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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by jmhein I believe the dj's name was Prince, and he did act as an MC as well... he announced our first dance, father/daughter mother/son dance, etc. I just did up a little list for him with our choice of songs (We gave him a CD we had burnt with our songs we wanted to hear at first) and he announced everything and was great! I was very happy with him and gave him a $40 tip, (I think, it may have been more, I was heavily into the rum runners by the time I tipped him, hee hee!) Sorry to swing the topic back to the dj, but did you have to pay a deposit ahead of time? I've secured DJ Prince with Chandlyn, but she hasnt said anything about a deposit amount to ensure he's there.
  2. Hi There! I too have not booked a photographer for our wedding and we're getting married the wk of May 23rd! I just took a look at Brian Designs website, can someone provide me with more info. regarding prices? Just a rough estimate would be great! Thx
  3. We're doing our dance reception by the poolside. Does anyone have pics? I had originally chosen the seagrape, but was disappointed to find out about the sand fleas & the extra charge if we wanted a dancefloor put in. I'm good to go with the poolside, but I wanna see some visuals!
  4. Dont mean to intervene...but I was just wondering how far in advance do you need to send your documents? We're getting married May 27th. Did they contact you to ask for it? Did they give you a deadline?
  5. Hi Girls! I picked the Seagrape for my reception also...do we really have to dance on the sand?? I thought there would be a make-shift dance floor!?!? gonna look at those pics of FB now.
  6. Hey! Totally need to see pics of the Seagrape in the evening...Thanks so much for offering!!!
  7. Wow...i didnt even know the poolside was available. We're doing Mammee Bay & the Seagrape too. I can't seem to find any pics of the Seagrape at night though. Can somebody send me the link to the thread of one? Thanks!
  8. I booked the Seagrape too, but now I'm confused. Can you not have a dj at the Seagrape?? or bring your own music (ipod/dock)??
  9. I've heard from her too! And I'm also glad you're safe and sound...try not to stress too much!
  10. When does she normally get in touch with the couple? We're booked May 23-30th and I'm hearing a lot of details about prebooking stuff, etc. If she's not supposed to ctc us until a few months before...should I be harassing her now? lol i just want to prebook the mammee bay and the seagrape, thats all!
  11. luv'd your review, thanks so much for posting. you wouldnt happen to remember the name of your dj? we're tryin to decide btwn the dj and the ipod option. did the dj act as a bit of an mc too?
  12. Hey...can someone please send me Chandlyn's email addy and tel#? Thx
  13. Oh wait!! How far in advance did you book the Mammee & Seagrape?? I just found out that my TA is away till sep 9th. I sent out an email to the following addy weddings07@riu.com bc I don't have Chandlyn's contact info yet. Do you??
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