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    ROR- Opinion from past brides!!

    I felt awesome because I vowed to myself and my BM's that I was not going to let anything ruin my day. I was not that pleased with Chandlyn at all, as someone else stated...we were just another wedding to her. No one actually met up with us to walk us down to the gazebo like they were supposed to, so we just walked ourselves down... Then as we walked past the lobby, all of a sudden someone wanted to walk with us. But, overall I LOVED IT... There were only a few brides getting married there, but that didn't interfere with my wedding. We got married on Sat June 14 2008...
  2. ButlerGirl08

    new bridezilla episode

  3. Yeah it was a bad week for me as well...Birthday and lots of eating out or not eating at all... I have to get back into some physical activity IMMEDIATELY!!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Scott-Pierre Your pics and reveiw are fabulous! You two are such a cute couple! I love the all white, it looks great contrasting against the blue sky. One question... did you have to pay extra for the sand ceremony you did before you signed your marriage certificate. It looks so pretty. If so, do you think it was worth it? -Courtney No we didn't pay extra...we just included it in the ceremony. We brought our vase that we poured teh sand in, and got some glasses from the bar to put the inital sand in it...
  5. ButlerGirl08

    Attn Ror Brides....

    It rained on my day as well...but it was over so quickly...The forecast even told me it would be raining the entire 2 weeks I was there...it rained, but it only lasted like 15 mins and that wasn't even everyday... You will be fine. I heard one bride postponed her ceremony until the rain passed and it was no problem...
  6. ButlerGirl08

    Welcome Party & Rehearsal Dinner

    Ours was free as well. We had our welcome party at the sports bar...we were gonna have it at the bar near the entertainment stage, but a show was going on... It was kinda hard to have it at the sports bar because it was loud in there, but it wasn't impossible...everyone enjoyed it because the bar is down there and so are snacks. We had our rehearsal dinner at St. Ann, someone was supposed to arrange that...but they didn't so we just grabbed some tables and grouped them together...no biggie.
  7. ButlerGirl08

    RIU Questions- Private vs Semi Private & Music

    We brought the ipod and th eBose soundock and it worked perfectly...we have the portable one just in case wherever we landed didn't have any outlets, but it did anyways...
  8. ButlerGirl08

    ROR and IPOD

    Yeah we took out BOSE Soundouck and I believe Chandlyn had the people at the ceremony hook their speakers up to that so it was extra loud... Then we took that Soundock every where we went like it was our theme music...lol
  9. Yeah in the scrapbooking section...or by the stickers...
  10. ButlerGirl08

    ROR Procession

    Here ya go: Remember the Ritz - April 28, 2007
  11. ButlerGirl08

    Project Runway!

    I thought Jerell should have won...surprisingly it looked really good and the touch of leather was classy...
  12. ButlerGirl08

    RIU Ocho Rios Restaurants

    I thought Mammee Bay was originally only for suite guests..?
  13. ButlerGirl08

    What do you collect?

    BTW, I got the job at MAC...YAY!!!
  14. Ok, I am going to go check that thread out... And yamille, don't worry hunny...come next week, that weight will be off of you...
  15. How does that thing work because I have no idea what you are talking about? How much do they cost and where do you get them? What do you do with them