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Moon Palace 2008 & 2009 Brides - POST HERE!

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#2761 honey740

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    Posted 11 July 2009 - 11:33 AM

    Yes, Happy wedding Tina!!! I know, and there aren't any supporting details to the review, just complaining about what I bet is just an accident and misunderstanding.

    #2762 TinaM2b

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      Posted 12 July 2009 - 02:01 PM

      Thank You all!! Yesterday was the day!!

      Let me tell you........ You don't have to worry about a thing..... We have over 30 in the resort and had over 40 at the wedding yesterday......

      It all went very smooth and it was absolutely amazing. I couldn't of asked for a more relaxing and fun day... Don't worry about anything ....... We were concerned about rain and ended up moving our dinner inside..... it was a good thing. Kelena recommended it yesterday morning due to the forecast. We chose to keep the cocktail hour outside and we moved the dinner inside. It started pouring during the cocktail hour and we all still had a blast.... they say it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day. We all had a blast with it.

      Also, I had fretted about makeup and hair (I have extreme curly hair). They did such an amazing job, one of my girlfriends started crying in the salon. they made me absolutely stunning. They used a mix of my makeup and theirs. The hair was also perfect. It made it the entire day and even lasted after I went into the the pool with my dress on at 11:00 last night. HA!! It did take forever to get the bobbie pins out, all 90 of them!!! (My new husband had to count them this morning!!)

      I do have a couple negatives that were so minor that I didn't worry about and everything turned out great!

      #2763 TinaM2b

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        Posted 12 July 2009 - 02:04 PM

        One more note....... We did our holistic spa treatment that was included in our package on Friday. I used the spa certificate to upgrade the facial part of it..... That was the most amazing treatment I have ever had. They do a fantastic job. 4 hours of pure relaxation.

        #2764 pyxystyx

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          Posted 12 July 2009 - 03:15 PM

          Ohmygosh Tina, CONGRATULATIONS!
          I'm so glad you were so happy with your hair and makeup. I know some other brides on the forum have said they were less-than-impressed, so it's a bit of a relief to hear how well yours turned out. :)
          Can't wait to see your pictures!!! :)

          Honey + nibsmom- Good luck this week! I just realized the date both of you have I will be leaving for my bachelorette, so I'll have to wish you an early happy wedding day then.
          The Future Mrs. Castro

          #2765 pyxystyx

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            Posted 12 July 2009 - 03:20 PM

            Oh and nibsmom- about the Ebay guy- unfortunately with a seller like that, writing him the WORST feedback possible is the best thing you can do.

            I used to be a bit of an Ebay shoppaholic, and i dealt with a couple of these shady sellers before. He will try to trick you out of writting a bad review, by saying that he will write terrible feedback of you as a buyer. Don't be fooled- that's why all of his other feedback is 100%, because no one else ever had the guts to report how he screwed them over, too!!! Besides, feedback on you as a buyer isn't as important as a seller's reputation.
            The Future Mrs. Castro

            #2766 n&n112109

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              Posted 12 July 2009 - 09:00 PM

              Originally Posted by honey740
              Someone please stop me from reading the trip advisor reviews, there are 2 awful ones on there right now and I am beyond stressed!!!
              I look at it this way.... think of how many people actually stay at the hotel... and then compare it to the 2 people that had a bad time. Hope that helps :) Plus there's always going to be a complainer in the group!

              #2767 MrsGin09

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                Posted 12 July 2009 - 09:17 PM

                Oh TinaM2b Congratttsss!!!! So happy you had a wonderful day! and thank you for posting while you're there, it reassures me immensely that my wedding will be a dream come true! Congrats!!!!

                #2768 Leanna35

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                  Posted 12 July 2009 - 10:17 PM

                  CONGRATULATIONS Tina!! I am so happy to hear your day was wonderful!!

                  #2769 Leanna35

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                    Posted 12 July 2009 - 10:32 PM

                    Good Luck this week Nibsmom and Honey!! I can't wait to see pictures!!

                    #2770 laceydawn04

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                      Posted 12 July 2009 - 11:09 PM

                      Hey All,

                      Just wanted to let you all know how our wedding went. I ment to get on here earlier but have just been soo busy! :) I was 100% satisfied with the coordinator and the way the wedding went. everything was amazing! We did a beach ceremony and I was kind of worried that the wind would be an issue with sand flying around and other things but it was fantastic! We used the resort photographer who did an amazing job! I definetly recomend getting the dvd. It was put together very nicly:) We left the day after the wedding so they had to ship everything to us and I got it that very next week! The only negative I would have to say is that I did not like my hair at all! What I wanted way so simple and it didn't turn out even the slightist bit like it. So I went back to my room and fixed it the best I could in the amount of time I had.
                      I tried to copy a pic of what I took them but it wouldn't let me paste it on here. So here is the link.
                      Hairstyles Wedding Hairstyles Magazines: Catch the Wave | Brides.com
                      Very simple! But over all fantastic experience and the most beautiful resort! Everyone was sooo nice! I have never be waited on before like the did there!!! I will try to post pictures sometime this week and maybe a more detailed description of how things went!

                      ps I worried about the reviews on tripadvisor right before we left too... guaranteed nothing to worry about:)

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