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  1. Please let me know if this is an inappropriate thread or not as I know there are strict vendor rules. But I had a few questions for those who have started their own small business and use a website. I am trying to help my friend start her business, so I thought I would get some ideas from you guys, if you're willing to share. TIA :-) 1. What host do you use? 2. Where do you get your website templates? 3. Who designs your website? 4. How do you accept payment from your customers over the web? 5. What is the average cost of your web services? 6. Any advice when doing business on the web? 7. And based on your answers from above, are you happy with all of your web choices thus far?
  2. Fav Team: Baltimore Ravens Fav player: JaMarcus Russell Cutest: Maybe Kurt Warner Position: I would want to be the center, lol
  3. welcome to the forum Sarah!
  4. orientaltrading.com - try the for sale thread, there's been a lot of previous threads about where to find them
  5. Welcome to the forum!!!
  6. Christina, you did a wonderful wonderful review! Congrats on becoming a Mrs. Your pictures are wonderful, cant wait to see more.
  7. Congrats Christina. You gave a wonderful detailed review. I am so glad everything turned out perfect despite everything.
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    welcome to the forum!
  9. SummerBeachBum


    welcome to the forum!
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