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my ROR review finally (a bit long)

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hi everyone i have finally gottan around to writting my review.

i have to say we had a fantastic time it really was the perfect place for a wedding even though the reception had some hiccups.



so we arrived at the ROR on May 8th our 1st impressions were wow it looked amazing the staff were very helpful and on hand right away to help get our luggage off the bus and give us a glass of rum punch. Check in went almost with out any hitches my now inlaws room was still being cleaned so was not ready they got told to come back in 1/2 hour when they got a room there were already people in it so the had to wait another hour until they finally got an clean empty room.

we were happy with our room we were upgraded to a junior suite on arrival it was on the groundfloor and didn't have much of a view but we were not that bothered, the only thing was that it was full of mosquitoes a few days after arrival we asked to be moved because we were been eaten alive, they moved us that day to the top floor with an ocean view and not 1 mosquito in sight lol. our guests were all happy with there rooms so no problems there.

The food was pretty good the Japanese restaurant was my favorite we ate there twice, mammee bay steak house was nice though not as good as expected, the buffett i thought had quite a lot of choice, again everyone was happy with the choice of food and drink so no complaints there.

The pools were both really nice though the one near building 3 was very noisey with games going on, we prefered the other 1 it was a lot quiter and nearer our room!! we sat on the beach a couple of times it seemed cooler down there but becase it was so windy sand was everywhere the ocean was nice and warm though, there was one guy walking up and down trying to sell you shells or day trips but i don't think he was allowed up on the beach because i only ever saw him shouting from the shore.


Wedding review


i had already arranged with Chandlyn a time to meet before we arrived so i went to the front desk where she told me to meet her but there was no sign of her, one of the ladys at the desk told me to go to her office it was around near the photoshop so we went looking but ended up at the front desk after not being able to find it, so they phoned her for me and one of her assistants came and met me it turns out the office is upstairs opposite the bob marley bar not near the photo shop, anyways we sat down and picked everything out it took about 10 minutes we down graded from the caprice to the free package it cost just under $1000


free wedding $250 (minster, my bouquet, grooms button hole, cake, champagne, rum punch and the reception meal)

flowers we had 3 bouquets for the gazebo decorations, my bridemaid bouquet and 6 button holes $330

steel band $250

covers for 10 chairs $120


we were told the reception would be at the plantation instead of mammee bay, i asked if i could set out the wedding favours and name cards (there was only 10 of us) but she said she would do it as i needed to relax on my wedding and not worry about that so i thought that was really good of them.

next we went to the photoshop because we wanted michael to do pics for an hour there were no problems there he was really nice, then onto the Spa to sort out hair and make up, we arranged to have me my bridesmaid and both moms hair done in my room the morning of the wedding and our make up again that went smoothly.


the morning of the wedding it was a beatiful sunny day i was scared it would rain but far from it nikki the hairdresser arrived at my room 7:30am sharpe and started straight away she did both moms hairs 1st then my bridemaids then mine and then my bridesmaids make up and mine, we were all really happy with our hair and make up nikki did a great job, she had finished by 11:20 so just in time and $180 for the lot was a great price i thought.

Chandlyn came to the room at 11:30 to drop of the flowers she then went down to the beach to hand the buttonholes out, she said she would be back at 11:55 to walk me down to the beach,she came back about 12:10 so no big deal really. The photographer met us at the bottom of the steps to take some shots and then it was down the aisle the steel band were playing (though not the wedding march i wanted it was still good) the rest was a blur it all happened so fast and it was so so hot, we did pics on the beach after had the champagne, because it was a noon wedding the reception was not until 6:30 everyone got changed and did whatever for the afternoon then we all met at the plantation for 6:30 though we got there early to make sure it was all set up ad its a good job we did..

We got to the plantation and the table was set up with the flowers on it and the chair covers were there, but when we got closer none of the favours or name cards where out, i was pretty annoyed becuase i had asked if i should set them out myself, one of the waiters phoned Chandlyn to ask her to come down with the stuff she finally turned up with it all in a bag, our guests were just stood around waiting (while i know there were only 10 its not the point it should have been done)so they finally started putting it all out. We finally got sat down and the waiter came over and took everyones order the food seemed to be really nice though 3 people were not happy with there meals the waitier did offer to have them re-made but they didn't want them. the cake was put on the table nearby it looked like it was melting a bit on one side but no probs there we soon got it cut and eaten it was a really nice cake (vanilla with strawberry filling) i have to say everyone really liked it and there was more then enough for us, we had somemore pics taken a couple of drinks then we went on to the bar for a few drinks.

We are glad we got the videographer it was great to see the wedding back and they did a great job with the dvd def worth the money.


i think that covers everything, but any questions just let me know!!!!

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Originally Posted by amandalovesryan View Post
sounds like you had a great time! don't you wish you were still there!?!?!
yep i do, i can't believe its been a month already its gone so fast,
happy one month anniversary for yest by the way cheer2.gifcheer2.gif

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