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  1. that is so horrible, i can't imagine what's going through their minds?
  2. how do u install the brushes? also sorry, if i sound dumb, but could someone give me a brief step by step instructions on how you use brushes once installed? thanks.
  3. Sprouille Designs is great, I haven't used her but her stuff is amazing. aylee, the website is ayleebits.com i believe.
  4. hey ladies i want to do my e-pics in miami and want to know what are some great spots to have them done?
  5. Silver Star Fish Rhinestone T Strap Open Sandal Heel @ Amiclubwear Heel Shoes online store sales:Stiletto Heel, Heel Pump, Womens High Heel Shoes, Spool Heel, High-heeled Shoes these look so cute
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