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  1. Wow your pictures are perfect! Congrats! Thanks for the great review, it was so helpful. I'm now trying to squeeze my pillow in my suit case.
  2. Best of luck! Enjoy every moment. Cant wait to see your pictures.
  3. Wow those are great pictures. Love your colors, so pretty. Congrats!
  4. That makes more sense. Thanks!
  5. I just have a quick question for anyone who has used the Seagrape for an after dinner reception. I read that the charge for the Seagrape is $10 per person but I just received an email from Chandlyn stating it is $50 per person, does this sound right?
  6. I was wondering about the menus and the chair covers too. Thanks for the information JUSTUSTWO.
  7. Congratulations! That is so exciting. Happy Planning!
  8. Great review. Pictures are so nice! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Welcom back. Congrats. Can't wait to see your pictures.
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