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I'm back from my SGOR Wedding!

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Originally Posted by hollisandsteph View Post
I wanted to do the seaweed wrap!! I kept going back and forth on weather or not I wanted to take the time/money to do it. There was sooo much I wanted to do and just was not sure how to fit it all in...lol
It was super hot on our day too. I was really regretting my choice to wear crinlen (not sure how it is spelled). The first thing I did after the pictures was lose it..lol
I left my crinolin at home on PURPOSE! LOL! I knew I was going to be hot enough without it!

Originally Posted by Lizz View Post
Welcome back and congrats!!! You look beautiful! I was there May 19-22 for my honeymoon, I wish I would have run into you.
Thanks so much. I was looking for you cuz I knew that you were around there somewhere! I hate that I didn't get to meet you!

Originally Posted by katrina View Post
i loved the birdcage veil! very beautiful!
Thanks to everyone for the compliments and well wishes! (The veil cost me $24 from somethingbold.com--it was the Grace veil. I noticed that she went up on her prices though!)

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