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  1. We saw your wedding but thought one of your guest was the bride she had a white gown on.
  2. para el amore

    We're home..... lots to share

    I took speakers and an ipod for dinner and hire a dj for the beach reception, which I provide the music on cds for him to play.
  3. I payed for their flight and two night stayed. We never discussed travel insurance. She purchased her own tickets.Which I assume that's what your photographer would be more comfortable doing.
  4. Yes, that's what we did you can see my pics at Kate Leigh click view your proofs, look for Liza and Joel password is Alvarez towards the middle and end you'll see the dinner setup and our beach reception with bon fire it was awesome!!
  5. para el amore

    Changing Packages - ROR

    I changed mine at last minute and no need to tell her. You can do it aat the meeting, but if it makes you feel better you can email her. Honestly I don't she writes any of it down, when I had my meeting she had a clean sheet of paper and we spoke about all the things I had been emailing her for months. And she still couldn't deliver.
  6. para el amore

    We're home..... lots to share

    Sandra's Bridal order it for me but it's from Jordan Flower Girl Bridal Line, shopped online found it and then they order it for the online price. I lucked out!
  7. She gave us a free floral center piece. But, I'm sure whatever you ask for she tellyou no problem. But make sure she delivers.
  8. para el amore

    We're home..... lots to share

    Quote: Originally Posted by BrittneyD So you can bring sparklers on the plane? ...I didn't think that would be an option. I didn't think so either, but we packed them and hoped for the best they did open allof my boxes and broke a few things but left the sparklers. Wrapwithus.com is the site I purchased the sparklers.
  9. para el amore

    Beach party

    Quote: Originally Posted by KGOESER HI ALL! I have a quick question.... My wedding is on a Friday at 1:00. I haven't planned what we are going to do between the ceremony/pictures and dinner, but have a quick question for those of you who may have been there on a Friday night. I'm curious about the Fri. night beach party that I have heard mentioned. Rather than spending a ton of extra $$ on renting the disco or private reception, I thought about just having everyone go to that. Whats it like Any help would be great.....also suggestions for the down time after the ceremony would be great! They beach party is never on the same day. When we were there it was on Sunday. Go to We back....Lots to share post. You can read how our day went we also had a 1pm ceremony.
  10. para el amore


    Quote: Originally Posted by Willsbride Hi! Anyone not use/using a professional videographer for your wedding? I'm considering not using one because we have a pretty decent camera and can edit it when we get home. I'm just nervous about the sound quality due to the wind and ocean. If you are using a videographer, how much are you paying (if you are comfortable sharing) and what is included in your package? Thanks so much! We used the hotel videographer and for three hours we payed 498 and change. And the DVD is amazing, he edit and added music we loved it. Well worth the money. He did use microphones for the ceremony because of the wind. It's once in a life time get the professional.
  11. para el amore

    Rose Petals

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ellie Hi, I'm getting married at the ROR and I wanted to have rose petals scattered up the aisle, as I think this looks really beautiful, but I have no idea how much you would need, do any of you know? I was thinking of getting my petals at home and taking them with me. I've heard that freeze dried petals are a good choice as they do not wilt or stain. Have any of you used these? if not what did you use? I used regular silk petals bought them at Michael's and got I think around six boxes and there was more thatn enough. NO one even know that they were fake.
  12. para el amore

    Renting the Disco (ROR)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Destination08 If you rent the Disco for the evening they open the bar up in there so you are able to buy drinks correct? I dont need to worry about these open bar questions (I hope) I won't do the disco, rent the Sea Grape it's out on the beach and yes you have to pay for the open bar per person. But it's breath taking, the disco is dark and gloom but air condition. So I gues it's your preference but your going all the way to ROR to get married might as well do it up and have your reception on the beach. Right?
  13. para el amore

    What did your groom wear to the wedding?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DreamsComeTrue My guy and I are having a debate about what he should wear. I've told him that its going to be hot and possibly humid in Jamaica and that he should look for a light/breathable suit preferably in a light color. (He doesn't have a suit to wear in the spring/summer so I thought this would also make a great addition to his wardrobe.) He wants to rent a tuxedo and "be dressed in style" on his big day. I'm concerned that he'll be really hot and uncomfortable. What did your guy wear to the wedding? Help me give him some great options. At first we had bought a linen outfit, but then when we looked at my dress we decided to go a little more formal. He rented a white Ralph Lauren tuxedo and wore flip flops. He looked hot in both sense of the word, he wore it all day too.....
  14. para el amore

    ROR Wedding Cakes

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ellie I just wondered if anyone has any pictures of the wedding cakes that are included in the wedding package? We have gone with the Royal package and this includes a cake for approx 10 people I think. Thanks If you go look at my pics Kate Leigh click on view your proofs and look for liza and joel pswd is ALVAREZ that cake photographed is went is include in your package it's ugly and it's not the cake I payed for. It also didn't taste good.
  15. para el amore

    Double, Triple rooms at ROR?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kater We are trying to finalize our guests' room bookings, and are trying to room solo travelers with other solos, to save them some money. We have the option of a single room, double, or triple. Does anyone know if we book a triple room, are there three beds? Same with a double...does that guarantee 2 beds? The biggest question is the triple. We've got three older women traveling, who we would love to book together, but not if two of them have to share a bed. If anyone has booked a triple...could you fill me in? THANKS!!! There only offer two beds that our pushed together to make a king bed. you can requested to beds but sometimes if there booked it makes for a hard time. You can requested a cot, but one of my guest did, and never recieved it.