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tell us your best (or worst!) drunk story!

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#1 tvt

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    Posted 10 June 2008 - 10:08 PM

    I was just writing in the help my brother win a chance to find a date thread, about one of his drunk escapades, and thought it would be fun for everyone to tell their crazy drunk stories.

    So here was my brothers that I told:

    Few years back during Spring Jam (big campus block party where the drinking starts before you get in the shower at 8am) my brother was sitting on the deck railing, making out with a girl. In the middle of making out, he proceeds to fall off the deck. Which is about 5 feet up. So he falls off. Picks himself back up and dusts off, then walks back up to the girl, resumes his seat on the railing, and continues to make out like nothing happened!

    Who does that?!

    #2 MikkiStreak

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      Posted 11 June 2008 - 12:25 AM

      so many stories, so little time. :)

      1) Got trashed and walked through the city topless; wound up getting dared by a friend to streak across a 4-lane highway in front of a cop. (This is how I got the last half of my username for my nickname.)

      2) Trashed at a birthday party for a friend of mind when I was 16. The cops had already raided it once (hello- should have been a clue right there!), but we kept partying on the second floor of the house she lived in. Couple hours later, cops were let in, and everyone went running to the back bedroom. There was a window in her closet that led to a roof where we could jump down and run. So I was standing in the window (with my back facing the window) when the cops rounded the corner in the bedroom. My friend Reagan shoved me out the window backwards. I rolled off the roof, only to find a cop standing there with his gun drawn. This is the part I still can't believe: As we're giving info to the cop and he tells me he's hauling me in to call my folks, my brother drives past and I called out to him. The cop actually let my brother ride in the cop car with me (after making up a BS story about how I lived with my 19 year old brother), and then released me to my brother.

      #3 starchild



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        Posted 11 June 2008 - 02:37 AM

        LOL Tara your brother is a smooth pimp...haha And Maria I've heard story #1 before but #2 is also priceless...good times!

        I fear placing my drunken stories on the world wide web...let's just say I have some :)

        #4 Jenn79

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          Posted 11 June 2008 - 10:29 AM

          The first (and only) time I got sick from drinking was really my own fault. I was out with some friends and had two or three Mike's Hard Lemondade (it doesn't take much for me to get drunk, I'm a cheapo), but I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, so already my stomach wasn't happy with me. After the bar we went to this greasy spoon that makes AMAZING wedge fries, and since I was hungry, I got me some good greasy fries, mmmm.
          Well, on the way home, I started to feel really sick. We stopped off at a friend's place to drop him off, and as soon as the car stopped moving, I rolled off the seat and proceeded to puke on whoever's lawn was under me.

          I later found out the lawn belonged to a fraternity...not sure if they saw me or not, but it was not my finest moment by a long shot. Oh, and my dear friend who was kind enough to hold my hair out of my face never fails to remind me that I got puke on his very expensive shoes.
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          #5 Cole5worm

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            Posted 11 June 2008 - 10:36 AM

            As sad as it is i have a lot of worst stories.. two of my fav. are one i was at school at the Baseball house.. i was pretty gone and went to lean up against the basement down when to my suprise there was no door just a sheet and i fell all the way down the basement stairs! and I'll i had to show was a few bruses! thank god!!

            My second one is wakeing up one morning and realizing that i threw up all over the room! I had chili that night so it was red! gross! my roommate cleaned it up!! eww but how sweet!!!

            yuck yuck yuck... Now i try not to get that bad!!!

            #6 Jen_S

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              Posted 11 June 2008 - 10:38 AM

              I totally blame that we are having Mexico DW. We went to NYC had a nice dinner with some friends then went to a bar. Eveyone wanted to do a shot so they all selected Tequilla (now I dont drink it because I usually can not handle it) but for a couple of weeks I wanted to try it to see if I could have one at our wedding so i say Tequilla for me. We down goes the shots within 15 min. I was so sick and I can not remember the rest of the night I do know that i lost a brand new shoe somewhere along the way. I told my FI to let the resort know NONE FOR ME!
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              #7 lambert13

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                Posted 11 June 2008 - 10:46 AM

                One that comes to mind ended with a 15yo Jason drunk on a few 40s of OE and banging on the windows of McDonalds (which was closed) at 3 in the morning screaming that I wanted a cheeseburger. That did not work so I moved on to the pizza place down the street from my house. No pizza. I went home and threw up all over my self and my bedroom anyway.

                #8 ErinB


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                  Posted 11 June 2008 - 11:14 AM

                  OMG! there are too many to think of...

