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  1. Sorry girls. I didn't mean to say your name to the world. Don't know what i was thinking!!
  2. Sorry for how big my siggy is! I am going to try to fix it! Nxxxx sounds fun!! I think Nicole Hxxxxx is hard to get off the toung but it is better then Exxxxxx.. got a ton of jokes when i was a kid! anyways.... So now what is next.. when do you all plan to try to have babies.. I use to want them right away but i have been selfish latley adn thought you know what i am onily 25 and i will have teh rest of my life with my children.. why not have one more year with just me and casey!!! so taht is how i feel.. going to try next year or after teh new years?!?! what about you?!
  3. yay!!! it's been so long since i have been on here! Now i feel like i have a place again!! So i am offically Nicole Harlin! I got my License and my SS card and the bank all changed! yay for being married
  4. ^^^^^^^ Ahh thanks Abbie! your day coming soon!! You will be a beautiful bride! Remember it is about you and your FI not trying to make your guest happy!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by raisinblur Welcome back! I love all the pics at the hotel pool and beach. I feel like I was reliving my stay as the Royal Decameron again! (Especially when I saw that dancer guy with the neon green/orange skirt and blond wig, ha! He was running around during our welcome dinner too!) Anyway, you looked gorgeous in your gown and the wedding seemed like a lot of fun. Loved, loved your sunset pics too. Haha yeah that guy was a hoot! I think my DH was a little weirded out at first.. the resort wasn't bad but i got sick of all the darn blocks.. they put my grandparents on the 4th floor! I felt horrible! but hey it was a good time!
  6. i was stressing about my bags too.. i had somewhat what you had minus some stuff.. then things peopled used were the cup.. any cup will do honestly... as long as it is big it will be used! also the bags got used more then i thought.. some asprin and chapstick but that was about it so don't go too crazy if you don't have too.. people will just love the time, effort and love you put into the bag!
  7. my AHR is this Saturday and i am for sure wearing mine again! So many people like grandparents weren't able to make it so it makes them feel special to see you in your dress!
  8. we had ours at 4 pm.. took some daylight photos then ate dinner to cool off. then the photog came back for the sunset pics.. it was ni ce becasue you could fressen up a bit!
  9. Hey ladies I am back from PV and today has been tough!!! I just wanted to give you my snapfish site with all my pictures... the first 200 are j ust fun ones we too down there but the bottom half of the photos are from teh photograper.. man he was great.. he was the resorts photographer and he was inexpensive and to me got the job done!! hope you enjoy and I'll be writing my review throughout this week! its great to be back oh the password is worm15 Snapfish: Share:Registration_Opt2
  10. I am doing this process as we speak.. i went to teh SS office today adn it was easy pieasy lemon squeezy.. now i am going to try to go to the DMV after work! lets hope they don't need the marriage license translated!!
  11. SO I AM BACK from my wedding!! I am going to be working on my review but i just had to let you girls Know i missed you! I hope all the planning is going well... I only had 25 people at my wedding and i am such a people pleaser that it made me want to elope just so that i can relax on my wedding week.. oh well.. well here are some pics but keep is hush hush.. your the first to see!! well I was going to post a lot but i uploaded them all to my snapfish account and i can onl y save one photo.. it's like they all have the same file name.. but here is the accout info.. Snapfish: Share:Registration_Opt2 password worm15
  12. How much did or are you girls going to tip your WC? I am lost on this one?
  13. Hey how much are you tipping your WC. Our ceremony is only 350 so not a lot at all so i don't know how much to tip my WC.. do i also tip like the people who set it up or help with dinenr?
  14. Martha I am bording her for 8 days!!! Poor little girl!! It is loud at my place too but it is a house so she gets to go outside to play.. she isn't fixed yet so my FI get nervous she is going to get knocked up.. just what i need to think about my little daughter getting raped!! Bad thoughts!! anyways.. so some of my co-workers took us out to lunch today and gave us $100 and my cake stand.. and they had a little cheese cake with a cute little topping on it for us..how sweet!!
  15. Ummm.. i am going out on a limb and using the resorts photographer. who knows what i am thinking huh!
  16. Good afternoon ladies!! Today my work is taking my and my FI out for a celebatory (sp) lunch! My FI doesn't even work with me.. he works for the competator! lol We have our legal day on Friday morning and we leave for Mexico on Sunday!! My FI looked at the weather in PV and every day we are there it says scattered T storms!! good thing it is good luck for it to rain on your wedding day! I warned him that it rains everyday there but he didn't believe me! I am sad that ihave to bord my little pup! I think i am going to cry on Saturday when i drop her off.. This will be the first time i bord here.. she isn't even one yet!! ahhh.. they better take good care of her!!! Any one have horribel stories about bording??
  17. Thank you Abbie! I would rather take them out now then do it at the airport and get hung up!
  18. What a rude brat! That was suspose to be an exciting time for you two and she ruined it by being a turd! I really hate people like that! Well I am sorry but see.. worried for no reason!
  19. ^^^^^ I think that is what it is too.. jsut so much going on! I get like 10 billion phone calls a day from aunts and what not asking questions! don't they know they can find this info as well as i can! my FI does this too.. oh email her and ask this... you do it turd!! I wonder why lighters are okay but not matches.. hmmm...
  20. I called AA and the lady was more then NOT helpful. I asked her if i need to let them know in advance about my dress (thinking that maybe they can hold the closet for me) but she just said let them know when you check in... boo for an answer I am flying down there this sunday and getting married on Thursday and then leaving Saturday.. not very long.. didn't have the money or time off work to stay longer.. we might go to Vegas this winter to make up for it... So you don't think they will let you bring matches... i have lighters.. should i take them out? there in my checked luggage... dang it it is already back! Any one a little nervous to be getting married? I am getting anxioity a little.. not sure if i am just so excited for all this to come or that i am nervous of being a good wife.. I hope it passes.. legal day is friday! I just need to keep my time occupied.. (that sounds bad... I want to get married so bad but i guess just excited .. who knows)
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by Just Martha You can't tease us! We wanna see hte pictures! oH i am so sorry! i will post some tonight.. Casey was in his compression shorts from softball. haha so some may not be okay.. lol.. but i'll sort through the good ones!!
  22. yay! I love the camera. FI and I stayed up last night taking silly pics of us jumping in the air.. some pretty funny!!
  23. I did the samething that you are doing like 2 years ago. I rented all the season and watched it.. I mean I would be up to 2 am watching it. My FI gets frustrated at it sometimes but he really does like it... i think it has 2 mores seasons left.
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