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  1. Here are mine. This was my first tattoo that I got when I was 18. There's no meaning behind it I just wanted a rose with some butterflies. After the first one I was addicted so I just had to get another one. Now for my second tattoo I thought long and hard about what I wanted. And then it hit me. When I was younger there was a song out called "Beauty" by Dru Hill. I knew that I wanted something that had to do with the song so I thought what better then the title. So here's my beauty. The constant reminder that I'm beautiful inside and out (used to have some self esteem issues long story LOL) .
  2. Hi! I used to work front counter at a dry cleaners and yes that sounds about right. The dry cleaners I worked at took around three to four weeks to clean a dress. You might be able to ask them to put a rush on the dress but it will probably cost you. Hope this helps.
  3. Gorgeous dress it looks perfect on you. A little off topic but I like your glasses too!
  4. I normally don't read my horoscope but some thing told me to read it today. And boy did it blow me away when I read it. I posted it below: Leo July 22 - August 22 You're entering a period filled with doubt, especially where your love life is concerned. In general, you like your feelings to be clear and your relationships, too. But you may be doing a lot of thinking about your relationships over the next few days. Are you sure you have chosen the right person for you? Are his feelings for you as sincere as he claims? Could you live without him? The next two months will bring you the answers to these questions. But don't forget, no one is perfect... Hmmmmmm.... Interesting isn't it.
  5. QUOTE=Yari;528604]Wow, a break? What does that mean? Are you two not moving to ATL? I hope you are doing okay! Let me know if you want to talk. Yea a break. I need some time to myself to reevaluate some things. So I told him that I needed some time apart for a little while. Talking to him and seeing him only confuses me even more. For a split second when I first saw him I forgot everything that happened over these past few weeks and it was if all was forgiven. And that's not how I feel. The stunt he pulled was inexcusable and he's no where near forgiven. I just need this time to think by myself. When I make my final decision I want to know that I made the right decision for my self and not every one else. I know what every one wants me to do but I need to figure out what I want to do. So for right now we are officially on a time out and that means no ATL for a little while. Maybe in the future but not right now. I'm actually feeling pretty good right now. I shed a few tears earlier but I'm fine now. I called up my best friend and we have a girls day planned for tomorrow, so I'm really looking forward to that.
  6. I have quick update. The talk went well. Actually better than I expected. I let him know exactly how I felt and after 2 1/2 hours of talking we decided to take a break. I feel a lot better after our talk and I'm going to use this time to really think about what my final decision will be. I thank you ladies for all of your support. I don't know what I would have done with out you all. I probably would have lost my mind. Well that's the end to that chapter and another one begins. If any thing changes I'll post an update. And again thank you!!!!
  7. Trust me I am still pissed no more like furious. If he really wanted to talk to me he would have found a way. He could have easily asked his mom to use her cell phone I just don't know why he didn't. It comes as no surprise to me. We've been down this road before. He's gone for days with out calling me. I've gone for days with out calling him. It's a bad habit that should have been dealt with a long time ago. And it really got bad when he left for NC. I'm convinced a long distance relationship can either make or break you and it broke us. I don't know if it's broken beyond repair only these next few weeks will tell. FI is coming into Pittsburgh tomorrow so we can have our talk in person. I'm sooo nervous. I'm trying to pick some where we could meet. I would say at my home but my parents are ready to hurt him so that's out (and I don't blame them). I'll figure that out by tomorrow. But most importantly I need to pull my little notes together and decide what I'm going to say. I have an idea but I need to finalize it. Well ladies that's all of an update I have for right now. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes wish me luck!!!
