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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by smith3576 Congratulations!!!!! I can't wait to see your pictures!! Random questions, but what kind of lighting was around the Terrace? Was there enough? (our reception will be there at night). Also, how far from the Terrace is the Gazebo? How many tables did you have? Was there enough room for a dance floor? Thanks!! The lighting was sufficient for the reception... we had small lights in the vases on the tables (I brought them with me - they are submersible and from wedding star). The pool is also lit up... and there may have been some rope lights on the trees - I can't remember. We had three tables of 10 plus the table for Scott and I. We danced and there was enough room... how many people are you having? The dance portion of the reception wasn't that long as you have to wind up at 11 pm... by the time dinner and speeches were over, I am guessing it was close to 9 pm... then we did the cake cutting at 10 then the fire dancers... then we had time for a couple more dances... and it was 11... we all went to the Lobby Bar afterwards for more fun! I am still working on the review (it has been a VERY busy week!) but will hopefully get it along with some pics uploaded this weekend... Jenn
  2. To all that asked about the renos... They didn't say when they would be starting... it appeared to us that they may be doing them as rooms are available - not sure if they are closing the tower down or just doing them one at a time... All we were told was that when we return next year for our anniversary, they will be done... I am working on getting photos off my camera (there are tons) and the review! All I can say now is that I can hardly wait to return to Dreams!!! Jenn
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Bethany68 Congrats Girl you put my heart at ease! Where did you have your reception? I am thinking the Ballroom because I dont wanna be sweaty in my dress all night by the pool or on the beach but I have no idea if the Ballroom is nice or not! Did you have a DJ? If so was he hired through Dreams and was he good? Congrats Beth Beth, We had our reception at the Las Palmas terrace (by the pool)... Our ceremony was at 530 then the reception started at 6... the temps weren't too bad as the area around the pool is quite shady... and the sun was down by 730... If you are worried about being sweaty, pick up some "honey dust" by Kama Sutra (it comes in several nice scents)... brush it on your entire body (especially small of your back, privates and underneath your breasts) - it helps wick away moisture and actual tastes good so your honey will have a sweet surprise when he kisses you!! I use it every day, not just in hot weather!! We also had a DJ that Dreams hired... he played music during dinner (once the mexican trio was done - the trio was included in the Ultimate package). I brought some music that I wanted played and Rebeca made sure he played it... I am very glad that we paid the extra for the DJ so that I (or my guests!) didn't have to worry about playing the music... We never saw the ballrooms - we really wanted to be outside and have the beautiful scenery as our decor! Jenn
  4. Hello brides! We just got back from two FABULOUS weeks at Dreams PV! It was absolutely amazing... I will post a full review in a few days but just wanted to let all of you that are getting married at Dreams know that you have nothing to worry about!! Rebeca is absolutely amazing - even if there is something that goes a little sideways, she will find a way to ensure nobody is the wiser (my mom's corsage didn't arrive so she had someone run out and get something at the last minute)... She is there for you every minute and very easy to deal with. The food - incredible. The fire dancers that we had were a great surprise and absolutely awesome. The resort - service was way beyond anything I could ever have expected. The rooms are great (we stayed in the older tower - yes, the bathroom needs some updating but it was very clean)... And yes, we did experience a little rain near the end of our trip but in all honesty, it gave us a chance to have a little afternoon siesta I will let you know when my review is posted and am hoping to have some pics to go along with it... if you have any questions about anything at Dreams, let me know... Also, for you brides that are getting married later this (like fall/winter) or 2010, they are renovating the old tower and we were shown what the new rooms will look like - they are stunning!!! I think as nice (or nicer) than those in the preferred tower!!! I wish I was back at Dreams instead of this -30, snowy Alberta!!! Jenn
  5. Karen I added you below - Dreams PV girls - where you at Post your wedding dates! January 2009 February 2009 Jenn - February 24, 2009 March 2009 April 2009 May 2009 June 2009 *Ashley* -- June 30th 2009 (Great idea Jess!) July 2009 August 2009 September 2009 October 2009 November 2009 smith3576 Nov 3, 2009 (Jamie) VancouverPVBride-- Nov 27th, 2009 (good idea)! Jess - November 28, 2009 December 2009 January 2010 February 2010 March 2010 April 2010 May 2010 KarenM - 5/29/10 __________________
  6. Hi All! Our wedding is one week today (nothing like leaving it to the last minute, huh?) I am trying to determine where the sand ceremony fits in... we are including my guy's son in the sand ceremony (if that makes any difference)... The ceremony I have has us doing the vows, then there is a reading then the rings. The officiant speaks some more then announces us husband and wife. Does the sand ceremony occur after the exchange of rings? Thanks a bunch!! Jenn
  7. You can reach Rebeca through the main weddings email address: weddings@dreamspuertovallarta.com.mx Jenn
  8. Thanks for the info Sarah! We leave next weekend - I can hardly wait!!!! I just got back from picking up my dress so it is feeling REAL!! I broke down in tears at the seamstress's place because I was just so amazed how great of a job she did. I cannot wait to meet Rebeca - she has been sooooo awesome over email! Jenn