                  1) I was at a Metallica concert when I was 19, I guess. At this venue, they stop serving beer when the main act goes on. So, there is this guy who is HAMMERED! He was stumbling down to his seat with 2 drink carries of beer = 8 beers. I grabbed both of them and said "Thanks so much sweetie! I really appreciate you getting the beer!" and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I always wondered when he figured it out, considering a) there were 8 beers and B) at stadiums they cost like $6 a piece!

                  2) We were out for someone's birthday and somehow got separated when leaving. I headded for one cab and they climbered into another. We decided to meet at White Castle. I stayed there for about 30 minutes waiting for them and they never showed! WHen I ordered my food the girl asked if I wanted anything to drink and I told her no and pulled a can of beer out of my purse and proceeded to drink it with my chicken rings. I decide I'm going to walk back to my friend's house since I can't get in touch with her and I didn't have any cash so the cab wouldn't take me. 3 miles in stilhetto heels at 4:30 am is not fun! By the time I got to her house, both of my heels were cracked and I find this trail of White Castle wrappers across the yard, and both of my friends passed out in the lawn furniture.
                  3) My roommate got drunk one night during the Christmas season and he and some friends went out and stole a bunch of plastic yard decorations. They then tried to start a bonfire with them in the backyard. That was fun to explain! While they were out, they also re-arranged all of those lighted deer into dirty poses.

                  My making out story--I was 16 and leaving the Derby. It's pretty much Mardi Gras confined to a tiny field that horses run around. My college neighbor boy and I always used to flirt but he called me jailbait. So, I run into him, literally, crossing (I use that term loosely) the street. So, we proceed to make out in the middle of the road with all of these cars honking at us to move. My friend drags me away and goes "did you just tie up all of the traffic on 4th street?"

                  I know I have better stories, I just can't remember any! LOL

                  #9 Jacqueline

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                    Posted 11 June 2008 - 11:29 AM

                    oh there are so many! one though that sticks out actually wound up being the BEST thing that ever happened to me, and i will tell you why at the end. me and my friend sue went out to tgifridays to eat and have some drinks before we went out for her sisters bday. they had this limo bus, lots of girls etc. so needless to say we got wasted. at the time i was dating this guy (who i thought i was going to marry) and there was this never ending issue with his ugly ex calling and texting him. SO being drunk i decided to call her while we were on the bus. i dont even know why, i just wanted to hear her answer and hang up so i blocked my # and called her... she said hello like 2 times in her valley girl voice and i covered my mouth hysterical laughin cuz i thought it was the funniest thing, then my friend sue yells over to me "HEY JACKEE WHAT ARE U LAUGHING AT, WHOS THAT!!??" so i hung up! here, the girl knew it was me, called my x, he knew it was me but yet didnt tell me for a week about it! all his friends knew but i had NO idea i was even caught until a week later he decided to freak out on me. it turned into this huge mess, he was taking her side, he wanted to take a "break" i was absolutely devastatedddddd, extremely depresssed. that one thing i did while drunk made the next year a living hell for me. ask carly, i lost weight, i was down to 98lbs! hi, im 5'8 almost and normally weigh 130 lbs. it was bad. NOW i see now that it was the best thing that i ever did b/c i would have never met joe!! i woulda prob still been wasting time with my x with that duche nozzle in my relationship too. ahhhhhh me and sue still laugh about that night, we love talking about it.

                    another time is i went to my friend tina's bach party in ac. wastedddd. my sis drove home and i puked most of the way home. she had to pull over like 5 times, i puked in her car, it was a mess and i had to clean her car the next day it was SOO gross cuz we ate at carmines and - just trust me, it was nasty. ;o) goodness i have so many stories i wanna share but those two are fine ;o) hahahahahah

                    #10 stacey


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                      Posted 11 June 2008 - 12:00 PM

                      Well I went to Chico state, which is a major party school, so I have way more than I would like to admit. But here's one from last weekend. 6 of us drove 4 hours away to go to a freinds wedding. It was a great wedding with WAY TO MUCh booze. So after drinking and dancing all night we took a cab back to our hotel. We were starving, and the only thing open was the Taco Bell drive through. We of cource were to drunk to drive so we came up with the fabulous idea, that we would "drive through" in our make belive car. So the 6 of us line up,two by two. there is a car infront of us and a car behind us, we decide to be a mini Van, complete with a driver and all. We made all of the honking motions and all. We were so funny the guy actually served us.
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