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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by KJT1985 Neat! Did you use your dress material as well? I'd love to see pictures of yours (if you happened to take any)! http://www.etsy.com/get_convo_image....mage_type=full http://www.etsy.com/get_convo_image....mage_type=full Hopefully those will work. I paid extra for her to generate the star and sand but she has those now so she would be able to redo that design.
  2. whoops maybe it isn't. here's her site. Molly and Mom by mollyandmom on Etsy I got one for my mom and one for his. We handed them out at the rehearsal dinner. They LOVED them. We got our dads tee shirts from cafe press.
  3. I got these too, but a different person on etsy. take a look at my wedding review for the pictures
  4. we did ours at check in. we had everyone's flight schedule and we emailed them our room number in case we couldn't get down to the lobby, but we tried to greet guests in the lobby when they checked in and handed out bags.
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    My Hangover Kits

    how cute! love the little stick figures
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    Honey740's Moon Palace 2009 Review

    thought I would bump this up to assist anyone who's looking @ Moon Palace, I just referred a friend, it was the best decision I have ever made! Well, besides marrying my husband :-)
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Woodsylou Great thanks! i was looking to have a private event for my wedding meal, so that would be included too? that's great! i have to negotiate this! There's nothing to negotiate, if you have a group contract it should be written into the group contract. Make sure it specifies that you can substitute nights for rooms, ie 25 rooms @ 3 nights each= 75 nights yours should also state that you can book 75 nights OR 25 rooms, and don't let them tell you your room nights don't count towards the total, they do. They do not make any more or less money by making it 75 nights or 25 rooms, it's just semantics, it's the same cost at the end of the day. One bit of advice I can give everyone on here, when you enter into a contract, read it before you sign it and hand over your deposit. Make sure you understand everything. If you need to, have a professional look at it. These contracts can have things added or deleted so negotiate. This is not something to just glance at. This contract is for YOUR wedding, a (hopefully! :-) ) once in a lifetime thing, you need to make sure the contract is in your best interest not theirs.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Woodsylou im asking my TA to look into it again, so annoying! can i ask, does the 'unlimited private events' mean you get a private event for your wedding meal in the evening? outside etc? Unlimited private events= as many private events as you want while you are there. I had a welcome cocktail party and rehearsal dinner..I probably could have had a lot more too if I wanted. You get to pick all the food for it off the menus which have a ton of options. You also get your own private space with waitstaff and your own private bar with bartenders. Scope out the liquor when you first get there because you can request they get certain types to stock your bar with. They carry the Sauza line so we got some pretty good hornitos and sauza conmemorativo.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by angela040504 Honey do you just need receipts for the items for the welcome bags or everything you bring for the wedding? Cause i have gifts for the girls to do you think i need receipts for those also? I would bring receipts for anything that looks like a multiple. They are worried about people bringing in items for resale, so anything that looks like you have a lot of, like I had 33 fans and 33 beach bags. i would think exporting cheap items would be worrisome the other way around, but apparently not.
  10. honey740

    Honey740's Moon Palace 2009 Review

    OK so, I had the old deluxe package and they were included. I think there were 5 so i think it was the band. They played for people walking down the aisle, when I arrived, during the toast and then at the end. My husband really wanted them, at first I didn't but it was important to him so I gave in. Try to get a package where it's included. I mean it was a nice thing to have and we'll always remember it. Lily was awesome, she got everything perfect, I was impressed. Make sure you get anything comped (if you have a certain # of guests) BEFORE you leave the resort. They will try to tell you central office in Miami needs to do it, but they can apply the amount towards your hotel bill. They have a business office in Nizuc so make sure you talk to them before you leave.
  11. Hi all, you can google ms word receipt templates. The limit is $300 so please watch what you bring. We got a green light and they still checked the bags so that light system is not a good indicator if you will or won't get checked. I was grilled about my stuff and thank god I had the receipts or some customs official would be enjoying my beach bags and bath salts right now.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMsMoulton Did you get your flowers they are throwing from the resort or get them seal packed and brought from the US? I bought them there , they were only $70. I had so much stuff to bring down I didn't need one more thing.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by slapsappyhappy I was wondering if you could share your experience with the different outdoor locations. I was emailed this file with the different terraces. The moon and fountain terrace are out b/c I want dancing and they have a weight restriction. What is that blue thing in the pic with the selva terrace? Do the lake, venado, and tucan overlook the water? Also now my FI is giving me grief for wanting it indoor because of the air conditioning. Our wedding is in August at 5 pm, so the reception will be from 6-10. Will it be cool enough outdoors to dance? I told him that you all said it was really hot even that late at night but he wants me to double check. Thanks! July 18th my guests were so glad I had an indoor reception set for 7pm. I have heard from locals, August is even hotter. I think a lot of people may have skipped the reception if I had it outside. I had some older people and we were all sweating even in the AC. I don't know how many people are staying @ the resort with you, but I had all 31 guests there and we had plenty of time to hang out and have a good time the other nights. This is your wedding but if everyone is comfortable and has a good time, that's the most important part. I have pics on my review of the different moon side outdoor spaces. The blue thing is the pool.
  14. We mixed and matched. You can take things off of every menu. Don't let them tell you you can't. All the food comes from the same place so they can do whatever you want.