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We're home..... lots to share

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Well where do I begin Don't fly American Airlines their service sucked. The where delayed coming and going we were on the plane for 6 hours on the run way. It was torture.


Once we got there it was amazing. Day one we just layed out and played in the sand and swam in the pool. We also were to meet with Chandlyn which was a no show and meet with her assistance, who was unable to give us an information that we want. We were told we would meet with Chanlyn on Friday. But Friday we had an excursion planned for our group and wouldn't be back till 1pm they told us to try our best to make to her office before 2pm, because after she would not be available.


Dunn's River Falls catamaran was amazing it was quite the experiences. Definitely go do it the name of the boat was Cool Jazz. We booked through Shoretrips.com but they charged us 70 USD and the captain only charged the extra ppl who changed their minds and end up coming 55 USD. I was annoyed but it was well worth the 70 USD we paid. We also purchased the DVD from our climb for 40 USD.


We finally caught up with Chandlyn and she was just to laid back for me every thing was don't worry and okay no problem. That was not the case. Friday night we has a rehearsal dinner at ST. Ana’s which Chandlyn was suppose to have a section set up for my group and she did not. Either way we did it our self’s and had a great dinner. I had planned games for the group with prizes which were a great success. After we enjoyed the hotel show.


Saturday morning I made an appt. at 8am for my hair and nails, and for my fiancés. He was not happy they were unable to give him a shape up they didn't have a straight blade, and worse not even clippers that worked. They did a great job with my hair and nails. at the beginning I wasn't sure how my hair would turn out I flipped on her only for a minute, but she did an amazing job.


I had some breakfast and then went to my room to start getting ready. My MAN of honor arrived at 11:45 to let me know the gazebo still wasn't decorated. Chandlyn was no where to be found. Ceremony time came and the gazebo was not what I paid for, but the setting was breath taking. I had the aisle runner, and chair covers with coral bows on the chair. I had order the full gazebo decor but only got 3 flower pieces and the white ribbon in front. It was a small detail which at the end of the day didn't matter. The ceremony was full of laughter, love, and tears from everyone there. We were out on the beach till 2pm I had drinks and apptz brought out to the beach and the steel band played.


Our photographer took great pics on the beach. We flew out our own photographer and used the hotels videographer.

Dinner was at 630 at the Mammee bay. Between the ceremony and dinner we took more pics just us two on the beach, our daughter was not in the mood for pics. When I arrived at dinner it was perfect, exactly like I pictured it in my day dreams. After dinner down to the Sea Grape, where they lit sparklers for our first dance, after a bon fire was lit, and the groom and I performed the song from Happy Feet for our daughter, which was a hit for our wedding party and the hotel guest whom were watching from the balconies.


WE dance the rest of the night away under a full moon. It was a fairy tale. We couldn't have asked for anything more. The next day I was informed about Chandlyn absences MOH and friends set up my table put out my center pieces and wedding favor. Of course I didn't know and tipped her well the day of the wedding. Our wait staff, bartenders, and dj were excellent. I gave the DJ three cds and he played the ONLY the music we gave him. I never received the cake we order either we had sent picture of the cake months prior and also discussed the cake in detail again at our meeting and we still never received our cake.


When I finally caught up with Chandlyn on Monday before we left, she seemed not to care at all about all of my concerns, and didn't even offer an apology., I expressed my unhappiness with her service and wished her a good day. Despite her bad service, our wedding day was perfect.


Back to AA they broke several of our centerpieces and ripped open several of our gift boxes, I was almost in tears when I open our wedding box but no problem MON! It again was something minor. I had the gift boxes delivered to the rooms for 15 USD, the guy who brought up our bags didn't for me with no problems.


I feel like all over the place. If you have any questions ask.. I have lots of pics and DVD, which I will be sharing with you as soon as I figure out how to.

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Welcome back, Im sorry to hear that you ran into a few minor issues. Im sure your wedding was lovely. How much did you have to pay for the guy to videotape your wedding since you brought in your own photographer?

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That was so hard to read without any page breaks. ha!


Sounds like your WC wasn't very organized. That sucks!


I am glad you had a beautiful day though!


Yes, we need pictures!

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Welcome back...I don't think we saw your wedding... We were at the Entertainment stage at that time I think. I'm sorry Chandlyn sucked... but I know it still turned out beautiful.

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