  8. I don't think I would want my mom to wear white either. I remember last year at my cousin's wedding one of the guests had on a white ball gown that looked very similar to a wedding dress and an updo. I almost didn't know who the bride was. I thought I had a picture but I can't find it.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by EricaG I am glad that you finally heard from him and that you were able to get a bit of stuff of your chest. Hopefully the conversation later will get the rest taken care of. Just becareful and make sure that he isn't taking you for a ride. There is always a way that he could have called you. If his parents don't have long distance, he could have called collect. Now that he has a job there, does that mean that he is staying there? Why get a job there if he was coming back home? Or is he wanting you to move? I think the two of you really need to talk about a lot of things and get stuff sorted out before you make any permanent decisions. Take care and let us know how things work out for you. Remember, if you need anyone else to talk to, we are always here!! I knowI told him he could have found a way if he really wanted to. He can't call my parents house collect because my mom doesn't accept them long story. But he could have bought a phone card. I should have been more clear on coming home sorry. He planned to stay in Akron and I was to stay in Pittsburgh until we were ready to move for money reasons. It made no sense to get an apartment for a few months and then have to move again. I def. need to finish my convo with him and think before I make a final decision. And don't worry I will keep you all updated. As soon as I know you all will know. Quote: Originally Posted by *Heather* I'm also wondering how come he just didn't buy more minutes for his phone? Even just like 5 mins so he could call and quickly say "my minutes are gone! I'll call you again as soon as I can!" Or what about an email? Could he have emailed you? That's what I was thinking. That's all he had to do was tell me he didn't have any and then I would have just called him on the house phone. He could have emailed me but I know he wasn't thinking on that level. That's something I would think to do not him.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Yari So he went to culinary school for 4 months and now he is back. Why did he move in with his parents instead of where he lived prior? You two are planning on moving to Atlanta soon. Is it for a job, school? Sorry I am asking so many questions, I am just trying to give you the best advice. It's ok I understand. I should have been a little more clear. He started culinary school Jan 2007 and finished April 2008. From April until August he had an externship. When he was here he lived with two roommates. Once he left they got a new one. After his externship we were supposed to be ready to move but I lost my job and we got set back a few months. I moved back in with my parents a while back so there was no way he could stay here. So his only choice was to go back to Akron. The move to Atlanta was a job for him and I had planned on transfering to Georgia State University or my dream school Spelman College for the Spring Semester. It was all planned out.
  11. I put the answers in pink Quote: Originally Posted by Yari I am happy to hear that you heard from him, but I have some questions... Where do his parents live? Is it far? Akron and it's about 2 hours from here Is this job new?Yes Has he always lived with his parents?No this is the first time in 5 years Do you really believe him?Yes I do Are you willing to make it work?Right now I don't know. I need some time to think. When will you see him again?I'll find out later. We didn't talk about that earlier. My focus was telling him off.
  12. Sorry ladies I meant to post an update earlier but I got a little busy (family coming in from out of town) but I finally talked to him. My cell phone had been cut off last week and I paid the bill this morning. So about 11 this morning my phone rings and just guess who it is my FI. I answered the phone calmy I had to take a few deep breaths because I was about to let him have it. So I asked him why haven't you called be this past week. I was expecting him to get quiet or flip it back on me but he didn't. So here's the story FI has a prepaid cellphone and he ran out of minutes. At first I didn't believe him so I checked his story. I went on verizon.com and checked his account and he ran out minutes the day I last spoke with him. So then I said well why didn't you call me on the house phone and his parents don't have long distance. Ok I can understand that. So I gave him option number three. I know his mom, dad, and sisters have cellphones why didn't you use one of them. And he got quiet and then said I wasn't thinking. That's when I got loud hehe. I said no you weren't thinking. Oh I let him have it. I said do you know what I've been through this past week. No you wouldn't because you haven't called me. So I finally calmed down and by now I was in tears. And he apologized for not calling me and said what can I do to make it up to you. That's when I got quiet. At first I said nothing. Then I thought about it and we'll talk about that later. So before I got off the phone I asked why didn't any one the house phone last night he said he was at work so he doesn't know. I'm going to get the bottom of that one later. So he's supposed to call me later so we can finish the conversation because he had to go back to work. So there it is ladies I finally got my phone call. It didn't go exactly how I wanted it to go. I would have liked to have gotten out a little bit more but there wasn't enough time. So tonight I'm going to get out every thing. No stone will go unturned. I don't know how this is going to end tonight but I'm hoping that it goes ok. Sorry it's so long.
  13. Pittsburgh has so many I don't even know where to start lol. It even has it's one name Pittsburghese! Here's a few of them: Gumband= Rubber band Nebby= a nosy person Pixburgh= Pittsburgh Souside= South Side Yinz= all of you PITTSBURGHESE .com
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