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by smith3576 These are good points about the sound volume that I hadn't though of! But I'm confused about the cost of the DJ because they were quoting us $800 for the DJ for the evening (vs. $300 for the rental alone) but it sounds like some of you are getting much lower quotes for the DJ. Although I think we got that before Rebecca came on. Can you all give me more detail on what you are getting for the price for the DJ and sound system? And thanks Sarah, for the great info! It's so hard to really picture it all (we haven't been there and can't afford to go down before the wedding) so all the info is really helpful! Thanks! Our pricing for the DJ is only for the reception - I did not include the ceremony portion (which is additional). When you are looking at pricing for DJs (or any service for that matter), make sure you are comparing apples to apples... One bride may only have a 3 hour reception while yours may be 4 or 5... one bride may be supplying all the music, another may not... One may include lights, another no extras... Your best bet is to contact Rebeca and get a quote from her and ask exactly what it includes Jenn
  10. We went with the DJ that they offer - I think we are paying $590 for the evening... it is totally worth it in my mind that he takes care of mixing the music and ensuring volume levels... we will have a list of the "must-play" songs and then let him take care of the rest... I can let you know how it goes... We also rented the sound system for the ceremony and have been assured that someone will be playing the music for us... again - will let you know how it goes! 9 more sleeps til we leave (which is really 8 cuz I doubt I will sleep on Friday night!!!) Jenn
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by K&Rwedding Jenn YOu are going to have such a great time. Are you planning on doing any other organized events at Dreams? I was thinking of doing a bon'fire or event a cocktail party, but find it a little odd how much they charge per head though it is an all-inclusive. Would love to hear what you are doing. Can't wait to see your review with lots and lots of pictures. We are maybe going to do a little impromptu welcome party at Baracuda Bar by the new part of the hotel just to greet our guests. Please let me know if you think it is nice enough. OMG you are going to have an amazing time I can't believe it is here. Congrats I cannot believe it is almost here either!!! I am so bursting with excitement, it's not even funny!!! We aren't doing any other planned events at Dreams... The reason they charge per head is because they have to do a specialized set up and ensure a bar and food is in that particular location (I work in special events here and there are many logistics as well as staff requirements that they need to recover)... So, in essence, that is what you pay for rather than the food/booze itself... We are doing other things with our guests... On the Sunday, we are all heading down to the malecon for the evening as a group... Sundays on the malecon are the best because of all the activities going on down there... its like a mini carnival... so that won't cost much (except the drinks folks buy as we walk along taking in the sights!)... For our rehearsal evening, we are all going to my mom's condo (they have a place in Old Town on the beach) for a wine and cheese... We only have 28 peeps plus Scott and I so getting together as a group shouldn't be too difficult I will make sure to take tons of photos and make lots of notes along the way so that you all can get very detailed info! I know how tough it is being so far away and not knowing what to expect! Jenn
  12. We are getting married there in less than two weeks - but our decision to go without an outside WC was made back in May... I did speak with an outside WC and did get a quote and the decision was made not to go with them not due to cost but due to the fact that I wanted to be more in control of our decor, etc... with an outside coordinator you sometimes leave more to them... I did weather the storm of dealing with the two previous WC's at Dreams and now am dealing with Rebeca... She is MORE than fantastic - she has been extremely helpful in ensuring that I am comfortable with everything... I cannot wait to meet her in person! For the most part, our set up is very basic - I want the beauty of the surroundings to be the focus... I doubt my guests will remember what colour the linens are or if we had upgraded wine glasses - they will remember the scenery and the fun times from that day (and the whole week!)... I am very happy with my decision to stay with the resort WC and go with the top level package... I will let you all know how it goes when I return in March! Jenn
  13. Our wedding is less than two weeks away and we haven't decided on our topper! ACK!! We thought of blinged out monograms but am running out of time to make them (and finding the actual monogram letters here in Alberta has been an exercise in frustration!!)... I have a couple other ideas floating around in my head but so far nothing too terribly exciting... may I will pick up a couple mini sombreros when we arrive in PV and use them. Worst case? A couple gerbers on top of the cake! Jenn
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by ashey063009 Hey Dreams brides Is anyone just doing a sound system rental for their reception? FI and I have decided that we would rather bring our own music selection / ipod so as to ensure everything we'd like played is available. Has anyone else decided to go this route? Perhaps Post-Wed brides have some insight or suggestions. Will this be inconvenient? Thanks! We are bringing our own music on an iPod (with burned audio CDs as back up) but we chose to hire the DJ to play it... Originally we thought of just going with the sound system and letting our iPod play but I didn't want to put the responsibility on one of my guests to ensure that the music kept flowing (or worse yet, me worry about it)... I have broken everything down into separate playlists (pre-ceremony, ceremony, cocktails, dinner and dance) and the DJ will be given instructions to play our music... For us, having somebody else responsible for it made sense and will be worth the extra $$... We leave in a week and a half - will let you all know how it works out!! Jenn
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by ashey063009 Hey Jenn, I am curious, do you know if the concoctions involved for the signature drinks is extra, or just a touch they'll add to your reception if you request it? I hadn't even considered this idea until this forum, You brilliant brides ROCK! I have no idea if it will cost anything more - was going to email Rebeca to see... but I am running out of time so we may not even go with Signature drinks... Jenn
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