice is to not feed into the negatives because it's going to consume you. If there is something that is restated over and over again (a complaint), I would look into that. But not everyone goes somewhere and has an excellent vacation. I have gone to places and had an excellent time and came back and saw awful reviews of the place and also vice versa. Good luck. Hi Abby! My fellow July '08 Bride!
  20. ^^ Congrats on your pending nuptials. While I don't have any info on the Iberostars in Mexico, my advice would be to try calling the resort if you haven't to speak with a manager. Good luck
  21. Which Iberosetar are you getting married at? We got married at Iberostar Punta Cana in Dom. Republic and everything went off wtihout a hitch.
  22. Congrats, chica! I hope you're having a blast!
  23. Stacey, Wow. Just wow. Sorry this is happening. Why is she going to the resort you are getting married at anyway? Did she book in advance for your wedding or something? if not, that is just plain crazy! Either way, don't sweat it. You said she is vengeful but the thing is, your wedding will be just for you and your guests. Are you having it privatized in anyway? She has got some serious nerve. Again, just let it roll off your shoulders. She's obviously psychotic and not worth it.
  24. That church has got to me one of my favorite churches in the entire world. I fell in love w/ it the first time I saw it when I was about 5. Check out this from msnbc.com Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic The Resort: Located on the southeastern coast near the Chavon River, this chic getaway offers guests everything from the world-famous Teeth of the Dog golf course (one of three on the property) to an upscale marina and yacht club, as well as swanky stores like Burberry and Cartier. Book your guests into luxe digs in the main hotel or upgrade to one of the private villas, owned by celebs including actor George Hamilton and slugger Sammy Sosa (he recently held his birthday bash at the property). For fun, head to Altos de Chavon, just down the street. Modeled after a 16th-century Mediterranean village, this cultural center offers great dining and shopping, plus a selection of art galleries featuring local artisans set along its winding cobblestone streets. A Grecian-style amphitheater offers world-class performances by the likes of Sting and Gloria Estefan. Casa De Campo The Church of St. Stanislaus at Altos de Chavon at Casa de Campo, La Romana, in the Dominican Republic feels like a romantic little chapel you would find on a forgotten street in Rome. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Chapel: The Church of St. Stanislaus at Altos de Chavon feels like a romantic little chapel you would find on a forgotten street in Rome. Set in a beautiful courtyard with stone fountains and panoramic river views, the consecrated chapel is built of weathered stone with small ornate windows and big wooden doors, and houses some religious artifacts. (The ashes of St. Stanislaus, the patron saint of Poland, were sent by Pope John Paul II to commemorate the church’s inauguration.) Up to 65 guests can join you for a traditional Catholic wedding. Per Dominican Republic regulations, all ceremonies must be performed in Spanish, but English translators are available upon request. That Extra Touch: Hold an outdoor candlelight reception in the village square overlooking the river, with catering done by one of the resort’s five restaurants (our fave is Italian-style La Piazzetta). Rooms from $353. Chapel package from $500, not including required donation to the church.
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